A taste of the lodge tour @ VWL??


Dvc owner at BWV & SSR
Mar 16, 2005
I have been reading an old DVC member book (2001-2002) as I am on overload at the minute :Pinkbounc On the Villas @ wilderness lodge resort activites page it mentions a taste of the lodge tour, where it says " Sample some famous delicacies 3pm daily ", :goodvibes

Does anyone know if they are still doing it? If so does it cost and reviews.


SB in KY

DIS Veteran
Aug 9, 2003
Last time we were at the WL (early last summer) they were no longer doing the tour....too bad it was the best WDW freebie ever.

No charge, you got to see (and sample) the smokehouse where they do all the meets for Whispering Canyon, see the kitchen at Artist point, got a taste of Artisi Point cedar plank salmon and a brief talk from one of their chefs and an ice cream cone from Roaring Forks. In addition to the samples it was a really fun tour with very interesting info on WDW food services. Lasted about an hour as I recall. Fun afternoon break.

Not sure if they have done away with it altogether or if it was a temporary hiatus when we were there last summer.


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