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    Mar 26, 2006

    During our latest stay at Disney World, we stayed at Animal Kingdom Loge. Thus we obviously sampled the food there. Despite long waits to get a table, we managed to eat twice at Boma.

    The dinner buffet at Boma is absolutely fabulous. No wonder why people are queuing to enter the restaurant.

    The buffet line starts at the carved meat station. In the back of the station is a large vertical grill. A mouth watering sight. My wife is a vegetarian. She skipped this station. But to me it was one of the best parts of the whole experience.

    So you start with a choice of grilled meat. Then add some sauce. Be sure to sample "local" fare.

    Next are the self-serve sides. While there is much of what you'd expect to find on a buffet - and enough of what kids seem to prefer - there are also African dishes. What a welcome change from the food you inevitably end up with when eating in a rush: burger, fries, …. Again, I can only encourage you to sample it all.

    I won't comment on the salad bar. I mostly skipped that. I might have picked up some bread. Surely no salad.

    This is an all-you can eat buffet. Return as often as you like. But do keep some room for desert.

    There is a rather large select of the most yummy stuff. BTW, the buffet selection was not the same on the two occasions we visited. It surely won't get boring. But always tasty.

    Obviously, this location needs to be compared to Tusker House at AK. Both restaurants are based on the same concept and serve similar fare. Overall, I would prefer Tusker House. Yet we visited Tusker House only once.

    Indeed, eating at Boma is much more practical - at least when staying at AKL. Also, Tusker House is not available for dinner.

    Tusker House has more African dishes. This may disappoint some. For us it is a definite plus. Actually the biggest point in favor of Tusker House.

    Tusker House feels less crowded when full.

    However the meat station is not nearly as inviting or exciting.

    Boma has the nicer looks and "ambiance".

    Anyways, both are excellent choices.

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    Thanks for the review Pierre!

    I've never been to Tusker House and may now give that a try during one of my next trips.

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