After-Wedding Meal (Escape Collection Advice?)

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  1. alexandrapt

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    Sep 12, 2018
    Hi everyone!

    I have my phone consultation/meeting with a planner today and am hopeful that i'll be booking in/holding my spot at Luau Point for a small (10-14 guest) wedding! We are planning on a number of upgrades, like the cake and floral, maybe a ceremony musician, etc., but what I am super curious about is your input on post-ceremony meals. We know we want to have something, whether it's morning or afternoon, and we know that the options are either a private catered meal or something in a restaurant. Would you recommend one over the other for such a small party? I'm also hoping to add in a dessert party (hopefully Illuminations, if it's not gone by then!) so that is something we want to factor in. Thanks!!
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    Jul 21, 2017
    Hi! :wave:
    My husband and I had a morning ceremony at the Canada pavilion, we then did a ‘brunch’ reception at the boathouse from 11-2 we had 13 guest and the private room was a good side for the group. The menu was also AMAZING. The food was so good, and the portion sizes were HUGE which was unexpected!!

    We decided to do a meal right after the ceremony because we had a dessert party that night at Epcot, which also was amazing and I HIGHLY recommend doing that! The timing was great because of the early ceremony we had ‘down time’ for about 5 hours between the meal and the dessert. If you’re doing the meal and party in the same day, I would reccomend having the meal earlier so you have time to relax and recharge before the desert party.

    We also did a ride add on for test track which was so amazing. If your able, I would look into this option as wel! It was everyone’s favorite memory of the day...well hopefully second!

    All in all - you can’t make a bad decision, the entire day will be amazing!!! Congrats!!!
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    Aug 12, 2012
    We just returned from our escape wedding and had a catered meal following our ceremony through DFTW. We had a 5 PM ceremony at the Boardwalk then used our included transportation to take us from the boardwalk to Epcot for our reception at 645 PM. We only had 8 people but Disney allowed us to book the lower french island with a rain backup of a room in Norway.

    It poured on our wedding day forcing us to move both our ceremony and reception. Disney surprised us by moving our reception into Spaceship Earth. It was such an amazing location with a beautiful view of the park.

    Our only complaint was that we had WAY too much food haha. Because we had to hit minimums we ended having a lot of food but it was incredibly delicious.

    After our reception they took us again by limo up to France so we could see illuminations. We then followed that up by a ride mix-in on Soarin.
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    Jan 18, 2017
    I had a full reception at Swan and Dolphin, so I'm not really much help lol but I just wanted to say YAY and HELLO to a fellow Escape bride! :wave:

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