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Jul 28, 2014
Hi I posted this on the trip planning forum but I think it might be more appropriate here.
Just wondered if anyone has had any experience travelling with a child who is not part of their family. We are going from the UK and taking DD's friend who will be 14 at time of travel.
Her parents have done a letter through their solicitor giving us permission to take their daughter with us and it has been notorised. We also have medical permission should she need it.
Struggling to find another family who have been through this situation.
Any advice as to how customs treat the party, as she will have to fill in her own customs form, and go through separately to us?
Any help would be really appreciated.


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Aug 4, 2004
Possibly too late a response but we took our son's friend way back in the early 2000s, we too had a letter from his parents but it wasn't notarised. And as you state because he had a different surname he had to have his own immigration/custom form and go through immigration separately so we sent him through first and there were no problems.

In those days there weren't any problems with seat allocation on flights but now and depending who you fly with there could be especially with different surnames so if not already done so I would look into getting your seats assigned before you get to the airport.

There was an article in the online Telegraph recently which stated "It also is wise to speak to the airline you are flying with to seek advice."

And looking back the only contact he had with home was a postcard that he sent on day 1, so with today's Skype and other communications it will be a lot easier and much more fun when sharing those happy memories instantly with her family back home.

There wasn't really anything that caused us concern so I think you're already to go.

Have a wonderful holiday?


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