A Welsh Family Pre-Trip Report - 5th - 19th Nov 09/updated

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  1. disney fan68

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    Aug 9, 2008
    The Cast:

    Me41 - Chief planner and Disney fan:thumbsup2

    DH47 - Easy going and is totally Disney-fied (by me):rotfl:

    DD8 - Her 5th trip to Disney (including DLRP as a baby):cheer2:


    Have taken advantage of the 44% Off deal on Saratoga Springs with Free Dining. Have paid £150 deposit, with balance due 10th Sept. Also the 14 days for the price of 7 day park tickets offer - all via Disney UK site. Have booked a studio for 14nights. Have already rung Disney and requested Grandstand building 8501-8836, due to this being first pick up and drop off for buses and not too far from main building :thumbsup2 The nice CM I last spoke to asked if we will be celebrating a special occasion while at Disney, but was very disappointed to have to say no :sad1: She also told me my window to book ADR's is 7th August. :dance3:

    Booked flights with Virgin Atlantic flying direct from Gatwick airport to Orlando International airport. Paid approx £370pp economy. Rang Disney (again) and confirmed flight details to book Magical Express. :woohoo: Just love speaking to these people, keep trying to think of another reason to ring them back ;)

    As a Special treat for DH have booked tickets for MVMCP for 10th Nov. Rang Disney to order them over the phone :rolleyes1 and the tickets arrived via Fedex 2 days later :dance3:

    ADR's (So far) being considered

    Mickey's Backyard Barbecue - dinner

    Cinderella's Royal Table - dinner

    Garden Grill - dinner

    Planet Hollywood - dinner (have a dining certificate)

    Le Cellier - dinner

    Scifi Diner - dinner

    Beaches and Cream - lunch or dinner

    Raglan Road - lunch or dinner

    Flame Tree Barbecue - lunch

    Plaza - lunch

    Chef Mickeys - breakfast

    1900 Park Fare - breakfast

    Cookes of Dublin - snack (Doh Bar)

    Pinocchio's - snack (Figaro fries)

    DH and DD have already been to Mickey's backyard barbecue but I haven't, so it was either that or Hoop de Hoo Revue. We have had lunch in the castle but not dinner, thinking of doing this as early dinner on day of MVMCP, so we are already in park. We have been to Coral Reef, was ok but do not feel the need to do it again. We also managed to go to Liberty Tree Tavern, when still character meal. We did 50's Primetime last time so decided to try Scifi next. We have also had a Donald breakfast at Animal Kingdom (DD's fav).


    First trip not planning on going to Universal
    Early mornings in parks for rides
    Afternoons resort/pool/waterparks
    Evenings dinner then parks for fireworks/shows/use fastpasses
    Going to play golf
    Watch wishes and water pageant from Poly beach
    1 afternoon shopping offsite
    Buy a book of ornaments in Xmas shop
    New pins for DH
    Buy another nodding character ornament for my collection
    Purchase photo album with year on for this trips photos (makes it easier to view later on)


    Renew DH's passport
    Book car parking at Gatwick
    Pre-order photopass cd (will make it easier for the 3 of us to be in all the photos)


    Have just booked 1 night at Hard Rock Hotel, and 2day/2park passes, after a change of mind. We intend to take advantage of FOL

    Update 16/10/2009 - I have had 2 packages in post today:

    1: Disney package, including booking confirmation/certificates and a little disney booklet. :woohoo:
    2. Swipe card for aiport Angel lounge access. :thumbsup2

    We are actually leaving in exactly 2 weeks time. As i have now added 5 days in New York to our trip :yay: We leave on Fri 30th Oct to stay overnight in the Hilton Gatwick. The only prob we had was we are flying out of Heathrow and back into Gatwick :eek:, so have decided to make use of Gatwick express to get us to Heathrow. Our flight isn't until 1200pm so should be fine. We had already paid to park our car in Gatwick non-refundable, so decided to stick with this. In New York we will be staying in the Best Western Plaza, which is not too far away from all the sights. I have booked internal flights with American Airlines. Had to change the details for our ME booking (another excuse to ring disney :cloud9:)

    We have also now added 1 weeks car hire during our stay at SS. We pick it up at TTC on 9th, so can use it to get us to Universal on the 12th. :thumbsup2. I have started packing, have all our spending money, have filled out online ESTA, so we are all set to go :dance3:
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    Apr 7, 2004
    Sounds great :thumbsup2
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  4. craigs bride

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    Mar 7, 2008
    sounds good !
  5. scottish mum

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    Jul 28, 2008
    It all sounds good
  6. brer_rabbit

    brer_rabbit Mouseketeer

    Jun 14, 2007
    Sounds great! :thumbsup2 I'm going almost the same time as you - 7th -21st! But we're only going to Disney for a day or two!

    I went to an early MVMCP last year - it was great! the first parade was quite busy but the crowds really thinned out after Holiday Wishes - I had a boat on Splash Mountain all to myself and was able to go on loads of rides :banana:
  7. wicket2005

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    Mar 31, 2005
    Sounds fantastic.:thumbsup2
  8. disney fan68

    disney fan68 Earning My Ears

    Aug 9, 2008
    Thank you everybody, I have enjoyed reading other people's trip reports so felt it was time I shared mine. Just need to learn how to add photos properly before we go now :laughing:
  9. disney fan68

    disney fan68 Earning My Ears

    Aug 9, 2008
    Thats fab, would love to see your pre-trip report. Do you have any photos of MVMCP :woohoo:
  10. mandymouse

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    Mar 8, 2003
    Your plans sound great. I hope you have a fab trip :thumbsup2
  11. disney fan68

    disney fan68 Earning My Ears

    Aug 9, 2008
    please delete

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