Advice on December trip - Christmas events & dining help

Louise Potts

Aug 2, 2016
Hello all,

After having to cancel 3 scheduled trips to WDW to make use of our first ever year of DVC points we are now booked for 3 nights in DLP (in the Disneyland Hotel) instead with the hope of getting back to WDW May and July 2021.

I have a couple of Qs that I could do with some help with please....

1 - Christmas events, parade etc, do you think these will still be on this year? Are there fireworks at Christmas time? Are they any good hints or tips to really make the most of the Christmas magic there, if we were at WDW we would visit each hotel to see their decorations - is it worth doing this at DLP?

2 - Although I have stayed at the Cheyenne twice I have never had the Premium Meal Plan and I am looking for some advice. I have selected which restaurants I would like to book but I can not book them, i have tried coping and pasting the links from previous threads but i just get 'your page has been eaten' error message, I have tried the hack of trying to access via the dutch site but just get automatically transferred to the english site, and lastly I have tried to call but the message says 'we are busy call back later'

Before I keep trying to call should I assume the phone line is unmanned until the park actually reopens? The hold message did not indicate this so i am curious if anyone has managed to book any dining reservations for once the park reopens

Any other hints and tips would be great, especially room requests for the Disneyland Hotel, it will be my birthday week so we are looking to make it a special trip.

Thanks in advance



DIS Veteran
Feb 5, 2012
1. Christmas is not as big in Europe as it is in the US. I wouldn't spend time on visiting the hotels. There is probably a tree at all the hotels, and some other small decorations, but that is probably it. On the other hand, I never understood hotel visiting to look at theming ;-)
It's hard to say if there will be the Christmas parade and all the shows they had in the last few years, at all depends on what happens in the coming months. Will there be a second wave etc. It's too early to tell.
There is fireworks every day, but there is no special Christmas version.

2. At the moment all online restaurant reservations there were are stopped due to the reopening and the reduced capacity.

I wouldn't bother calling them now, since the reopening announcement they have been busy. The phonelines are constantly overloaded. I had the same problem as a few months ago when the line was busy constantly. I wouldn't try before September.
Disney hasn't really announced anything about the dining, only that buffet restaurants will be table service with the reduced capacity. The only thing we know is that you have to call.


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