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    Apr 10, 2018
    My soon to be Freshman daughter is very interested in applying for a semester with the Disney College Program when the time comes in a few short years. What is the process like? Do you pay to be a part of it once accepted; like you would for a semester of college? I'm trying to better understand the process, costs, living situation, etc. Thank you in advance for helping me answer these questions.
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    She/you will pay about $300, as a deposit for housing/activities. That will be payable upon her acceptance. There is nothing else to pay, up front. When they get accepted, they are then put into housing. There will be rent to be paid for housing but the amount will depend on where it is, and how many roommates there are. The rent will be taken out of each paycheck...they never see it!! That's usually around $100 a week, give or take $20.
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    JUst remember to consider what classes she needs to take when for her major. For example by junior senior year many required classes are only offer once a semester depending on the major/school and that can effect how long she has to stay in school if she misses the correct sequence.
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    Our DD did it several years ago. I too had no clue what it was about. Our DD stayed full time that semester at her university so we had to pay her tuition but not her dorm fees. She took an online 3 credit course and her school gave her 9 credits for working at Disney and submitting a final paper at the end of the semester. She went to the DCP in January and came home at the end of July. She needed to submit the paper when the Spring semester ended in May of that year.
    You don't pay anything to Disney other than a housing deposit if they are staying on property. Then once they start working the rent gets deducted from their paycheck. You can PM me with any other questions. Our DD absolutely loved it - she plans on working for Disney when she finishes her Masters.

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