ADRs for October, please comment on California Grill

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by OctDisney, May 8, 2006.

  1. OctDisney

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    May 8, 2006
    This is my first post to the forums and would like some feedback on my ADR's.
    We(Myself, DW, DS-11, and DS-9) are going to MNSSHP on Oct. 31st as well.

    My main concern in the California Grill. We are mainly going for dessert and apps and Wishes, since we will still be full from Biergarten(DW and myself are not really late night eaters, thus early dinners and lunches). Is it really worth it to take our two boys or should we just hang at the Poly or do something else. (HDDR is not an option or others, since we did them two years ago). We are not going to pay for a buffet meal this evening.

    Also, Donald's is our sentimental choice and Tony's and Kona on Oct. 31st may not happen depending on how the day goes, since this is the day for MNSSHP.

    We are also staying at POFQ, Poly, and AK. The explanation of why is for another thread.

    Raglan Road Dinner 10/28/2006 (Just arriving at POFQ today)

    50's Prime Time Cafe @ Disney/MGM Studio Lunch 10/29/2006

    Donald's Breakfastosaurus @ Animal Kingdom Breakfast 10/30/2006

    Tony's Town Square @ Magic Kingdom Lunch 10/31/2006
    Kona Café @ Polynesian Dinner 10/31/2006

    Biergarten - Germany @ Epcot World Showcase Lunch 11/1/2006
    California Grill (check in on 2nd floor) Dinner 11/1/2006

    Chef Mickeys @ Contemporary Buffet Breakfast 11/2/2006
    Whispering Canyon Cafe@ Wilderness Lodge Dinner 11/2/2006

    Kona Café @ Polynesian - (Split the Tonga Toast) Breakfast 11/3/2006
    Boma - Flavors of Africa @ Animal Kingdom Lodge Dinner 11/3/2006

    Le Cellier Lunch 11/4/2006
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    Aug 14, 2004
    Looks good- if money is not an option go for the California Grill if it is I read that Wishes is fantastic from Poly beach. It sounds nice and relaxing

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