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Discussion in 'Planning our Happily Ever After' started by alexandria674, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. alexandria674

    alexandria674 DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2009
    I'M ENGAGED. We got engaged on our fifth anniversary at the Disneyland castle. (I love my ring). So, we discussed it and decided to honeymoon at WDW and go on their cruise line. I know that there are extras that the Disney staff provides but has anyone vacationed at Disneyworld? A lot of opinions and help are needed. We are thinking of staying at the Port Orleans Riverside for two weeks while traveling around WDW and maybe going to some other theme parks. So, I have heard of the magical express busline but I am thinking of getting a car rental, is this a good idea? Also, would the caribbean resort be better?
  2. tiggersam00

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    Dec 29, 2008
    :Welome: and congrats. Your plans sound good so far POR is a great romantic resort you will love it. Looking forward to hearing more of your plans:thumbsup2
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  4. Bride-to-be

    Bride-to-be DIS Veteran

    Feb 2, 2009

    If you really want to see the other parks then its prolly best to rent a car. If it were me I would just stay at disney the whole time and enjoy it.

    Riverside is fun - its nice because they have a sitdown restaurant and we really like Bob Jackson who sings and plays the piano in the lounge most nights. The only thing I don't like about that resort is the size - its MASSIVE especially compared to the french quarter next door. Depending on where your room is it can be a bit of walk and you always end up stopping at all of the bus stops around the resort so transport takes a little longer. With french quarter sometimes you stop at the riverside stops and sometimes you don't. One plus to both hotels is the beignets for breakfast are by far my favorite! even though they aren't shaped like mickey as they are in disneyland.

    Disney World is huge compared to Disneyland if you have never been I would plan to spend about double the time in the parks over what your are planning. There is SOOOO much to do and see. Thats why I would just stay at disney and leave sea world and universal for another trip.
  5. AbbyPan

    AbbyPan "...oh he's a codfish, a codfish, a codfish..."

    Feb 4, 2005
    Congrats on your engagement!!! ...and on chosing Disneyworld for your honeymoon;)

    I haven't stayed at PORiverside, but I have stayed at the French Quarter and its very nice and quiet. The walk from resort to resort is very romantic!!

    As far as using a car is concerned it all depends on how much freedom and flexibiliy you are looking for. One example is, if you have a dining reservation and are running late, and do not have a car, chances are you will be even more late catching a bus to the parks(that's if the restaurant is at the park and not at a resort which would delay you even further). You could also take a cab...
    Also, you can't just get up and go anywhere because you are dependent on the wdw transit.

    Having said this, we didn't have a car and it went perfectly smoothly for us since I'm a bit anal about being on time, so we'd leave our room 1 hour before the ressie time just to be sure.

    There are pro's and con's to the car & bus. It really just depends on how flexible you want your trip to be.:goodvibes
  6. padisneyfour

    padisneyfour DIS Veteran

    Jul 9, 2006
    congrats and welcome! looking forward to hearing more of your plans!:goodvibes
  7. teddygurl28

    teddygurl28 DIS Veteran

    Apr 24, 2008
    congrats!! :banana:

    Sept 2010 is me too!

    I stayed at port orleans last year and fell in love with it, i requested the magnolia bend side...those were the mansion themed rooms, it gave it more of a romantic feel, and thats more what i wanted as compared to the alligator bayou which is more rustic. It is a large resort but managable. Caribbean Beach is nice, large as well. I have stayed there twice. I would much prefer port orleans long as i got magnolia bend..port orleans has carriage rides and a boat that takes you to down town disney.....we didnt take a car as we only went to universal one day and used the mears transportation ( $16/person rt to take us to and pick us up from universal) however if you plan to see several parks a car may be good for you! what dates do you plan to be there?!
    we are going 20-29...although we dont plan on booking until the packages come out in august....
  8. pink_tink8i8

    pink_tink8i8 DIS Veteran

    Jan 14, 2008
    Congratulations!!! I'm a 2010 bride also!

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