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Sep 4, 1999
If you are booking flights on the internet, how do you get a voucher applied to your reservation? Wondering if you have to call after you have made the reservation on-line and then they apply the credit. Delta told me the vouchers was linked to my Delta Skymiles #. Would Delta apply it automatically?


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Sep 4, 1999
Well junk, the ticket the voucher came from was booked on the internet. Seems they are making it difficult for you to apply the voucher.

Wonder if you took the voucher to a ticket agent after you paid for a ticket on-line if they would credit your credit card for the voucher?


Aug 19, 1999
I had a voucher through USAirways. I was able to put a 24 hour hold on the ticket, but I had to go to the airport to redeem the voucher.


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Apr 8, 2000
RweTHEREYet, I would recommend calling Delta and asking them. And I agree that most of the airlines do make it difficult to use their vouchers and still get the lowest available fare, which is often only obtained through their website.

SharonS, Delta's website doesn't allow you to put a hold on tickets.


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May 1, 2001
Sharon has the answer.

Unfortunately, it's not the greatest.

Vouchers, being animals made out of paper, can only be tendered to animals who know what to do with an animal made out of paper. ;)

So, here's what you need to do. Take whatever fare you got off the web site and print it out. Then call Delta's reservation desk and ask them what the fare for the same itinerary would be through them. If same or less, fine skip the rest of this paragraph. If more, tell them, "Well, I am going to use a voucher, and I got this rate off the web site, will you honor it?" Probably they will.

Then just tell them, I want to pay for that in part with a voucher. (They view vouchers as a form of payment.) They'll say that they can put the reservation on a 24 hour hold (actually till midnight tomorrow, so if you call at 6 AM today, it's almost 48 hours).

Then drive to the airport and ticket the reservation using the voucher and whatever your credit card fancies are for the balance.

Yes, they do make them hard to use. This is partially by design. They hope that you'll just forget about it and pay full price.

But be persistent, and they will honor it.

And, by the way, DO NOT try to rebook that ticket. If you do, the voucher value will be GONZO! (as in, gone.) (I found this out the hard way when I got sick with something the doctors didn't know what it was and had to reschedule a trip paid for in part with a voucher. :( )

Have a great time!


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