AHHH! Land of Lincoln-ites hit Disney Part 1 AK, MK, EPCOT

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  1. newday

    newday Earning My Ears

    Jan 6, 2001
    Cast: DW 35, ride schedualer
    DH 34, transportation schedualer
    DS 29, meal schedualer
    DBL 29-ish trustee of the treasured goods
    DS1 10 loves science, reading, and nintendo
    DD 7 loves art, shopping, DN(niece)
    DN 5 loves ariel, pooh, and DD
    DS2 18 mos ACTIVE!
    Saturday, Jan 27, 2001 Sunshine Getaway Package
    After many months of planning-thank you very much DIS for all the wonderful information, we are finally off. Leave Illinois in ice and snow, arrive at Orlando to jacket weather. Stayed at Orlando Internation Airport Hilton. Loved it! Great room, great service, great food! Definately would stay here again.
    Sunday, Jan 28, 2001 Animal Kingdom
    DN woke up with stomache flu, changed our character breakfast reservations from Olivia's this morning to Crystal Palace on Thurs. morning. Took shuttle to OKW, got into bldg 43 at 10:30 am. Stayed in 2 bdrm w/ kitchen. Very nice room. Felt right at home. Close to Bus Stop and Pool. Picked up milk, cheese and lunch meat at Conch Flats (brought rest of groceries in suitcase), ate lunch at resort. Got to Animal Kingdom at 12:00. Got stroller for DN and fed her popsicles and she did very well. Saw Lion King, Kilimanjaro, Maharaja, Tree of Life, then called it a day.
    Overall AK: love it for what it is: low-key, scenic park DS2 loved bats and tigers at Maharajah.
    Ordered pizza for supper (YUK! bad pizza). Had planned to go to MK Mon, changed plans due to flu. Called again and changed character breakfast and lunch reservations with no problem at all. Put kids to bed early. DH and I took ferry to West Side. The view is very pretty as approaching West Side. Had ice cream at Ghirradellis (delicious), visited Disney Store, saw some pin traders-fun to watch. Took the bus home, exhausted!
    Monday, Jan 28 Magic Kingdom/Epcot
    DH, DS1, DD, DS2 & I head for MK early. GREAT TIME! Ride Pooh, Buzz 2x, visit Toon Town early and see lots of characters goofing off in the park. Took Barnstormer 2x. kids loved it, now willing to try thunder and splash mtn. Took train to main street-see minnie and crew in car, DS2 loved this part. Took monorail to epcot. Decided to take bus from now on. Had to transfer monorails, too much trouble with stroller. Met DS and crew at the land for breakfast-2 way radios came in handy. DBL (brother in law) now has flu, went back to resort. Hardly anyone else at breakfast. Pluto and Chip spent about 15 minutes at table playing cars with the kids. Kids were pretty worn out the rest of the day. Got them Mickey ice cream, they enjoyed that. CMs at Epcot extra nice. Diver at living seas acquarium played with DS2. Best at Epcot: Ellen's Energy Adventure (did not ride TT), playing in the fountains (we brought spare clothes this time) Worst: The Living Seas. Needs updating. Overall Epcot: not very exciting for kids-but not the best time of day
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    Feb 27, 2000
    Newday, Thanks for the great report. Sorry to hear about the flu bug. :( Sounds like everyone is still having a good time.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Hoping the flu bug goes away soon. Nothing worse than being sick while at Disney. Thanks for posting!

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