Adventures by Disney - Peru (enough time in Machu Picchu?)

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    Hello! Other trips to Peru seem to have 2 days (an afternoon and a morning) in Machu Picchu whereas Disney Adventures only has 1 day (one afternoon). Was this enough to see the site sufficiently? Also - what train class is provided - Expedition service, Vistadome service or Hiram Bingham service? Any other words of advice as we consider this trip? Thank you!
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    I don't remember the train class we were in other than we had plenty of room and were very comfortable.

    Regarding the time spend in Macs Picchu, yes it would have been nice to have more time. We had sufficient time for us to see all of the main sites in our guided tour when we first arrived. Then after lunch we we had the option of exploring the ruins/Guard House (one spot where iconic photos are taken), hike to the Moon Gate or the Sun Gate. The majority of our group opted for option #1 and spent more time in the ruins and visited the Guard House. A handful of us hiked up to the Moon Gate and were treated to an amazing view of the valley and surrounding areas and then had time to spend at the Guard House on the way back down. A small group of exceptional fit members of our group went all the way to the Sun Gate.

    Would I have like more time, sure. I would have loved to have been able to take a leisurely hike up to the Sun Gate or spend more time in the ruins. Maybe even spend some time in the town at the base of the mountain although it looked like a tourist trap. So in my opinion, yes more time would have been great but two days might have been too much unless you really just want to see EVERYTHING.

    Here is a view of Machu Picchu from the Moon Gate.

    Day 5 Machu Picchu from Moon Gate.jpg

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