About that pooh quilt I makin


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Jun 30, 2005
I posted couple months ago about makin a pooh quilt still workin on it.

The top is done all pieced together for those who missed the post blocks are little bigger than typin paper got most of my pics from clip art that I enlarged. Pooh and friends. I painted the blocks outlined the pics with Aunt Martha ball point paints 20 blocks 4 rows wide 5 long set together with strips of material.

I got brave when cuttin blocks had plenty of material and decided to make a reversible quilt prolly wasn't the best thing to do tho as it very hard to match up all seams etc. I can make 2 quilts if I decide that gonna be to much trouble. Just be a matter of gettin a backin together for the quilts.

Where I set the blocks together with the strips there was gonna be a 5 inch square hole that had to be filled in. I asked DD 15 if I should make those blocks the same as outter border of quilt or white like the blocks. She said White and you want me to draw pics for them. She sat down and in about an hour I had more than a dozen pics only needed a dozen she drew hunny pot and another hunny pot on it's side with hunny runnin out of it , wrote out the names for some of the blocks, rain cloud and rain on another ect she good at drawin.

Once this quilt done might do a Mickey or Mickey and Minnie the same way only not reversible learnin my lesson on that I think. Want Mickey quilt for myself for my bed.