a time and money saver for grocery shopping...


Earning My Ears
Dec 30, 2000
I've found that if I make my shopping list and clip my coupons for the same items, put them in an easily accessible envelope, and pull them out when we get to the grocery store on the trip from the airport (usu. Super WalMart), I save lots of time and money. It cuts down on wandering aimlessly through the aisles trying to figure out what you're going to need, while in a state of axhaustion after getting your kids up early, getting to the airport, dealing with all the hassles, renting the car etc. And you can get it all ready when you have a few minutes of peace and quiet at home (I know, it's rare in my house too!). Of course, this only applies to all you obsessive folks out there, of which I'll admit I'm one!
Good idea. I'm usually the one wandering aimlessly!

We usually go to Goodings. Where is the Super Walmart?

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