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    WE are going next May and have decided on the dining plan. I know that the gratiuity will be included because we are a large party. My question is- How will this work? Because we are on the dining plan, will they give us a bill at the end of our meal for the tip only?
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    Hopefully one of our helpful CMs will be able to answer that for you.

    In reality, anything added to a restaurant bill is not really a gratuity, nor is it a helpful suggestion. It's a part of the cost of the meal, and really should be called a service charge rather than a gratuity. You are required to pay it, unless you think it's not deserved and make other arrangements with restaurant management.

    I'm assuming they will present you with a separate check for the 18%, like they do if you order any items not covered by DDP, but I don't know that for a fact. The procedure of adding 18% for larger parties has been in effect for years, so someone will know the answer, I'm sure.

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