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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by markey, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. markey

    markey DIS Veteran

    Jul 28, 2000
    This will be our 5th cruise and our GS is now 10 and GD 9. We have not up to this point allowed them sign-out priviliges. They know the layout of the ship and we have been in the same room location for all cruises. We go in August and they have not asked if this will be given to them this time. I know they are old enough, know the ship are good kids BUT I fell uncomfortable maybe because they are grandkids and not my own kids. If you give this to them in the beginning and feel that it is not working out can you change? One other thing, all day excursions are planned with the kids but they probably will not want to go to Key West or Cozumel with us at night. I also know that it is my desicion, only asking for advice.
  2. SweetSpot

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    Jul 25, 2002
    On our first cruise we gave our older boys then 10 and 12 sign out privileges but when my older son abused the privilege we had it taken away without any problem. You just tell the CM and they will change the code in the computer. Last year we let them sign out but they were required to have us beeped telling us where they were headed. The couselors were great about beeping us with a "kids headed to the room" type messages, etc. The kids did a great job and will have full sign out privileges this year because they know the rules and I know they will follow them. They will have to stop by the room and leave us a note letting us know what their plans are if they aren't in the clubs. If you are planning on going off the ship and leaving them on you can always tell them that they aren't allowed to leave the club until you come get them that night if it makes you feel better and mention it to a CM. The CM's are very willing to help.

    I found that it was easier for me to allow myself to relax knowing where they were even if it meant there were times I was having a great time and needed to run and get a kid who was beeping. The decision is a difficult one based on the kid and and how comfortable you are giving them total freedom.
  3. misty9960

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    Mar 26, 2004
    Our son is 10 & we just returned from the magic on Saturday. We decided to give him the privilege of signing himself out. It worked out fine for us. The only problem we had was after the Time to say Goodbye Farewell show on Friday night. The counsleors asked that the parents wait until all the kids had left the Walt Disney Theater to go to the Oceaneers Club to pick them up. Well, we did just that and by the time I got their he had already signed himself out! My bad for not remebering that I didn't need to go and pick him up since he had the privilege of signing himself out! I found that the counselors do all that they can to make you and your children that you are traveling with feel comfortable and safe! We had an excellent experience with the Clubs. If your grandson is anything like mine he will want to spend some time away from the parents!! We hardly saw my son but, he had a great time which in turn caused us to have a great time:cool1:
  4. kcashner

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    Dec 4, 2003
    I allowed DD to sign in/out at age 10. The first time, we made a deal. She had to sign out and go ONLY to the cabin or ask the lab CM to page me and let me know where she was going. The next time, I allowed her to go to the cabin and leave me a note saying where she was. Now, I let her have the run of the ship.

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