Adventures in Orlando: Day 13 - Packing, shopping and the Hard Rock Cafe

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    <b>Carole : (40) Organiser and chief adventurer. Compulsive shopper.
    Stephen : (43) Head beer drinker, and food taster. Trainee shopper.</b>

    <I>As this was our third year running at Orlando, the plan was to take it all at a slower pace, and enjoy the atmosphere. No queuing and no commando tactics. We have annual passes for Disney and length of stay passes for Universal. We’re giving Seaworld a Miss this year rather than try to cram too much in.</I>

    Day 13 – Thursday 25/10/01
    Today’s planned itinerary – Open day
    Weather – Hot and sunny, with light scattered showers.

    We had coffee and bagels while we decided how to spend our last full day. We settled on going to Downtown Disney for last minute pressie shopping. I wanted to get a plush Pooh for Jo. It’s really cute, Pooh bear is hugging a smaller piglet. We wandered in and out of a few stores and then got a cappuccino (me) and a soda float (Stephen) at Ghirardellis. While we sat and slurped, we discussed what we could do for our 2003 holiday, (2002 was already booked).
    As we headed back ready to start packing, I spotted a Border’s bookshop so we went in for a look. I bought another three Bill Bryson books as I was enjoying Down Under so much, and I was down to my last few chapters. I’d read all the other books I’d taken, and I’d hate to run out of reading material on the way home.

    Started packing, reluctantly :rolleyes:. After a while, Stephen was seriously annoying me with his helpful suggestions, so I dispatched him to take photos of the hotel while I got on with the job.
    Finally, the cases were all very full and closed. Unfortunately, I still had a large pile of unpacked items on the bed :rolleyes:. Sigh, will I ever learn? Off to WalMart….
    Got a nice canvas holdall on special offer. It folds flat so we can pack it to take with us for next year. Got a padlock for it as well.
    Back to hotel, where everything went snugly into the new holdall.

    We got ourselves changed and headed off to Citywalk to get something to eat. We were planning to go to NBA, having read some good reports about it here on the boards, but the Hard Rock Café was calling as we passed it so we went in there. I really love it in there, for the food, the service and most of all for the atmosphere. We both had steak this time.
    Stephen had: Texas T-bone steak. “A 20 oz. Choice T-Bone steak aged 21 days and grilled to your satisfaction. Served with baked potato and fresh seasonal vegetables.”
    I had: Grilled Tenderloin of Beef. “Two 5 ounce pieces of Choice tenderloin grilled to order, placed on a bed of our signature brown sauce and topped with crumbled Bleu cheese. Served with baked potato and fresh seasonal vegetables.”
    Stephen enjoyed his, and I cleared my plate. My mouth’s watering now, just thinking about it. Stephen had a couple of Samuel Adams beers, and I had Pepsi. Total bill $55.
    I’d loved the whole Hard Rock experience so much, that I was a bit sad to be leaving. The nearest Hard Rock Café would be Manchester or London once we were home, so I’d probably not see one again until next year.
    Those nice Hard Rock people apparently found out how sad I was, however, and opened one in Birmingham on the same day that we flew home! Wasn’t that nice of them? I’ll have to visit it frequently, it’d be rude not to really ;).

    After eating our delicious meal, we went into the shop and I got all the pins that I hadn’t already bought, including a burger that opens up. We walked back to the hotel in a light drizzle, and bought a box set of six guitar pins to complete my set of HRH pins. We also bought HRH t-shirts and Stephen had a hat.

    Pins bought today – 9

    Tomorrow – AK and going home
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    Thanks for the wonderful reports - luv reading them!!!

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