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Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by DVC-Landbaron, May 12, 2001.

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    Jul 21, 2000
    OK people. I know that many don’t appreciate Lutz as a reporter. But how about as an editorialist? What if you looked at his articles as having one new undisputed item from which he then gives you his editorial (perspective) take. You still don’t have to agree, of course, but at least we can keep the Lutz bashing down to a minimum and try to focus on the issues only. Well, I think this one fits that category: Click here

    OK, so, what do you think? Do you agree that it won’t work and really shouldn’t be tried as it is NOT the problem in the first place? Or is it a case of:

    There once was a man named Lutz
    A Disney basher and just plain Nuts…

    You can pretty much fill in the rest, but I'm pretty sure it should end in "putz"!;)
  2. Panthius

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    Feb 14, 2001
    I do agree for the most part that the problem that Disney is having with attendance is not due to the marketing campaing that was or was not done to hype up the park. I do, however, believe that any advertising for DCA can not be bad. I do see that Disney is not being honest with their advertising of the child on the coaster, but again, the object of the ad campaign is to get more people in the park and to pay the money for the ticket, regardless if there is anything to do or not. While from a customer satisfaction/customer happiness point of view (what I believe Walt believed in), this is deplorable, but from a financial point of view, the more people, the easier it is to put a good spin on the new park to make the stock go up.


    I am still upset that the stupid :pinkbounc does not work!!!
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  4. Hey, didn't Eyesnur use that Lutz/Putz rhyme?

    Anyway, Lutz is a Putz and off his rocker to boot. He's making a big deal over the way the little girl actually sits in the seat...Big Whoop. Did he ever notice that in all TOT advertising the elevator riders are shown standing???

    He's concerned that the attractions were closed for 1.5 hours. Big whoop! That's practically nothing in theme park time & when else would they shoot the darn commercial? Could it be that he is just still hacked that they didn't build the Park he thought they should and is now badmouthing any attempts to make it more attractive? (maybe afraid it might work?).

    He later shows a picture of "angry & confused guests". I can't tell that from the picture. He could just as easy have labled them martians!

    Al Lutz is not a Disney lover, he is a Disney basher and while he almost always has some kernal of truth in his "reporting" in this editorial he is just basking in the misery of a struggling DCA. What sad & pathetic behavior.

    Again, just my opinion...
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  5. DisDuck

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    Dec 29, 1999
    I tend to agree with the Captain (and not because we joined at the hip) but because 1) the girl in the billboard and the girl in the photo do not seem to be one and the same. From the angle of the photo hard to judge if girl asian as on bill board; 2) boy being whisked away right of ride - how does Lutz (or phantom contributor) know this without asking? They could just as easily be led away to see Mickey or Minnie as reward for ride.

    When advertising is filmed at WDW, don't they shut down the effected area plus also display sign about being filmed or not. That signed is required so that if you do not want you picture on TV it won't. It does not have the sinister take that Lutz seemed to give it.

    DCA may have problems but I will see it first hand in November and judge then.
  6. YoHo

    YoHo If you have any poo to fling, now is the time.

    Nov 1, 1999
    I'm going to agree that Advertising is not the problem. I can't speak to the size of the children as I don't know the height restrictions at DCA, Further I will agree with the Capitain and the Duck that those 2 girls do not appear to be the same ones.
    I will also agree that complaining that they had rides shut down for filming is just stupid. Most DIsneyWorld rides show the children on Dumbo. That requires them to shut down dumbo to film the sequence. During a sunny day. I would think that that would have an equally bad effect on park guests.

    In other words, I think Lutz the Putz's article is much ado about nothing. Or, much ado about little. Can't they put a spinner in or something for the kiddies [​IMG]
  7. My problem isn't with who was used in the filming of the commercial or whatever. My problem is that they are trying to pass off DCA as this Six Flags park which it is not even close to being one. False advertising....can't you sue over something like that ;)

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