Airline tickets for December 1?


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Oct 30, 1999
We made the mistake of making reservations to visit OKW beginning on Dec. 1. Unfortunately this date is the Sunday during the Thanksgiving Day weekend. If we travel on Sat.- Nov. 30 (late), we can purchase tickets from Buffalo, NY to MCO (round trip) for around $180.00 on US AIR. If we travel on Dec. 1, they are much greater in price. Do you think based on new surcharges that are anticipated for security, etc., we should purchase these tickets and obtain a "cheap" hotel room for one night, or wait for Jet Blue, Airtran and Southwest to later in the year post their fares? Thanks.


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Aug 24, 1999
When are you returning? If you do not have a Saturday night stay, the prices will be much higher. This is every weekend, not just Thanksgiving. Some airlines do not have this requirement, so check around. I know USAir requires a Saturday night for PIT-MCO to get the low fares. They do this to discourage business travelers from using the low fares, most people traveling on business do not want to stay over a Saturday night.


Aug 18, 1999
Walter, if it were me, I would jump on the US Air price, especially if you like to fly that airline. I am always "willing" to go a day ahead and find an inexpensive hotel for the one night. Then you can get up Sunday morning and be ready to go to a park! We have booked the last flight out of here on our last few trips and have decided we actually like getting to be at WDW early that first day. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth!


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Aug 21, 1999
That Sunday is the busiest day in travel so I would assume they will not put a lot of those tickets on sale until they HAVE too. I would go on Saturday. The airports are nice and quite on Sat also!


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Dec 5, 1999
Just checked Delta for those dates for you and they are $249/pp. We will be Dec. 1 -13 also from the great northeast and can get $285 which I think is great, this far out, AND as you mention "a holiday weekend". We are driving in April so we will decide drive/fly after that but I think once people start to really fly again I think the prices will climb too. And I heard on Feb 1st there is a $10 security charge to be added for each leg of a flight. That could really add up. Murphy's Law, you've got a 50/50 chance.:rolleyes: Good luck, I'm in the same boat with you.