ADR's for a short trip?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by riostoker, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. riostoker

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    Aug 28, 2012
    Unless a good discount or free dining comes out for March, our trip is going to be short... just four full days in the parks. I'm struggling between wanting to try new things and wanting to go to some old favorites. What do you think of the following plan?

    It will be two adults, and three girls - ages 11, 9, 5

    DHS day - H&V lunch (I know it gets horrible reviews, but my DD5 adores Jake and Handy Manny. I'm so tempted to do it just for her. There also aren't any other DHS restaurants that have a huge appeal for me.)

    MK day - Whispering Canyon dinner (we've done this before and loved it, but maybe we should try something else?)

    Epcot day - late b-fast at Cape May and dinner at Le Cellier (never done Cape May before. DH would like to do Le Cellier again. I've thought about Biergarten though? Or Askershus instead of Cape May? Haven't done either of those)

    MK or AK day (not sure which park) - 'Ohana dinner - that one is a must.

    So, any other suggestions? I'd like 1-2 character meals. We're not big fans of doing breakfasts. DH is a picky eater. I wish LTT was still a character meal. :(
  2. EvilQueenT

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    Sep 22, 2009
    for dhs i agree...none of the venues are that great but if you have a 5 y/o who loves particular characters that's what the memories will be of not a so so meal so i'd probably do it too.

    i've never done cape may but will say my last dinner at askherus (early aug this year) was one of the better meals we had (very unexpected) and my last 2 at le cellier were most certainly not. we use to love le cellier but the steaks just weren't as good on our two trips in 2011, in fact, mine tasted like there was to much liquid in the pan...kind of semi-boiled tasting. yachtsmans was sooooo much better.

    haven't done whispering canyon and i've had really good and just so so meals at ohana but we still go back every once in a while. i've found when we eat when the restaurant first opens the meats seem to be better than when we book later in the evening. our last trip we ate during wishes and frankly all the water in bay lake couldn't have moistened the meats were were served they were soooooo dry but again i've had really great nights there to and still go back.

    for character meals consider askersus (the chicken and the salmon were both really good) or for a buffet 1900 park fare or chef mickey's depending on what characters you want to see.

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