AKL 4 in room w/ baby/toddler question

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by ppony, Feb 19, 2008.

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    Aug 23, 1999
    I know with the exception of suites at the AKL, the rooms are for 4. My question is what's the cut of age for young children? I'm wondering if it's still doable to have 3 adults, 1 9 y.o. child and 1 toddler turning 2 during our stay. He could sleep in a pack and play or in a little blow up mattress with attached sleeping bag. We LOVE AKL and hope bringing my 63 y.o. mom won't keep us from staying there.:guilty: Last time we brought her we stayed at the Poly but I KNOW she'd love the AKL as much as we do. We'd just get a bunk bed room and we'd all be situated.

    I promise I tried to use the search several times to find this and kept rubbing into dead ends on teh WDW site. I know the info is there, I'm just a BAD searcher. Sorry if this is a hugely perennial question. When I'm not planning a trip, I'm not often on the boards. :rolleyes1
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    You are allowed to have 4 people plus one under 3 in rooms that sleep 4.so you shouldn't have a problem. We had six in POR two years in a row. It was tight but doable since our ds was under three both times.

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