AAA discount at Loews hotels


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Aug 18, 1999
please help me Universal wizards! I have tried to apply a AAA discount to a Universal stay but I can't do it on their websites. Loews hotels, Loews You first, universal Orlando sites do not allow me to add the AAA discount. They say not available for this time. However, when I call 1 800 544 9504 they will give me a discount.does anyone else find this odd?! I prefer booking online than with a person but I may have to use the phone. By the way the number that works I found on the universal orlando App for Apple.
From what I understand AAA discount can only be used by phone. I have never used the AAA discount myself but, have read multiple times it is not able to be used online.
AAA rates can only be applied by calling.
it is not one of the promo rates you can find or book with the onsite booking

i always book by phone.
the TMs have access to the AAA, MIL, etc rates. (which are not posted online)
Thanks guys, I just find it hard to believe the rates are not onlin! Guess I will be using the phone!

I have gone into the AAA website and have found the same rate I was quoted as the AAA rate by phone. Have you tried doing that? I didn't book it that way because I had already done it over the phone with Universal.
Some AAA regions have better deals than their general AAA website

Yes, but the AAA rate I was quoted over the phone by Universal [only 5% and they didn't ask which region I was in] was the same rate I found on the AAA website. I guess I'm just saying that AAA can be booked online sometimes.

on another thread there was some discussion about the AAA different regions in the States.
it was mentioned a lower rate was offered in them, cheaper than what AAA has on their general booking website
The rate I got from AAA was the same I got online at Lowes (I called a few weeks ago to check for late April ---It might make a difference if you are booking more in advance). I booked from Cheaptickets and got 25% off. I think there's at least a 15% discount from Cheaptickets right now, so it would be worth looking into if you don't mind paying in full at booking.
I just got a new email from Cheaptickets. The code for 20% off is GLOBETROT.
Some AAA regions will allow you to book online. Here in Western NY, I was able to book our RPR stay at a AAA rate through the AAA Western NY web site. No calling needed. I tried to do the same this year for October, but I'm being quoted the regular price. I would suspect that during busier times, no AAA rate is offered. I also know that AAA rates are like any other discount - once the rooms available at that rate are gone, they're gone. It's only available for a certain number of rooms per night. Not every room.
there was an active thread about maybe 3 weeks back where a poster stated they booked thru a western state and got a larger AAA discount.
when i look at the AAA online site for the chicagoland area, it's about average, no great deals for my time period.
Just an update. I did call Loews directly and get the AAA discount! Still don't understand why I can't do it online. I then went to Cheaptickets and the price I got was more than the price directly from Loews! Even with the globetrot code. Oh well. I guess Cheap Tickets does not love me. Thanks for your help everyone!

Different areas have different rates if you book online. In my regional AAA I can make an online reservation through my account, but it is only very slightly discounted from the amount I can get by booking at the Loews site. However, when I called the booking number I received a decent discount with my AAA number. I think it was around 20%. Definitely worth the phone call.


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