Adventures in Orlando: Day 1: HRH & Magic Kingdom

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    Jun 11, 2000
    <b>Carole : (40) Organiser and chief adventurer. Compulsive shopper.
    Stephen : (43) Head beer drinker, and food taster. Trainee shopper.</b>

    <i>As this was our third year running at Orlando, the plan was to take it all at a slower pace, and enjoy the atmosphere. No queuing and no commando tactics. We have annual passes for Disney and length of stay passes for Universal. We’re giving Seaworld a Miss this year rather than try to cram too much in.</i>

    The first full day – Saturday 13/10/01
    Today’s planned itinerary – a.m. Animal Kingdom, p.m. Magic Kingdom
    Weather : 80° and partly cloudy.

    Last night I’d had to retire early with a blasted migraine and there was no way I was going to be able to go to our 8am PS at Donald’s breakfastosaurus. :( We’d really been looking forward to this as well. At 10-ish I felt slightly better and had some painkillers and four swigs of coffee. Promptly lost coffee along with lining of stomach so went back to bed. Emerged again at 2.30. Head still hurting but eyes focusing and nausea gone. Not going to risk coffee again though. I had a shower while Stephen phoned room service to see if there was any chance I could get a slice of dry toast. (After a bad attack, it’s the only thing I can eat, and it takes me about half an hour to get through it.) Room service said that could be done, and a short while later it arrived. Not just a slice of toast though! A posh cart with a warmer underneath, containing a bread basket with a napkin inside, folded round 3 slices of toast and a croissant. Also, on top was plates, cutlery, preserves and some little balls of butter. It all looked really pretty. Shame I couldn’t really appreciate it, but I managed to eat most of a slice of toast while Stephen attacked the rest. Poor thing, he hadn’t had a morsel to eat all day. He’d just alternately napped and watched TV with the sound off. At least next year we have a bedroom separate to the living area so if I get another migraine he won’t have to suffer with me.

    Virgin phoned us to ask if we were ok, as we hadn’t gone to the welcome meeting. Quite nice of them :D. Then my complimentary fruit platter arrived. I sent for a Loews card on their website. (They’re the company who run our hotel) It entitles me to various things but the only one I got was my fruit. Still, the card didn’t cost me anything and it was nice to have the fruit.

    We popped out to WalMart to get a few bits, but the migraine was threatening to return. Got back to our room and Stephen fetched me a coffee from the pool bar. I wasn’t going to risk the coffee that we had in our room again. After drinking that I started to feel much better and we decided to go to the Magic Kingdom for a gentle walk round.

    We got there for about 7pm and just took it easy. First stop was Tomorrowland to get another Coffee for me and a coke for Stephen. Sat on a bench and people-watched while we sipped. I really love the coffee they have at Disney. 100% Columbian, mmmmm. Stephen picked the first ride, the TTA. I love riding that in the evening. You get such a great view of the castle, all lit up. Then we ambled up to Fantasyland and had our first ever ride on Snow White. No queue! We went over to It’s a small world next and got on without any wait. Strolled over to The Haunted Mansion as Stephen loves that, then went into Pecos Bill café for hot dogs. I couldn’t eat all of mine but at least I was eating something. The fireworks were on while we were in there, but I didn’t want to hear or see them while I was still a bit fragile. Adventureland next and our first ride on Aladdin. Stephen dragged me over to the Jungle Cruise next, and it was excellent. Our guide was enthusiastic and seemed to be really enjoying herself. It makes all the difference. Just got into Pirates of the Caribbean before it closed for the night at 10pm and then we had a slow stroll back to Main Street. Now we’re not big on parades, really. Don’t have the patience to stand and wait. SpectroMagic was starting so we walked through the shops towards the gate to avoid the crowds. We could see the parade going past and it did look rather good, so we stepped outside the shop to see it. Had quite a good view, really, and it was very impressive. We were glad we caught it.

    We stopped at Goodings on the way back to get some decent coffee. After trying that, we decided that the water was the problem and we’d have to use bottled water tomorrow to see if that made it any more drinkable. I get very cranky if I don’t have a reliable supply of coffee. :mad: Stephen watched TV (with the sound on this time), and I read for a while before turning in.

    Tomorrow – Animal Kingdom
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    Thanks for the wonderful reports - luv reading them!!!

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