ALbany international Parking Question


Nov 7, 2001
We are 20 days form our trip now I have asked before about everything else so why not parking. We MAY or MAY Not have a ride to drop off and pick up but we may be driving our car and leaving it. How much is long term or week long whatever parkinga nd how big a hassle will it be to park? How much time will dealing with that add to our pre flight timing?
Where is long term parking?
If you're question is regarding parking at Alb Intl airport, check out their website @ Click on the "parking update" link towards the bottom right of the main page.
Have a great trip!
My husband and I always leave our car in long term parking---that's the garage.
It only takes us about 15 minutes to park and get into the airport.
We leave our car for 6 days and if I remember correctly--it was about $40 or $50--the prices might be on the airport website.
Hope this helps a bit.

BTW-We get our ticket and go up the ramp into the garage---this is the level we try to park on and then you are able to walk across the road in the enclosed walkway. There is an elevator inside the airport to get you to the check in desk.

We have always been able to find a spot on the first long term level. It is not far at all.
the economy lot is $5 a day and there is a shuttle bus to the airport. not covered parking, but the lowest price at the airport.


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