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Sep 23, 1999
We've never flown in June before and airfare seems a bit high from Detroit or Toledo and it seems to be creeping up. Anyone have tickets for this June or last year and can remember what they paid? Will it go down a bit as we get closer to June? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
We typically fly to WDW in June (2nd or 3rd week). I usually begin looking for airfare as soon as prices for the time period become available--10 months out or so--and buy as early as I can. This year, though, our trip was totally unplanned and spur of the moment (for us that is) and I just purchased in January. I've found, at least for June, the prices tend to go higher as the date approaches.

Our fare for this year was $194 per ticket (Toledo); last year was a bit less at around $176 (originally Toledo, but changed to Detroit due to ComAir strike); years prior to that ranged from $176 to $210 with the latter being a direct flight from Detroit to MCO on NW. I, personally, loved the 7:00 a.m. NW flight which arrives at around 9:20 a.m. Unfortunately, that flight now runs around $250-263 and is unreasonable when you can arrive a couple hours later for a good bit less.

Delta's rates appear to be better than most others, including Spirit which is usually the least. Who knows, the price may drop if the seats remain available--since we are 4, I don't like taking the risk AND I like to have a choice in our times (early in, late return).

Good luck!

Tess and I seem to be on the same page. I've flown out of both Toledo and Detroit in the last two years. I am in a suburb of Toledo. For flying out of Detroit in June, 00 and Toledo in June of 01, I paid around $200 each (5 of us). I'm looking now for July out of both places and getting about the same thing. Delta is the best so far.
NW had a deal for one day last week for the nonstop going out at 7:30 for $190--but the return is at 10:10 AM from Orlando, meaning we'd have to leave VWL at 7:30--I don't think so!
Good luck. I'm still looking but probably going to get those $202 tickets from Delta in the next couple of weeks.
Robin M.
Thanks everyone,

Guess I need to look a little closer at Delta. We would prefer to fly out of Toledo because its a a bit closer and I like where the long term parking is. But Detroit usually has the straight through flights. In Dec 2000 we did Toledo and ended up on a bus from Cinci to Toledo(long story) makes us a little nervous, but I so like the Toledo Airport for convenience.
Hey Tess looks like we're neighbors. Which airline are you flying out of Toledo?
Rock'n Robin, We'll be at WL too, our first time there for our anniversary.
It seems I recall your bus story from Cincy to Toledo--just not the reason for it. Jasper or Jonesville??? something like that I thought.

We're trying the Delta flights we were supposed to take last year but were changed due to the ComAir strike.

We had good flights on Delta out of Detroit last year (although not a straight shot--gotta' love NW for that!) and they were very accommodating when the ComAir situation caused the cancellations. In fact, they let us fly a day earlier since Delta couldn't get us out as early as we wanted on Saturday. We loved that and will be flying on Friday this year rather than Saturday as had been our habit.

I'm really looking forward to using Toledo's airport--easy in and out compared to Metro. I'm not looking forward to the small planes though--there's always a downside! :(


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