All Star & Carribbean Beach April 25-May 5 (Cheerleaders)

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    Accommodations is listed on page 11, the five night dates are April 25 - May 1st. Some teams may add additional days.

    As some posters have stated they wish they knew about these major cheer competitions... this is one of the major ones, considered the Olympics of Cheerleading. Keep in mind, not every team will choose to stay at these resorts. The visiting spectators will make their own reservations.

    There is also "The Summit" at Disney May 4-5. Website thus far only lists the All Star Resort. Again, teams may choose to stay elsewhere.

    We plan to go as cheerleading spectators. My daughter loves to meet and take pictures with her favorite "Cheerlebrities."


    Want to know more about this competition, here is a good video about one of the Cheerlebrities that CNN did a story about.

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