Abuwalkers’ January Freeze: Days 4 and 5

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  1. abuwalker

    abuwalker Earning My Ears

    Oct 3, 2000
    DAY FOUR: MGM and MK (E night!!)

    DW: Me, aged 38
    DH, Mo, aged 36
    DD Leila, aged 9
    DD Samya, aged 6
    DS Zach, aged 16 months

    We hit MGM by 9:00 in the a.m. It was so damp and gray and coldddd!!! Brrr!! I was going to re-think our plans for the morning to do only inside stuff. This cold was getting to me!! It had already gotten to DH, who swore “never again in January.” I didn’t mind too much, and thought the non-existent lines were a fair trade-off.

    We headed straight back to RnR where we all rode. Then we went to the Great Movie Ride. By this time it had warmed up considerably. We did the Backlot Tour, and then headed to the HISTK play area, which all the kids loved (was being rehabbed during our last trip). We got FP for Muppets for after lunch, and headed to the Prime Time Café for lunch. It was a hit! The waitress made DH and DDs wash their hands. When the kids saw that a waitress had taken someone's unfinished mashed potatoes and served them with whipped cream for dessert, they tried hard to clean their plates! We had a lot of fun, and the food was great, especially the fried chicken!

    After lunch we caught the Muppet movie, and headed back to the hotel. It had (unbelievably) warmed up enough for the kids to take a swim, which they did with great anticipation! The heater in the Fantasia pool was broken, so they swam in the Mighty Ducks pool.

    We left by 4 for our 5 PS at Chef Mickey’s. We went to Epcot and took the monorail. We had a family photo taken, which we bought, and thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. Great character interaction (I personally love Chip and Dale. I don’t know what movie they’ve been in, but they’re nice as can be every time we see them).

    After dinner we got the monorail to MK for E-night, where we got our wrist bands and watched the fireworks. It was the first time I saw Tinkerbell fly. The kids loved it too!! We rode Space Mountain a couple of times, and did Buzz Lightyear too many times to count! We saw the Timekeeper, and Bear Country Jamboree. Is that show for real?? We laughed so hard. What’s with the particularly ugly bear with bad teeth, singing “Blood, blood on the ground. Blood, blood all around…” There are things in Disney that are so clearly old and dated, that you have laugh. We headed to BTMRR, which we rode twice without getting off, baby swapped, and did the last Splash Mountain ride of the night.

    There is nothing more wonderful than leaving a nearly empty MK, as they play the “good night music.” (Is it “when you wish upon a star?”) It’s so beautiful and peaceful.

    We had an easy ride back, and crashed straight away.


    We originally planned to do Universal today, but didn’t have the energy to leave Disney. Plus, we were kind of “rided out” if that’s possible. One result of such small crowds is that we did so many rides. On our last trip in Nov 1998, we rode rides, but usually only once. Plus, the baby was slowing us down somewhat. It was taking longer to do what we wanted to do. We decided to stay on property, do a second trip to AK, and an extra evening in Epcot, one of our favorites.

    We weren’t going to be in AK by 8:00 this morning. My family was revolting against my early morning hours! We arrived shortly after 9, and again headed to the safari for another great ride. We shopped, and did the Conservation train. Our kids loved the petting zoo, and we stayed awhile. When the baby began picking up sand with droppings, I said, “Let’s get out of here!!” We headed to Dinosaur, grabbed some chicken satay for lunch (but burgers for the kids…) and back to the boneyard. On our way out, we had the girls’ caricatures done, which was a hoot! They are a treasured souvenir for sure!

    We left for the hotel, swam again in the lovely sun. I even let the baby put on his suit and splash about today! We dressed and headed to Epcot to “do the countries.” Our kids had their passports and were excited! We did several countries, and had dinner in the Tangerine Café in Morocco. We watched MoRockin and my 6 yo DD was asked to come up to the stage to belly dance! Since my DH is Palestinian, and we love Arabic culture (and food), Morocco is a huge favorite in our family.

    We watched ToN, which we really loved as well. So many of the puppets singled us out as they swooped down and bowed in our direction. It was a huge hit! We stopped to watch the living statues in France, where I swear the statue was flirting with my husband! She made him kiss her cheek, which he did happily. We headed home around 8, trying to make it an early night.

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Wasnt Prime Time just the best! Its one of my favorite resturants there. I think that I could eat all of my mashed potatoes to keep from getting them with whipped cream on top LOL ;) That is so funny!

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  3. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Another fun filled couple of days. Thanks for posting!

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