Alcohol prices currently on Fantasy and Dream


Earning My Ears
Jan 1, 2013
Hi, we are gold status and just returned from a three night British staycation on Magic.
My question is have any of the frequent sailors in Fantasy and Dream notice jump in alcohol prices since sailing restarted - I question this as am wondering if happy hours in the bars onboard is a new thing or in place to level out the price increases?



Jan 16, 2011
We were on the Dream September 6 and I feel like the prices were the same and very reasonable. Or maybe we have just gotten used to resort pricing which made them seem less expensive. We really enjoyed the happy hour specials. We would go to Pub 689 for 50% off beer. He could fill his mug for $3! Happy hours were usually scheduled during the big shows so I think it was more of a way to move some people from one venue to another where they may be less busy during those times. The Dream was also repeating shows so it gave more options. Not sure how many people would skip a show to go to happy hour if it was a different show every night. But we enjoyed having that option on the nights we didn't have a show to attend.



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