AlisonB and Bonzo do Thorpe Park! (Alison's version)

Discussion in 'UK Trip Reports Board' started by AlisonB, Mar 24, 2002.

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    Feb 12, 2001
    The day did not start off well! I'd been out on the razz the night before and had drunk far too much! I was up half the night being very unwell! But I couldn't pass up the chance of a child free roller coaster day now could I - no matter how ill I felt!

    I staggered out of bed at 8am, crawled downstairs and lay groaning on the settee. Back upstairs for another session in the bathroom at 8.30 and went back to bed! Got up again at 10.30 feeling slightly better and promised myself 'Never again!'……..mmmmm…now where have I heard that before!!!

    Anyway, I jumped in the shower to attempt a revival (marginally successful) and then packed overnight bags for the girls. We (well, Shaun actually - didn't think I should! ) drove the half hour to my parents' and dropped the girls off and we set off for the hour+ journey to Thorpe Park (with a bottle of water and a strategically placed plastic bag at the ready!! )

    I was wondering at this point if this day out was a good idea - I mean 10 loops on a severe hangover? (Please remember I do not have Shaun's practice!! )

    By the time we arrived at Thorpe Park, I felt a bit better and decided that even if I only did one ride - I would go for it! We queued up to get our new annual passes (should be £70, we got them for £17.50 each using our Tesco clubcard vouchers! ) and then we were off!

    We headed into the park and went straight to Colossus (the new 10 looping roller coaster which was the whole point of our visit today! ). We were expecting long queues, as the car park had been busy and being a new, nationally advertised ride - but no! We queued for 20 minutes (there was a separate line for the front row seats) and we were on! Wow! You're twisted this way and that, never quite sure what's next! It was very smooth - with some different effects, like a slow barrel roll close to the ground - makes you feel like you're going to fall out! The whole ride weaves in and out of the queuing/approach area very effectively! It was very good, but you just can't help thinking that if Disney had done it the theming would have been SO much better!

    Well, I managed not to be sick on the heads of the people below - but it was a close run thing! I staggered off the ride and Shaun said, "Brilliant! Let's do it again!" My stomach nearly left my body via my mouth at that point so I weakly replied, "You go ahead, I'll sit here and rest a minute!"

    I sat down on a quiet looking slab of stone and gratefully rested my head against a pillar, when suddenly ROAR!!! - the coaster zoomed past about 2 feet away, rattling and shaking everything around it! Not good I thought, and moved away to a quieter spot!

    Well, I waited and waited and waited. No Shaun - where had he got to? After 3/4 hour I wandered around the shop (you exit the ride via the shop! ) and from there to the actual exit of the ride. After about 15 minutes, of staggered Shaun! He'd decided to queue for the front row! He said it was excellent - much better and that I should try it! Maybe next time!!

    By now it was about 2pm and we decided to have some lunch - is food a good idea? Mmmmm…let's see! I hadn't eaten for about 19 hours ( a record for me! ), so we headed off and bought sarnies and lemonade. Yep - it seemed to work I felt better after that!

    Off we went to do the Ribena Rapids (newly revamped and sponsored for 2002) and Loggers Leap. Got a bit damp, but not too bad - certainly nothing like Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges!

    Then we wandered over to a new ride they are building and peeked through the fence. It's supposed to be 'The best roller coaster experience in the world'! Mmmmm….better than Hulk, Duelling Dragons, RnRC, Kraken, Montu etc etc - we'll see!!

    I was feeling even better now - and decided a therapeutic jam donut was in order! Yummy!

    We decided to see how long the queue was for Vortex, one of last years new rides that we never got to do because the queues were always so long. When we got there I looked up and saw that thing swinging, swooping, twisting and swaying throught he sky - I don't think so!- not today!

    Shaun jumped in the queue and after about 25 minutes climbed into his seat. Well, he enjoyed it - but I couldn't even watch!

    Another wander round and we decided to call it a day. We stopped at TGI Fridays on the way home (no lager for me! ) and got home at about 7.45pm.

    All in all, a good day. The main objective - to ride Colossus - was achieved, and we both enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again (without the dodgy head and tummy next time! )

    Thorpe Park is getting better and better now - highly recommended!
  2. WDWfan uk

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    Aug 21, 1999
    Alison I am absolutely gobsmacked! That anyone should think of riding a stomach-churner like that with a hangover :eek: ???
    You must have a really strong constitution - I'm really really impressed.

    I've always liked the log flume and the river rapids at Thorpe Park.

    Have they done anything about their awful ghost ride?
  3. bengunn

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    Aug 9, 2001
    Oh Alison - You made me feel ill just reading your report :rolleyes:

    Glad to hear Thorpe Park is improving, last time we went was about 3 or 4 years ago and it was getting a bit overdue for improvement. The most recent ride was the X coaster which goes backwards in the dark and was awful - very stop start and jerky.

    It sounds like we need to visit during the Easter Hols while the kids are home.
  4. KayleeUK

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    Oct 9, 1999
    Wow you are brave - I don't even manage it out of the house with a hangover!! Glad you enjoyed it :D


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