A Very Angelic Christmas - D12 - Waterlogged and wound up!

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    May 5, 2001
    Day 12

    27th December 2001

    I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that we got up late! All my plans did not include late mornings so they’d pretty well gone out of the window by now I think..oh well, bets laid plans and all that!

    Did manage to reach IoA by 9.45 and by this time I reckon anything before 10am is pretty good going really! Amazing in that we get to park in ‘Spiderman’ car park, instead of Jaws, see it pays to be here 5 minutes earlier! Only 2 miles to walk instead of 6 today!

    Becky’s feeling peckish (OK we all are really) so we queue up in the good old Croissant Moon Bakery while Vince nips off to get passes for Spidey. Yummy breakfast as usual, and sit enjoying the early (ish) sun and watching 2 girls on very tall stilts walking around the area, entertaining the people. Ask a young lad to move as he’s sitting on the wall right by our table, smoking, gggrrrrrrr! You would n’t get that at Disney!! Becky said I was shirty but I asked him very sweetly, and he got up quite affably and moved on, so it was n’t a problem. Just very annoying when you’re sitting eating with smoke blowing round you.

    Off to Spidey then, for yet another go in that Super hero car. Get to see all the heroes again, posing for photos (yes, Frances, I did notice the tights again;)) Walk over to Dr Doom and the queue’s only 15 minutes today so we walk in and actually its only 10 minutes wait, maybe some people chickened out!! This was hilarious today as Becky was wearing her new, very wide jeans…..and as we roared up to the top of the tower, the wind collected in her ‘legs’ and it looked like she was taking off!! I threw my arm over her afraid she might set sail, but none of us could stop laughing, especially the man sitting the other side of Becky!! And when we looked across to the other tower, they were all laughing too…..it must have looked hilarious from the ground!! Luckily Becky took it in good spirit and laughed too (phew)

    It was really busy as we left DD, there seem to be masses of people around today, and we walk over to Hulk, but Oh no! Its broken down. We sit in the sun for a while watching, in case its going to start up again, Vince needs his fix! Alas, a Cm is telling people it could be a long time before its fixed, so after watching how badly organised the staff are here for a while we wander off.

    Its really hotting up now, and I debate whether to do Dudley Do-Right, as I ‘ve never done this. First trip I had tonsilitus (not a good idea to get soaked) and last time it broke down while we were on it. Although I’ve still got a sore throat I feel a lot better and my dear, darling husband assures me that you don’t get that wet on this ride…yeah, I know better NOW!!!!!! My fault I know, DD tried to persuade me not to….she’s the only one with sense, a streaming cold so stays off!!!! I don’t liker the queuing area for this, its very dark and long and very claustrophobic! And I didn’t like the ride either…I got absolutely drenched of course, soaked from head to feet!! The wettest part of me I won’t mention though, suffice to say it was extremely uncomfortable!!! I made Vince pay for that though. New T shirt straight away (looked like someone in a wet T shirt competition!) and lots of hot chocolate coz I was freezing despite it being a hot day! I reckoned he was trying to give me pneumonia. Becky’s face when she saw me as we got off the ride and I was walking like John Wayne was a picture. She stood there with her hands on her hips and pursed her lips….it was like looking in the mirror, oh dear!! Dried off a bit and drank more HC (even bought me a nice IoA mug for it, must’ve felt guilty!) and luckily my shorts were drying quite quickly in the sun so we walked (well, wobbled in my case) round to the Lost Continent, glaring at DH as he suggested Jurassic Park ride (“well, you’re already wet Mandy!”).

    DH got passes for Duelling Dragons, would I do it this time? Not in this wet chilly mood!! Becky & I find our favourite spot and watch the Mystic Fountain again (no ice cream this time bbbrrrr) while DH duels with both Ice & Fire Dragons. Walk thru Dr Seuss landing, admiring all the bright colours and decorations again in passing, and back to Hulk where its now running again, but sadly the wait is 90 minutes, and passes are for later that night! We’ll give it a miss!

    Squelch back to the hotel as I definitely need to change now! The traffic is horrendous and I’m glad we’re only driving round the corner, but it takes a while just to turn across the traffic on I Drive.

    Hungry by this time so we decide to have a late lunch (its now about 2.30) at the good old Ponderosa up the road. Get my Internet fix as well picking up messages and quickly checking the DiS, for just $2, great value. Stuff ourselves with food and coffee and I start to feel dry and warm and almost human again!

    Then its back to Downtown Disney again for another browse around the Virgin shop, this is like a Busman’s holiday, as I spend most of my days surrounded by books and CDs!!! Oh well! Then we’re off to Pointe Orlando where we spend a very satisfying couple of hours shopping. Becky & I check out the Barbie stuff again, and she buys some sweets for her friends, I look longingly at the Ruby Slippers again. Then we check out Gap etc and buy loads of underwear…..don’t ask me why, we seem to have a thing for it this holiday!!!!! Its really just so I don’t have to do the washing here! We stop for a drink eventually and Becky wants a slice of pizza, I don’t know where she puts it all! I’m still stuffed from Ponderosa! She seems really tired today, and I think the heavy cold is affecting her as she actually asks to go back to the hotel and go to bed (this is unheard of).

    So we’re back at the hotel by 9pm for an early night. I’m amazed at all the traffic and when we reach the Sheraton, the car park is heaving, for the first time. We actually see a lot of other people in the lobby as we pass thru. We also notice that the majority of guests seem to be South Americans, and extremely LOUD!!! Sorry, buts that what we observed (especially outside our door at night!!!!) It must get really busy for New Year I reckon, maybe its just as well we leave New Years Eve………………oh no!!!! We’re leaving in a couple of days!!!!

    Great depression sets in as I realise we’re going home soon……it’s no good guys….I must have my next Disney Fix tomorrow…I’m stamping my feet and they know better than to argue with me in this mood!

    So, tomorrow its back to the Magic Kingdom, and hopefully to see the Candlelight Procession at EPCOT……what a nice day to look forward to……..

    Mmmmmmm, more Smirnoff Ice & m&ms (did you think I’d finished them all?;)), a tacky US film and sleep…….
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    Thanks for the wonderful reports - luv reading them!!!

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