Alan Horn to head Walt Disney Studios

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    LA Times Article

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    I hope he can do what others haven't been able to. He seems to have, a good resume.

  3. WaltD4Me

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    Well, if you can credit him with Shawshank Redemption, I have high hopes.
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    Aug 30, 2008
    In a continued horrible economy, straying too far from the core Disney theme is a cost no company can afford. I personally am a Disney movie purist and that is why I was not happy when they acquired and since divested Miramax many years ago, because I felt perception-wise it was outside of their sweet-spot for film-making and really not playing to their animation and branding strengths.

    I wish Alan Horn all the best in his new role at Disney. While there will never be the equivalent of the original nine old men who pioneered animation during its incipient days of character development and animation movie making, there was an animation renaissance back in the 80's as shown within The Waking of Sleeping Beauty film and there was name recognition for the key animators during that time. Now the young animators during the 80's that had to fill the incredibly large shoes of the legacy nine old men who were close to retiring during that time are ironically now the old animation guard today.

    Fast forward here we are in 2012 and quite honestly I could not identify one noteworthy animator at Disney . . . I know there are plenty of them, but the identification and public promotion of that talent does not seem as pronounced as it was years ago.

    While Disney will never have difficulty in recruiting animation talent to the company, I think the branding of talented animators that reach the "Master" level in their craft serves as inspiration for future talent and the NEXGEN of animation talent. I believe every profession needs role models for inspiration and leadership for carrying the animation torch for future generations. Perhaps Mr. Horn will consider this suggestion after the dust settles for him in his new role . . . I am sure he will have higher priorities : - ) ... just saying.

    DR NYKCB (Ken)

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