akl villa studio..dedicated ..lock-off?

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    i was looking at value rooms at akl villas..hoping on a savannah view..but i looked at map and saw these 2 seperate studios,,is 1 better or bigger..or get me a chance for pool or savannah view?..anything but the 2 parking lot views..:crazy2:
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    a lockoff studio has a door to a 1BR that can be opened so that disney can book the room as a 2BR villa or "locked-off" so that the 1BR and studio can be booked separately.

    a dedicated studio is just that. it's a studio with no door to a 1BR.

    no other difference. i think dedicated studios are either pool view or savanna view but views cannot be requested with value villas. i've stayed in value studios twice - i got a savanna view one time and a parking lot view the other time. somebody has to get the parking lot views...it probably won't be you, but if you've got to have a good view, book one of the larger studios with a specified view. otherwise, enjoy the savings and watch the animals from any of several public viewing areas...
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    Sep 21, 2011
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    No request are allowed when booking the value rooms, you just get what you get.
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    The extra bedroom in the dedicated 2 bdrm has two queen beds vs the one in the lockoff has one bed and a pull-out sofa.

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