A Vegas Vacation at home.

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    May 6, 2008
    Ok so this is my first non Disney TR, and my second TR, so bear with me and such.

    Ok so the title may throw you off a little so heres the explanation. I live in Las Vegas and Im short on Cash. Also its my BF (almost Fiancee hes afraid to ask me to marry him because of his current econimical stand point, but he has an interview coming up so fingers crossed) and I are celebrating our 4 year aniversary.

    We decided to take a vegas vacation being that we dont spend to much time on the strip, but we can get alot of local discounts so A vacation at home it is.

    Here is the plan On August fourth We will check in to the Excalibur hotel, and hang out by there pool for most the day, soaking up some sun and getting some much needed relaxation. That night we are going to go to a nice Dinner, we're not sure where yet, and see The Lion King, which Im stoaked for!
    The next day were going to take advantage of the hotels 25$ all you can eat all day plan and have breakfast at the buffet. Followed by a trip to shark reef, and then were going to spend some time in the midway games, and then Dinner and a walk on the strip. The following day is check out and hopefully some more pool time if were allowed.

    I want to have my picture taken with the vegas sign since my tax dollars paid for the parking lot they just put up there, and I wanna see the Mirage's New Volcano since I havent had the opurtunity, I also wanna see the Sirens of the TI just to validate my hatred pretty much as I have in the pasted refused to view the smut that replaced my beloved pirates.

    Well thats the plan, as for the cast, it will be me Sid, and my DBF Jared.

    Heres a picture!

    [​IMG] on the Mark Twain at DL of course

    Well thats the beginings of my TR, I hope you enjoy, also sorry about any spelling errors in advance Im not very good at correcting them. I tend to think faster then I type.
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    Oct 8, 2005
    Hi Teki! First of all, congrats on your upcoming anniversary and good luck to your boyfriend on his interviews.

    I am local also and there are some great deals to be found on the Strip for locals. Have you checked out this website? http://www.stayandplayhere.com/comm...commonSearch&query=newSearchStayAndPlayOffers

    Have fun on your "staycation"! The new volcano is pretty cool when it's working. lol It breaks down alot. Lion King is awesome. You'll love it. :thumbsup2

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