A Single Mom's Guide to WDW- Survival Edition :) w/ Photos!*UPDATE Jan 7th,post 37*

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  1. a*lil*bit*goofy

    a*lil*bit*goofy I miss the tag fairy

    Jan 16, 2006
    Hello and welcome to my first ever trip report!

    Here's hoping that I don't flake out with 1 follower. :lmao:

    This is a tale of a single mom (me) on an adventure to WDW with my children.

    The cast:

    me: a*lil*bit*goofy , some say more than just a lil' bit. 30ish Mom of two children. Loves Disney World. Loves everything about Disney World.

    Mickey: My sweet DS, 8yrs old. He is a curious, needs to know how things work, funny and quirky little guy. This was his 2nd trip to Disney

    Minnie: My sweet DD, 6yrs old. She is a no nonsense, determined (aka "head strong" :rolleyes:), diva~ish and funny little girl. This was her 2nd trip to Disney.

    Our story: I was married, to a man who, well, we really were not meant to be together. I will be kind and just say that. lol :laughing: (well may say a few more things...) After a very long drawn out expensive stressful almost 3 year divorce....I said Ok now it is OUR time. And I started planning a trip to Disney World. I was officially divorced in March of 2009, and I started planning for November 12-20th 2009

    editors note: yes. This is an old trip report, I am sorry. I am in the midst of planning a NEW trip (and by my signature you can tell that I am NOT doing a Single Mom part 2. :goodvibes) I had always wanted to do this report and just never got around to it. So now is as good a time as any.

    Here is a picture of the 3 of us:


    The Plan:

    I had started planning, determined that this trip we were going to stay at POFQ.

    *now on our last trip, 2006, (which was my brother and I, the two kiddlets, my mum and her friend-she took everyone to Disney to celebrate her 60th! birthday in style) we were going to stay at POFQ but a discount code came out and it wasn't avail there, so we switched to Coronado Springs Resort*

    So there I was, planning determined that I was going to stay at POFQ. BUT...CSR went through renovations that were very tempting, plus I knew the busses there, I knew the resort, I knew what to expect, and thus....once again we were switched to CSR (I belong in the Resort Changers Thread!)

    Ottawa to Orlando, Thursday November 12th until Friday November 20th.

    CSR, 8 nights, with the dining plan.

    I had scored a code for free dining, and was pretty excited about that!!! But then in the fall, a new discount code came out. After pricing it out, it was cheaper to add the dining plan back on and take the room discount. Saved: Extra $50, thank you!!

    I spent my time planning for the trip, making reservations (at the time the reservations were only 3months in advance. They switched it back to 6m shortly after :) ) reading up on the rides and shows and what to see what to do...all the usual things. I bought some pins from reputable seller on eBay; bought t-shirts and fun Disney things at the Disney store when it closed here in Ottawa (booooooooo); watched the planning video; packed far too early than when I needed to; I was all set.

    But....my little ones didn't know!!!

    up next.....The Reveal!!!

    http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2788222 THE REVEAL P1

    Itinerary p1 post 6 http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2788222

    Departure Day. Post #14 http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?p=42462942#post42462942
    Day 1 Continued: post # 15
    Day 2: part 1, post 19
    Day 2: part 2, post 20 Chef Mickey's !
    Day 3: Part 1, post 30 Magic Kingdom!
    Day 3: Part 2, post 35
  2. Dobby

    Dobby 27 years is too long to wait for Disney

    Nov 20, 2008
    Can't wait to read about your trip as a single mom! I'm one myself, and taking my kids (9 and 5) down next month, and am a little terrified!:lmao:
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  4. a*lil*bit*goofy

    a*lil*bit*goofy I miss the tag fairy

    Jan 16, 2006
    So...to recap:

    Me, Mickey and Minnie....November 12-20th, 2009.

    Previous trip: Me, Mickey and Minnie, with my mum, brother in December 2006

    Now, after our trip in Dec of 06 (DS was 5, DD was barely just turned 3) I had been hearing from Minnie every so often "WHEN ARE WE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD AGAIN". This girl had my Birnbaum book, and by the time we were ready to go to the world in '09, it had no cover left, circles and doodles and hearts drawn on photos of rides she liked and wanted to go on and ...and ... and...

    She remembered so much about that trip...and we thought it was Mickey who was going to remember (being a bit older!)

    So for a few years I kept saying "maybe when you are 6. We will see, after you are 6" So you can imagine, after her 6th birthday in Sept she says "guess what Mom...I am 6 now. NOW can we go back to WDW?" Of course the trip was already booked and paid for ....but I couldn't tell her that, could I? :goodvibes

    Fast forward to early November. Everything was set up. DK's teachers knew, there were no issues with school, both had finished some testing and projects that were due right before we left.:teacher: So great timing. They also knew it was a surprise, and couldn't wait to find out how the kids reacted when they found out.

    Also, DS's speech therapist knew. She also knew it was a surprise. Now, the week before we left, I reminded her it was a surprise and reminded her that his appointment was being pushed back a week while we were away.

    So everything was set up and fine. Right? :surfweb: Just sit back and wait.

    Nope. WRONG. :mad:

    Here WAS the plan: Brother's birthday is at the end of November. He was leaving on Nov 18th or so for a vacation to California. So we all said, ok we will do your birthday earlier. And it was planned to do the birthday a few days before we left (I think the week before) It was also planned that we would "reveal" the trip at the same time. Everyone was excited.

    I had a gift for each child wrapped up....it was a Disney themed snow globe, Toy Story for Mickey and Cinderella for Minnie. The kids thought it was a loot bag for them. :goodvibes

    The day before the reval, Mickey comes home and says to me "Mom, ____(speech therapist) said that I wasn't having an appointment with you next week because we will be in Disney World".

    Now let me tell you. The strength I had to NOT freak out surprised me. I very calmly smiled and said "She is going to WDW? Wow isn't she lucky"

    That didn't work. "No mom, she said WE were"


    me: "stammer...stammer... um....aaah. er...."

    I said something along the lines of "i am working, you are at school, she must have confused you with someone else, so sorry baby , blah blah blah"

    It "seemed" to work. Not 100%, but better than worse I guess.

    I then did what any sane Mom with a surprise planned for 9 months, with noone (INCLUDING the ex, gotta give him credit) spilling the beans, would do....I called her and left a horrible message on her answering maching.

    Basically, I said "you just took away from me 9 months of planning and 3 years of saving, you took the opportunity to tell my child that he was going to WDW from me. You got to see his face, not me. You got to share that , not me. WHY would you do something so cruel? " plus some other nasty things...what did she say? Well she called me the next week before we left and said "well to be honest, he didn't really react anyway, so whats the big deal" She also said that he should have been told anyway....

    Well. Before I harp on this too much...let's just say that I moved past it and followed the plan to give the kids the snow globes. (and thankfully Mickey never told Minnie about any of it!)

    The Reveal:

    They were super hyper and excited just because we were doing the birthday thing, the cake thing, etc etc. So they sat and were surprised that they got to have a gift when it was their Uncle's birthday.

    They opened the snow globes...and were both really really happy with them.

    Then my brother said "so how old are you, Minnie?"

    She said "SIX!!!!!" (big smile)

    She then focused her attention back to the snow globe.

    This time my mum says "And...what kind of snow globe is that?"

    Mickey: Disney (and you can see the wheels turning)

    Mickey looks at the globe, looks up at us. Looks at the globe, gets a biiiiiiiiiig goofy smile.....looks at us. we are all smiling.

    Meanwhile, Minnie, playing with her globe and Brother says "so what did you want to do when you were 6?"

    Minnie: Go to Disney World again.

    *silence. i mean, you can hear crickets.*

    So she looks up and at this point, I know Mickey has caught on, and Minnie looks at me and I said "well since you are 6, why don't we leave in ___sleeps?"

    Minnie: stunned silence.

    Mickey: freaking out.

    Minnie: starting to get the biggest smile, bouncing in her seat, "oh Mommy! oh Mommy". Then..."are you joking? are you serious?"

    Tears rimming her eyes, wanting to be excited but not sure if we were just cruel....

    after repeated YES! and "promise? are you joking" "YES we are going!" they finally believed us and the reviewing of the trip began!!!

    Thanks to some wonderful Dis'ers here, I had some "mickey airline tickets", invites to dinner with the characters, DIsney themed crosswords, all in a travel folder. They also had disney pencil cases, with disney pencils and crayons inside, and stickers, and new books for the plane ride, and and and.

    So thankfully the surprise still worked out!
  5. a*lil*bit*goofy

    a*lil*bit*goofy I miss the tag fairy

    Jan 16, 2006
    yea! thank you for joining!!!! It was scary and exciting to go just us...and I am soooooo glad we did it. Hopefully I will have some tips for you!!!

    THanks for joining!
  6. a*lil*bit*goofy

    a*lil*bit*goofy I miss the tag fairy

    Jan 16, 2006
    is anyone following? Hello?

    I am on lunch break at work. Will add a bit shortly, if not tonight!
  7. a*lil*bit*goofy

    a*lil*bit*goofy I miss the tag fairy

    Jan 16, 2006
    So the few days leading up to our departure was awesome!!!

    The kiddies were looking over their itineraries ..over and over and over...They approved all the meal choices, and were planning rides and attractions to visit!

    Here was our itinerary:

    Thursday Nov 12: depart Ottawa am, arrive around 1pm in orlando
    -check in at CSR
    -1900 Park Fare for dinner, I believe our reservation was around 445/5pm. it was shortly after they opened for the evening!

    Friday 13th: EPCOT day
    -Chef Mickey's for Breakfast

    Sat 14th: Magic Kingdom day
    -Tony's for dinner

    Sun 15th: Animal Kingdom
    -Hoop de doo for dinner

    Mon 16th: Free day!

    Tue 17th: MGM studios
    -Sci Fi Dine in for lunch

    Wed 18th: EPCOT
    -Akershus breakfast
    -Le Cellier dinner

    Thu 19th: Magic Kingdom
    -Crystal Palace breakfast

    Fri 20th: home. :guilty::sad2:

    The day of our departure finally came...(they felt it was like "FOREVER" when they only had to wait a few days...I had to wait almost a full year!!!! :rotfl:)

    to be continued!
  8. Dobby

    Dobby 27 years is too long to wait for Disney

    Nov 20, 2008
    We have a few of the same dining ADR's; I don't want to have to wait in character lines very much, so I signed us up for all the character meals except one or two. :rotfl: But we have to eat anyway, right?
  9. luvmy2babies

    luvmy2babies DIS Veteran

    Apr 23, 2010

    Another single mom here. I took my children on their first trip last year. They were 7 and 10 months old. It was pretty much my first trip too since my only other trip was when I was my daughter's age.

    You are doing better than I did. After doing a great, and very detailed pre-trip report, I started my trip report and never finished it. But trust me we had a wonderful time.

    Sorry about the insensitive therapist. Our trip was a surprise for my daughter and I am not sure what I would have done if someone spilled. Seems it still went well though. I did the big reveal the night before departure. She went on a playdate and before she returned I put up a display on the couch. I spread out the dresses I'd bought for the two princess dinners I had reserved, various Disney Princess wands, miniature Disney Fairy dolls, a princess watch and a Disney Princess backpack with coloring books, a lanyard with my old digital camera attached, crayons, pencils, etc. and a note "from" her favorite princess (Tiana) letting her know I was bringing her and her brother to meet her and all her friends. She screamed when she saw the display. When she read the note and realized what was happening, she went through 3 phases. The first was total shock, then joy, complete with singing and dancing and a hug for her baby brother, then the return to her very practical personality as she reminded me she had to have juice on the plane for her ears.

    We had some of those ADRs too. We did Chef Mickey's, Crystal Palace (but for dinner) and Akershus (but for lunch). We had a reservation at 1900 Park Fare but ended up canceling. We just weren't up to it. I love character meals though. Like the PP said, no lines and you have to eat anyway. It was a great thing for us, a lot less pressure on my son as he could interact or completely ignore them. He loved them though.

    I'm planning our next trip now for June 2012. They'll be 9 and 2.5 and I'm really looking forward to going back. Not planning a surprise this time. It was fun, but it also added some difficulty to the preparation. She already knows we'll be going back next summer, but that's all she knows. I'm going to try to keep something about the trip a surprise though, not sure what. I'm not sure if I'll do a trip report, but I do enjoy reading them. Looking forward to hearing more.
  10. bookmama

    bookmama Mouseketeer

    Apr 5, 2006
    :thumbsup2 I'm herepopcorn::
  11. hgharvey

    hgharvey Earning My Ears

    Oct 13, 2008
    I'm here too!! I might as well be a single mom too, my husband doesn't do anything to help me when it comes to the kids, I get the excuse "I work at night". So basically everything is left up to me. I can't wait to hear how you made out because I would love to take my kids to WDW by myself!

  12. a*lil*bit*goofy

    a*lil*bit*goofy I miss the tag fairy

    Jan 16, 2006
    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa welcome aboard everyone!!!! I will be updating soon, either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for coming along!
  13. a*lil*bit*goofy

    a*lil*bit*goofy I miss the tag fairy

    Jan 16, 2006
    I was really thinking of doing the same thing, telling them that we will go next year but not tell them when....but my DS has anxiety, aspergers, and things like that extended anticipation bother him. so a month notice should be just good for him. lol.

    and my daughter would drive us CRAZY asking every day "do we go tomorrow...do we go tomorrow..." LOL

    This year they are getting the trip as their Christmas trip. :goodvibes
  14. bookmama

    bookmama Mouseketeer

    Apr 5, 2006
    Hey, luvmy2babies, we'll be there in June too. a*lil*bit*goofy can't wait to read your TR. I'm a single mom but tend to go with my mom and sister so that we split the parenting.
  15. a*lil*bit*goofy

    a*lil*bit*goofy I miss the tag fairy

    Jan 16, 2006
    Departure Day: Thursday November 12th

    Finally, the day to depart! Almost a year of waiting for me, almost a week of waiting for the kids...we were READY TO GO!!!

    We had an early morning departure on Westjet from Ottawa. We were flying Ottawa-Toronto-Orlando.

    Here is the fun part. We had bags. Lots of bags. We were allowed per person:
    1x personal item (ie purse) 1x carry on 1x checked bag.

    And I took advantage of the allowance.

    I was FLIPPING CRAZY!!!! It was one thing to load up in the truck to the airport. It was another to walk around the airport with two kids and enough bags to accommodate two other families!!!

    Thus: Single mom challenge #1: Keeping an eye and hand on children plus baggage. 1 mom, two kids, *7* bags :scared1:

    We had:
    a) my personal item, a shoulder bag large enough to hold my park bag, snacks, books, passports etc

    b) my carry on, which had a change of clothes, "unmentionables", swimsuit, Birkenstocks (who wants to lose a swimsuit on vacation? To have to go swimsuit shopping alone is a disaster. *shudder*. So I pack it and I keep it with me. I don't want that getting lost or delayed!)

    c) My checked bag (obviously with my clothes in it.)

    d) carry on for Minnie with all her fun stuff, crayons, books etc

    e) carry on for Mickey, loaded like Minnie.

    f) checked bag for Mickey (large suitcase like mine)

    g) 'checked bag' for Minnie (smaller like my carry on)
    *note: the purpose for this bag, even though aaaallll their things would fit nicely in the 1 large bag, was so that I could bring home 2 Star Wars themed Mr Potato Head's for Brother. Sigh.*

    Lesson learned: don't promise anything that requires extra baggage, or more baggage than you can handle!

    Single mom challenge: tackled successfully

    A few snags, we had to go and claim allllllllllll our baggage at the Toronto airport to go through customs. Thankfully for the Magical Express, we only had to deal with our Carry-ons!!!

    I must admit we were quite a sight. when we got to Ottawa, we parked in the "Park and Fly". It is a great little parking lot where you park for a lower rate than at the airport. The little shuttle bus pulls up by your vehicle, and you hop on and ride to the airport, 5 min away.

    Let me tell you, the look on the driver's face when he saw my two kiddies get on the shuttle with their carry ons, followed by all our bags, was hysterical. When he realized what I had, he jumped up and helped, and I was grateful. He helped unload at the airport as well, and made sure we had a trolley before we were on our way. I tipped him well. The magic had already started! :wizard:

    Sweet Mickey was a real champ, however. He wanted to help as much as he could, and he did a great job. :hug:

    So , me my two lovelies and all our bags finally made it safe and sound to Orlando airport.

    Everyone was excited to hop on our first ride of the trip (the Monorail to the terminal!)

    We got our way to Magical Express without any problems. Annnnnnnnnnd literally we walked onto our bus!!! AAAAAAAAnnnnnnnnnnnnnd this time the bus screens were working! (when we went in '06, they were not)

    The kids were completely entertained being greeted by the fab 5 on the screen, while I took the moment to text family to let them know all 10 of us (the luggage, remember?) made it safe and sound.

    First a stop at POP, then a stop at Coronado Springs Resort!!!! Oh! That's us!!!!

    up next: we made it, did our Bags??
  16. a*lil*bit*goofy

    a*lil*bit*goofy I miss the tag fairy

    Jan 16, 2006
    Day 1 continued:

    So we arrive, safe and sound, at Coronado Springs Resort. Just as pretty as it was the first time we were there! It was I believe around 230ish in the afternoon. We had time to check in, get changed, then leisurely head over to GF for 1900 Park Fare, and our ADR at 455pm

    The kids immediately took off to the little tv in the check in area while I waited in line to get our room.

    Single Mom Challenge: how to keep the kids entertained, safe, and yet out of the way while checking in.

    Solved: Disney already thought of that! I love the little area, right by check in, where they were able to be entertained

    After a very short wait, only a few minutes really, I was at the counter being welcomed! :cool1: unfortunately our room wasn't ready yet. :rolleyes: *BUT* good news...our request was being honored!!!

    We were in Cabanas 8b. I am sorry, I do not recall the room number. But we had a view of the parking lot (eh, we kept our curtain closed all the time anyway). We were close to the end of the building on the top floor (quiet!!)

    We walk out our door, downstairs to the right was the quiet pool. Downstairs to our left was the bus stop. Nice and close!!! Very very happy with the room.

    So, we went over to the gift shop...of course...:rolleyes: while waiting for our room to be ready. We had fun poking about, looking at all the great treasures to buy! Picked up a pen for Minne and for Mickey and fresh autograph books. We were set!

    I was watching the time, and so I thought that if our room wasn't going to be ready, we needed to get Minnie changed into her Snow White dress for dinner, and then have our bags held at the front desk while we went to dinner.

    So we tucked in the washroom, and got Minnie changed and ready to. Just as we walked out, my cell phone buzzed telling me that our room was ready!!! :cool1:

    We made the trek over to our room, checked everything out, then made the short walk to the bus stop.

    Everything was going great. We got to the restaurant/Grand Floridian with time to spare...*hello...gift shop!!!*

    Checked in, and were offered to line up for a family photo. We passed...we (me) were hungry, it was a long day. We just wanted to get to the food! However I must admit, we missed having our photos taken with the Fairy Godmother!

    We were escorted into the dining room, and had what I consider to be wonderful seats. (in '06 we were way off in a side room, against a red rope that looked into the Grand Floridian. ugh)

    We were visited by Prince Charming, Cinderella, Lady Tremaine, and of course the famous step sisters!!!!!

    Forgive me, I mix up their names. :upsidedow But the one in pink was as sweet as can be. I was hoping that she would "sing" sweet mockingbird...and she did, but kneeling down beside my sweet Minnie. She sang quietly to her, and Minnie bless her heart tried to follow along.

    The one in blue was my Mickey's favourite. We asked her to sing, and she did, in true step sister style!!! But she rapped an Usher song. He thought that was hysterical. We had wonderful interaction with them. I am grateful that the three of us got to share that!!!!

    Now for some reason, the photos with the sisters aren't copying properly to photobucket. However here is Cindy and Lady Tremaine:


    (notice Mickey: Lady Tremaine scolded them for "smiling" LOL so he didn't, but Minnie is a bit more of a rebel. )


    Dinner was fantastic!!! Mickey LOVES salmon, and so he was thrilled with the offerings here. Minnie fell in love with the Strawberry Soup (as did I. OMG It is like having dessert for appetizer!) The food was hot, which is rare on a buffet. The meats, pastas, salads, everything was really tasty.


    Prince Charming and Cinderella came out to dance and that was quite exciting!
    But what was most exciting? When Cinderella danced with a few children. They were all gathering around her, and of course Minnie couldn't move fast enough to get over there. She was one of the last children making their way towards Cinderella, and it was quite magical as Cindy turned and saw her, reached out her hand and pulled her in.

    They had a twirl together, and let me tell you. The look of awe and of joy in my Minnie's face made the cost of the trip and the stress and worry all worth while. I wish I had a photo to show you... I ran over with the camcorder to try to video it all ( thinking it would just be Minnie watching Cinderella dance) and gosh darn it all, Lady Tremaine was standing there. She saw me trying to film, and was moving side to side to side "Nothing to see here!" I got a bit frustrated and said "But that's my daughter" she kindly side stepped, and I was able to capture the moment on film.

    Not needed however... the memory will live forever in me. It was awesome!!!

    And Mickey didn't feel left out at all (phew) he said "MOM! Look Minnie got to be with Cinderella like Cap'n Jack picked me to fight with him last time!!!"

    LOL! (and I was glad that he remembered that from 3 years prior!)

    It was a fantastic evening!!! We lingered, slowly made our way to the resort, then immediately all 3 of us were out cold for the night.

    Up next: Park day!!! -EPCOT-
  17. BookTrout

    BookTrout Earning My Ears

    Feb 28, 2011
    Great trip report so far. ;) I am so stinkin' disappointed for you not being the one who told your son about the upcoming trip. I would be in the market for a new speech therapist. :( Okay, shaking it off and ready to read more, please.
  18. hgharvey

    hgharvey Earning My Ears

    Oct 13, 2008
    Sounds like an awesome first day!! Can't wait to read more.popcorn::
  19. a*lil*bit*goofy

    a*lil*bit*goofy I miss the tag fairy

    Jan 16, 2006
    I was REALLY annoyed. I can't tell you!!!!! So frustrating. Thankfully I still got a reaction. Hoping this time it is a surprise....they are getting the Disney trip for Christmas. :cool1: Hopefully noone blows it this time, since we will have a month and a bit before the trip when they find out. :thumbsup2

    Thank you for joining!
  20. a*lil*bit*goofy

    a*lil*bit*goofy I miss the tag fairy

    Jan 16, 2006
    Mini update!!

    Day 2: Friday November 13th:

    First let me start by saying that after 1900 Park Fare, we got back to our room...and lo and behold...allllllllllllll our luggage arrived. :banana:

    I tried not to pass out until after I got a bit of organization going!
    (which is ironic, because if you knew me, you would probably laugh at me attempting to be organized. )

    Now back to where we left off.

    We woke up on Friday nice and early. After getting ready and a quick and easy walk out the door and down the stairs to the very conveniently located bus stop at Coronado Springs, we were on our way to the Contemporary for breakfast with the mouse!!

    Yep. Overpriced, overhyped breakfast at Chef Mickeys. And yet it is one thing I will never miss on any trip to Disney!

    (ok I missed it once, on the 1 trip I did with what used to be my husband. We didn't go. but eh. whatever)

    The kids (ok really *ME*) were ready to get their swinging arms into gear for a loud and roudy meal with the main cheese himself!

    Our bus was going to take us to Magic Kingdom, where I was hoping to hop on a monorail to get to the restaurant.

    However. Although the bus stop was conveniently located to our room, it didn't mean that things were always going to be 'that convenient'. We were right at the stop when Micky says "I forgot my autograph book".

    Sigh. He DID have it, and he insisted he carry it on the bus, rather than me, which of course meant that he left it beside the tv.

    So we missed a MK bus while we went back to get his book.

    Single Mom tip: Don't forget that your elder child is still not a substitute for another adult!! Kids are kids. ;):laughing:

    So there we are again, a hop skip and a jump to the bus stop, and we are now officially waiting on a bus, while I have a bit of a panick....will we make our reservation on time? (for those that are like me and want a time line on everything, my notes say that we had an ADR for 830)

    A bus came, and we were off. Yea!!!! We were sitting at the front of the bus, and the kids were talking about Chef Mickeys non stop. The driver heard us...thankfully!!! He warned that the Monorail was down :scared1: at MK. Sigh. He said "dont worry they are doing busses for folks to get to the different Monorail resorts."

    Ok phew.

    SO we pull into the MK lot...and he says "There's your bus to Contemporary!" NOw I can't recall what he did to try to stop that bus from leaving, not sure if he radioed or waved or yelled...I was too panicked...but needless to say, once he stopped the bus and let people off, our bus was already gone. :headache:

    He told us "don't worry, I will get you there, just wait on the bus"

    :woohoo: That bus driver left the lot, and detoured to the Contemporary for us. I tried to tip him but he wouldn't accept it. He told us to have a great vacation. Thank you bus driver! :wizard:

    I was very grateful to the driver for doing that for us. It was much appreciated!

    up next: Chef Mickey with photos! Will Mickey lose his autograph book again?
  21. a*lil*bit*goofy

    a*lil*bit*goofy I miss the tag fairy

    Jan 16, 2006
    After a bit of an adventure, we found ourselves at the Contemporary Resort!!

    We made our way over to Chef Mickeys to check in. But we had to wait....not because we were late (we were literally JUST on time) but because Mickey and Minnie spotted pins on the hostess, so we had to look and decide if a trade was going to happen.

    After the first of 2,587,629 trades, for each child...we were seated.

    We were brought to the back of the restaurant, past the buffet line, up to the little raised up platform. We were quite happy with the location. Easy access to the buffet but not in the main path to get to it. Decent room around the table for the kids to get up and hug and visit with all the characters!

    We enjoyed juice, and Mickey head waffles, and eggs, and breakfast pizza and fruit and toast and bacon and sausages and all the yummies.

    ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND...we were actually able to eat our food in between visits with the characters!

    *the last time we were there, 3 years previous, we pretty much had to wait to get food as the characters were already near the table, one after the other*

    The food was good, but let's face it...we come here for the interaction with the characters (and nostalgia for me! I remember being here with my parents. The set up was different, but the memories are still the same. My dad, the most straight laced adult there is, and I remember him goofing around with the characters, laughing and smiling, and enjoying US with the characters. My mum acting like a kid, when I was a kid and when she took us all in 2006... it's the memories. Disney knows suckers like me will pay to relive those memories, and to pass them on to our children.



    After our breakfast at Chef Mickeys (which, was paid for on the dining plan. I just had to leave a tip!! ) we were off to ...of course...check out the gift shops. LOL!

    We stopped in this one large one down the way from Chef Mickeys, I am sorry I do not recall the name. Anyway the kiddlets got these foam figures, that were attache to chains that they put on their zippers (they looked like the antenna toppers but to put on a zipper pull) and we got a few souveniers for those at home. Thank you room delivery!!!
    We got:
    - cookie mix with Mickey cookie cutter (s) for their aunt (my ex sister in law)
    - We bought the WDW fanny pouch for ds (no more forgetting autograph book pen or camera!)
    - and I know a few more things.

    Continue on to next post.....

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