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    Dec 30, 2009
    We spent the final four nights of our trip at AKV Kidani. We took our own stuff over from BLT and dropped most of it off. We went out to eat lunch at DD and met my husband's aunt who lives down there, so we didn't get back until 540 and of course the room was ready.
    She had told us it was a pool view, which I thought would be good with our standard view points. It was room 7833 on the 4th floor. The thing is, we couldn't really see the pool because of foliage, and the lights at the pool (which are raised and we could see) are on all night long! So a pool view isn't really a plus. We didn't have to walk even halfway down the hall. If we had, we would have been on a small savanna.
    I'd been warned, but the busses here suck. We took a cab to the studios to be there at rope drop (which worked because we got to do TSM, ToT and RnR twice before 10AM). The bus back was fine. We went to DD one night and it was awful, no seats, someone else was complaining it had been an hour wait for them and the poor driver said she'd just been dispatched. Standing on that bus ride has always been like hell to me. We took a cab again to go to TL, and when we came home later (again, more standing but luckily not me) someone was saying since they took the bus to TL it took them an hour to get over there. Bus to AK, of course, was just fine.
    We did take the shuttle the first night back and forth to Jambo. DH kept tipping the guy and I didn't know if it was needed, but oh well. The second day we figured out the bus loop. On Easter Sunday after our AK time we went and swam at Jambo for a few hours since the pool was so much bigger. Found chairs and everything. Mara had much better refills than Kidani--I like unsweet tea, and Mara was the only place at AK I could fill up my mug with it.
    We ate at Sanaa and it was OK, but I like Boma better.
    Housekeeping was fine, although my son found 6 marbles and an unopened box of swedish fish in the sleep chair.
    I really like the themeing at AK-Kidani, but the downfall of the lack of amenities and iffy bus service make it doubtful I'd stay again. Maybe Jambo--but I wouldn't want to give up that second bathroom or jacuzzi just for better drink options. I'm glad we stayed once, but I'd like to try OKW or go back to SS or BW before I'd rebook it. I know some people just love, love, love it and that is fine, but compared to some other DVC properties where we have stayed it just isn't at the same level for us.

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