About 3d glasses for younger kids.

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    Dec 29, 2000
    My 4 yr old has a form of autism. He won't keep glasses on his face, for that matter, I'm lucky if I can even put them on him. I was thinking of trying to prepare him by getting him used to it with sunglasses. My question is should I skip this attraction if he won't keep the glasses on?
    I also have a 1 yr old that will be 21 mos when we go. Should he skip this as well or have you been able to take your child in. Thanks for any advice, even if it's just someone that you saw there.

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    My dd loves sunglasses, but there is no way she will keep those 3D glasses on her face for more than a few minutes. I have taken mine off while in the 3D movies just to see what it looks like, and it's not bad. It's a little blurry, but not hard to watch and the 3D things no longer pop out at you, which is the part that some kids are scared of (besides just not liking the glasses on).

    The other thing to think about is subject matter. The 3D movies are "Honey I Shrunk the Audience", "Muppets 3D" and "It's Tough to be a Bug." The Muppets one is th e least scary and the silliest. I don't recall any crying kids in there. For the other 2, I have heard crying children each time we have gone and there is always at least one or two families leaving before the show is over. Both of those shows not only have the 3D effects, they also have extra things that happen. In HISTA, there is a "snake that gets out and slithers around the audience and also mice that skitter along the floor - it actually feels like those things are touvhing against your legs. In ITBB, there are bees that "sting" you on your "sitting places" (kind of a dull poke) and a lot of bugs crawling on the floor. These are way too intense for a lot of preschoolers, so you may want to consider waiting a few years to try them with your kids. If you go, you can always get up and leave before the show is over. Lots of people do.
    When you mentioned praqctising wearing sunglasses, you might want to do that anyway, just for the sun. It's very bright and before my dd would wear sunglasses, it hurt our eyes just to watch her. A brimmed hat works well too against the sun.

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    I wouldn't fuss about it. It might be overstimulating to begin with, it is rather loud. When we first took Marc, he was 3 1/2, my Dh had to leave the theatre with him in about 3 minutes. It wasn't until he was 6 that he would keep the glasses on and sit throught he whole show. Save your energy for more important battles, if the kid is sensory defensive about the glasses then it will be impossible to enjoy the show. I wouldn't skip it, I would go ahead and try it but keep it low-stress. Repeated, predictable, low-stress, non-punitive experiences make kids feel more secure, eventually they will try things that used to bother them.

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