A zookeeper plans to take the "family animals" away from the zoo

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    Sep 16, 2009
    So Let me start by introducing the "animals" in the family:
    First up is DH, Eddie....the nondisser.
    At 38 he has never been to Disney world, and would in fact have never even considered the trip had I not persisted and tormented him to go. His motto for the trip planning has been I will give you the money to pay..tell me when its time to go..LOL He has been the working pack horse the last few months to make our Disney Dreams a reality. Besides working 12 hour days, he is the driver for football, cheerleading and Brownies...as well as the ER drives for broken ankles...but thats to come in another post. He enjoys amusements parks...what he doesnt enjoy is anything that spins...Sawwwy for you daddy but the Mad Tea Party is your future..LOL
    Next up is JJ....my 10 year old DS.He is very into amusement parks, being scared....and playing his favorite sport...football. (I am not so secretly happy that his football season is over tomorrow...as I know that Daddy Dearest is tired and the trips to football in the cold and rain have gotten the best of him.) He very much wants to ride POTC, coasters, and truly anything would make him happy. He thinks Disney will be Girly and princessy...as well as Daddy to. I have a feeling that wil change in about 10 seconds of being through the gates. I had hoped to get his pic taken with Jack Sparrow....imagine my shock when my trusting TA friend informed me that Jack for meets is no more....Grrrr....
    Then we have my girls Ashley who is 7 and Gracie who is 4.
    They are all about the drama, the fun, the music.... Disney is definitely the vacation for them. They like to be silly, and dress up. I had hoped that this trip would include the BBB, however life got in the way of life. They will just be so happy to BE in the world....
    As for me...Im Zookeeper, Tina. The 31 year old mom who holds us together. I have been to Disney two times...so this will be my chance to change everyone to my way of thinking..all Dis all the time. My motto is do you wanna talk to the man or the woman who knows whats going on....as I am the one who makes it all happen.
    So there is our family....nothing really flashy about us. We are your average family....the only thing missing is our little girl Cassondra...in fact she is the reason for this trip. She passed away in '08 after a long battle with her life. For a 26 month old little girl she touched many lives..the plan was that she was to be with us this trip....Cassondra had other plans. But she will very much be in our hearts this trip..and we miss her like crazy.
    I will update with photos as I can....I need to add some pics to the photobucket...its not letting me upload any here.

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