A Very Belated Trip Report DAY 5 - AK, California Grill, Downtown Disney

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  1. jesdmill1

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    Jan 17, 2001
    Trip Dates: June 11-17, 2000

    The Cast:
    Me, Jessica, 22 and a first time Disney visitor
    My Mom – 45, a Disney nut dying to see Animal Kingdom

    Thurs June 15 –AK – tusker house, Calif. Grill

    We woke up super early to make the opening time at AK. Upon entering the park I was struck by how different it is. It’s really a beautifully themed park – the tree of life particularly, but really the whole thing. They’ve captured the feeling wonderfully. We headed straight for “It’s Tough to be a Bug”. I like this show but… it scared me to death! The hornets! I wasn’t expecting what happened at all and jumped about a mile! It was fun though, although possibly not for really little children.

    After the show we got FPs for the safari and headed for Countdown to Extinction. I didn’t really like this ride. It just seems so tame after Indiana Jones at DL (in my opinion, Disney’s best ride ever). It was really short too, but oh well! If it’s true they’ve toned it down that’s too bad.

    It was time for our FPs to the safari so we headed over. The safari was nice, although nothing too special. We didn’t see many animals, just a few zebras and gazelles. Afterward we browsed through the shops in Africa and I found my souvenirs for the trip! I got a safari Eeyore (he’s so cute, he’s wearing a little safari hat!) and a T shirt with tigger that says “Lions and Tiggers and Bears oh my!” I love tigger too.

    We ate lunch at Tusker House. I had the Ham and Cheese and my Mom had the Marinated Vegetable sandwich with tabouleh. Once again hers was much better than mine! I’ve decided that when it comes to counter service, healthy is the way to go.

    We debated over whether to do the Kali River Rapids or not – I said no, but finally gave it. I was disappointed in this ride also – it was extremely short! We didn’t get too wet, and had wisely taken our shoes and socks and put them in the middle.

    After the rapids we decided to go back to the hotel. I liked Animal Kingdom, but I felt it could be much more developed. Hopefully in the future they will put in more attractions.

    I slept for an hour in the hotel and then showered and started getting ready to have dinner at the California Grill. It felt odd to be wearing a dress and sandals again instead of tennis shoes! We took a bus to MK and then the monorail to the contemporary. Isn’t the way the monorail goes into the lobby cool?? I liked the contemporary a lot overall. I survived the elevator ride and we made our way to the restaurant. We checked in and my Mom mentioned that she had requested a window table. The host said he was sorry, but no one would be moving before the fireworks. My Mom made a little bit of a stink, telling the host she had been told that if she made reservations earlier we would be asked to leave to make room for others. Miraculously (though I was a little embarrassed) he found us a table. We started with the smoked salmon flatbread and then we both had the grilled tenderloin. All the food was excellent. We were also entertained watching the family next to us. Two twin boys, about 4 years old, were having sushi and milk for dinner. I don’t think I’ve ever seen children willing to eat sushi before. They were also very badly behaved, putting wasabi (very hot horseradish… like blister your tongue hot) on their father’s food when he wasn’t looking. When the fireworks started they dimmed the lights – it was very nice! After the fireworks our waiter brought out the Chocolate Souffle we had ordered. This was to die for – I don’t know if it’s a part of the regular menu, but it should be! We left soon after, chatting with a couple on their honeymoon from India on the way down.

    We decided to catch the bus to downtown Disney afterwards. While we waited for the bus, 2 obviously drunk businessmen from a conference sat down next to us. One of them tried to hit on me, and then told me how clever he was to hide his bottle of alcohol in a paper sack. When the bus arrived it was filled with a high school tour group. The businessmen got the kids to sing 70s rock songs with them, and they were all great friends. This makes sense when you realize they were probably on roughly the same maturity level.

    At downtown Disney my Mom bought some souvenirs for people at home. I bought a shirt and a shot glass (he collects them) for my boyfriend. We were soon tired and went back to the hotel.

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    June 2000 - Port Orleans
    August 1999 - Disneyland
  2. snuggles

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    Aug 18, 1999
    I agree with you about AK. Its a lovely park with all those green plants around. Its tough to be a bug was definately not my favorite. I dont mind bugs but the suprises were just too much for me!

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  3. TonyB

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    Aug 24, 1999
    I agree... the Indiana Jones ride in DL is a LOT better than Countdown to Extinction or Dinosaur or whatever they'r calling it these days.

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    Mar 8, 2000
    So glad you got a window seat at the California Grill!! Good for your mom! :D
  5. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    We had a window seat at the Ca Grill which we enjoyed our dinner at. Thanks for posting!

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