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    Aug 1, 2005
    I've been suffering a bit of writer's block - even though I'm not really a writer - but the babbling has started so indulge me while I try and spew this out and get a trip report out of it...

    For those of you that know me, you know my life has been in major chaos the last several months. Actually, chaos is an understatement. I worked for several months more hours in a day than an 18-hour bra was designed to withstand. I’m sure several of you recall my 3 am postings on the DIS after I’d gotten home from work (since 7am)…I needed this trip. Better yet, I deserved this trip.

    BUT – life, and other various forces of evil – my job, the economy, Bank of America, Capital One and Chase – yes, I’m talking about YOU…kept getting in the way.

    And, for those of you that are aware of our August trips, which have become somewhat of a Focker tradition, well, you probably also know that somewhere around the time we’re either getting ready to leave for August, or while we’re down there, we already start perusing the calendar for the following year. And also in fine Focker tradition, my family tends to go rushing home the night before school starts. It just works this way.:rolleyes1

    This year though, was going to be different. We’d go early August. No rushing back to go to school. No fighting off the incoming free dining crowds either. 2009 was going to be the best. The summer of ME.:cool1:

    Sadly, I was the last of us to book this annual pilgrimage. See, there was also this little matter of the economy and the way it kicked construction into reverse. Not even back in to first gear after years of ripping and tearing. Nope. Everything came to a complete stop.

    For a while, it actually looked like both my husband and I were going to be out of work. That’s a big blow. I don’t care if you can collect unemployment…losing both your incomes at once is devastating.

    Especially if you’re like me – which hopefully you’re not. Remember me, the one who chooses not live within the restrictions of my bank account. :rolleyes1

    I know there’s a recession.

    I, however, have made a conscious decision not to participate in it.:snooty:

    I chart my own course.

    I am the master of my domain. pirate:The captain of my own ship. That ship, the USS Oblivious, is usually found cruising up and down the river of Denial. :sail:Which is not in Egypt. TFI.

    I tried, I really, really tried to be a grown up about this. Knowing that I may be out of work, I tried to be responsible and hold off on booking my trip.

    It was torture.:headache: As it turns out, adulthood doesn't look good on me.

    For months I waited to hear about my job. I even got proactive and began looking into a job in our Texas division just to ensure that I’d keep my job.

    Gotta keep those Benjamins rolling in, right?

    My Mouse don’t eat cheese::MickeyMo…he consumes all my lettuce.:rolleyes:

    I had my first phone interview with the Texas division of my company and although it wasn’t really a job I’d normally go after, it was a real position, in…gulp…the main office. But hey - it was steady work. Scary as it was, unemployment was scarier.

    Then I found out that I was being transferred to our Southeast division. Yes Virginia, there is continued employment!

    Wooo Hooo….:yay:

    Lauralee…you’ve just found out that you’re going to stay employed! What are you going to do now??

    I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!:cheer2:

    Within 15 minutes I was on the phone with DVC Member Services.

    Why yes, I’d like to book a trip please…

    I gave them the dates and the resort I wanted and they said certainly…let me just put you on hold while I book your reservation…

    After a few minutes, the CM came back on the phone and apologized profusely…Ma’am…I’m sorry, but you don’t have any points available.

    That’s impossible. I banked enough points for this stay!

    Yes, that’s the problem.

    See, I banked my points into the following use year, which doesn’t start until September 1, 2009. DOH!!

    NO TRIP FOR YOU!! :eek:

    Defeated, I hung up the phone.:guilty:

    Down, but certainly not out.

    I put on my thinking cap. There had to be some way to do this. There was no way I was going to miss out on this trip.

    I couldn’t!

    And I wouldn’t. No way.

    Think, think, think....:scratchin

    So, not easily broken, I called the following day.

    I booked a trip for early September. I had a plan…yes, I had a plan.:idea:

    Since I booked my trip in this current use year, if I cancelled, then the points in question would have to be put into this use year, right? :teacher:Yeah, I thought so too…

    But, upon doing a bit of research, I discovered that the opposite was true. Nope – the points would go back into the next use year where they were originally banked.


    I may have been down, but not out…

    I called the next day…I was desperate. I had a plan.

    I needed to pull the wool over the Mouse’s eyes. Errr…ears…

    I decided to throw myself on the mercy of court.

    I dialed the number, nervous about what I’d say, hopped up on caffeine and adrenaline. This was the last shot. Bottom of the ninth, 2 outs and bases loaded…

    I pressed “1” and waited for the next available cast member…

    A short bit later, “Cinnamon” answered the phone.

    Yes, Cinnamon. Remember the bad economy? Well, exotic dancers apparently do phone work these days! :rotfl2:

    Anyway, I explained to Cinnamon that I booked this trip and due to the industry problems and the economy, my company has made it mandatory…no vacations after August 15th. I may or may not have embellished quite a bit more and may or may not have carried on about the big annual trip we had planned but now have to either cancel or move up…and yes, there may have been some fake tears involved.

    Cinnamon, lovely girl that she is, felt very bad for me and consulted not one, but 2 managers about allowing me to move up my trip with my banked/borrowed points. They said no initially, but Cinnamon herself laid it on thick and after quite some time, they gave in.

    VOILA!!! I got my trip!!

    We did it! We did it!!:banana:

    I don’t know who was more excited for me…Me….or Cinnamon!

    I thanked her profusely. Booked my trip for August 2nd to the 8th, promised to remember her always and hung up.

    And danced my lovin’ butt off…:cool1:...probably not an exotic looking dance, but a victory dance nonetheless!!

    Hooray for me! I got my trip. I may have been shady pirate:about it, but I got it. Plus booking early August would eliminate the need to go rushing home the night before school starts!!

    So...it begins now. Thank for allowing me to babble and get the random thoughts out of my head - maybe now that it's clear, the actual trip will flow freely!:woohoo:

    Up next…re-introductions, nomadic movement and a chink in my chain…
  2. Lauralee131

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    Aug 1, 2005
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  4. PrincessV

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    Jul 6, 2006
    :rotfl2: Yeah, thanks a lot for that visual!
    ::yes:: :hug::hug::hug:
    You and me both sistah!

    I have a confession. :guilty: I secretly gave you ZERO chance of pulling this off. I was totally prepared to call and sympathize when they said "No." I had all sorts of Fuzzy alternatives in mind to get you down here. Know who the only person who may have been more happy and excited than you and Cinnamon was? ME!!! :woohoo::yay::banana:

    :lmao: Okay.
  5. 1Princess1Prince2006

    1Princess1Prince2006 DIS Veteran

    Jan 18, 2006
    Hey LL! Off to a great start and can't wait to read more!
  6. Disneyland_Mama

    Disneyland_Mama <marquee><font color=peach>His head instantly infl

    Aug 13, 2006

    OMG! :lmao: I always wondered what happened after 18 hours.

    Ah, yes. Another one of "the plan". Along with Ridemax, "the plan" blows. :laughing:

    Ooh, I know her! She shows her face around these parts occasionally as well. ;)

    Dude, as if it had to be asked! :lmao:

    Some of the best emails ever! ;)

    Hands down, the BEST story EVER!!!! :worship:

    I'm so glad you're writing this! I feel like the guy from The Seventh Sign who tells the kid to write about what happened so no one would ever forget! :laughing: This was that story!

    Yes, ladies and gents, you can work over DVC MS. :thumbsup2 Well, maybe not all of you, but those with an inner LL can. ;)
  7. Tnkrbelle565

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    May 14, 2004
    Oh that was hilarious....I am totally along for this ride!
  8. Lauralee131

    Lauralee131 DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2005
    Yes girls, but hey - all I gave ya was a mental picture...it's not like I posted the actual picture...which was not at all pretty...:scared1:

    WHAT? Really? You didn't think I could do it?? Wow...I never knew that!Silly rabbit. I always Trust V, don't I?;) Tony didn't think I could do it either. Don't feel so bad...you weren't the only one.

    I wish I'd saved the emails...they were much better than this re-telling of it and honestly, it's been so long I wasn't sure I'd remember half of it.

    Well, I know I won't get another installment done on my lunch hour today so I'm off to read yours...

    Talk to ya's later! :grouphug:
  9. askelton

    askelton Disney Cosmo

    Apr 23, 2007

    Insert two peas smilie. :rolleyes1

    Hopefully Cinnamon doesn't DIS. :rotfl2:

  10. DisneyJo

    DisneyJo Missing my tags!

    Oct 22, 2006
    OMG I love the Cinnamon story, LL only you could pull that off :rotfl:
  11. Lauralee131

    Lauralee131 DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2005
    A bit more...since I'm here and all...

    Ok, so when we last left our heroine, she'd found out she still had a job and somehow managed to do the impossible and got the trip booked.

    Naturally, and historically, I'd immediately start planning park days and ADR's and even throwing a bone to my husband and son by penciling in an hour a day or so for pool time...

    HOWEVER, in line with the chaos theory so often touted by Jeff Goldblum in Jurrasic Park, nothing went as it should have or normally does...

    I was working from home - all kinds of crazy hours - getting the house on the market in preparation for our move to Georgia. While my husband got sent to Virginia to work. Great. Perfect timing. Which has become a habit as you'll all soon see.

    So, between being an employee, a mom, a cook and bottlewasher and homework-checker, I was busy cleaning, painting, staining the deck, re-arranging furniture, etc.

    The last thing I had time for was to plan a trip. Crazy, no? Even crazier still...I had absolutely no desire, nor the energy, to even buckle down and pick parks and restaurants. Shameful, isn't it?:sad2:

    I am the consumate planner...in fact, look at my book...(but please don't look at the cheesy rental furniture it's lying on. ICK)...This book holds everything related to traveling to Disney World...maps, tickets, schedules, park hours, DVC discount info...everything...


    I've got index tabs for everything...itineraries, dining info - including menus, reservation confirmations, Owner's Locker inventory...you name it, it's in there....


    All in this beautiful package (so nicely given to me by the drywall sub on my last job)...It's zips all around and has a handy dandy carrying strap. Ahhh...I love this thing...:cloud9:

    And speaking of love, don't even get me started on laminating...:cloud9:

    Which I didn't do either...:guilty:

    If my life sounded crazy in the first installment, well, by the time I'd booked this trip, it got even worse. Yes, I was going to Georgia. Yes, they could wait till June when Michael got out of school since I was only being "stashed" on a job in ATL.

    Then I received word through a former boss that I was going to get a call about going on a temporary assignment to cover for someone going on maternity leave. She was due the 3rd week of May so Tony and I planned it so that he'd stay home till school got out and I'd head on to Georgia and start this temporary gig.

    Then Tony and I went to St. Louis for a weekend for my company's annual shareholder shin-dig and I introduced him around to the gang from the Southeast division. His company does a lot of work for my company (which occasionally makes me giggle that I'm not only his boss at home, but also at work:lmao:), but anyway, his company told him that if they had room on the staff, he could go to the job I would be heading to. We spent some time hanging out with the manager from that job - seriously one of THE best guys I could work for...we had a great time that weekend getting to know everyone better and I thought it'd be good for Tony to know some of the players in the event he ended up there...

    Well, the following Monday we got a call from Tony's boss - demanding to know how Tony knew the manager of this job and why the guy is insisting on having Tony on his job immediately. OH CRAP!!

    This was a huge, huge problem.

    We had a plan...the plan now was in the crapper. Flushed away like...well, you know...

    The following Monday, April 6th, my husband was in his truck on his way to LaGrange, Georgia...:headache:

    After that my life's a blurry haze - kind of when that witch chases bugs bunny and all you see is dust and bobby pins in her wake...yeah, like that...

    Over the next few weeks, the girl due on May 22nd had her baby on April 27th...I had to go. I pulled Michael out of school and had to put him in a daycare since it was too late to register him for school in Georgia. We were living in a No-Tell Motel until we found a furnished apartment for a month to allow us to at least feel like we had a home while we looked for a home...

    Ya'll still with me? Darn it - I have to get back to work so I'll finish this later, but for those of you counting...we're at:

    1 new daycare
    2 temporary living places...

    Up Next....the hits keep on coming...

    Hmmmm...perhaps this should have been a pre-trip? I'm getting there, eventually...I swear...indulge me - it seems like it has to come out in this order for some reason!!

    Thanks for hanging in there with me...you won't be disappointed in the long run...promise!!;)
  12. sharkB8HooHaHa

    sharkB8HooHaHa DIS Veteran

    Aug 23, 2006
    Cinnamon was last seen at the county court house having her name legally changed to Nutmeg in an effort to keep her job with MS.

  13. KatGarcia

    KatGarcia Just Keep Swimming.

    Aug 19, 2006
    whew thats a lot of craziness! But Disney is always the best payoff!
  14. Lauralee131

    Lauralee131 DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2005

    Before I go any further into the “how we got here” portion of our tale, I must introduce some really special people.

    They’re truly the greatest friends a gal can have. They’re the rocks in my Zen garden. :hippie: The cream in my coffee and the icing on my cake. The only people I’d bring my fat butt into the Africa-like heat of Florida in August for.

    First up…you all know her as PrincessV…V and I have become very dear friends over the last few years.
    Ok, ok...so it's an older picture. What can I say...I look awful in the ones from this year...:rolleyes:

    She’s been my sounding board – whether it’s talking me
    down from the various ledges I’ve been on or happily enabling my latest case of addonitis with a touch of fuzzy Disney math on the side. She’s such a wonderfully grounded and gorgeous person and has such a great soul. Although some days when I look back at pictures of her and I together, I wish she’d indulge in a few more of those black and white cookies. Just sayin’…Look to the cookie, V…look to the cookie…heh heh…

    V and I first “met” here on the DISboards and finally met in person back in 2006, but it feels as if I’ve known her forever. We bonded over Lapu Lapu’s at our favorite haunt and hardly a day goes by that we don’t chat via email.

    Next up is Tracy – Disneyland_Mama. She is one awesome chick, lemme tell ya.
    Hmmm...I can't figure out why this picture is so small...it's a darn funny one too...sorry. We appear to be having technical difficulties...please stand by...T - when I find the original in my Photobucket account, I'll replace it...

    It's like Honey I shrunk the drunk girl...:lmao:

    Funny thing about T…the night V and I met we chatted about a couple of trip reports that we enjoyed and T’s was a favorite of ours. T had written her first “Waldo” TR and was hi-larious. We had a few laughs over parts of T’s TR and just how darn funny she was. Little did we know that she’s even funnier in person than you could imagine. She’s a beautiful person – inside and out and on days when I’ve cried, she’s been able to make me laugh.

    This trip report wouldn’t be complete without Kate.
    Darn it - I thought I had a picture of Kate and I from last year...guess not...sorry! Hi Mr. Kate!!

    She was with us even when she couldn’t be. She guided us through crowds and had drinks with us…she was there in spirit with us and although we missed her terribly, she was never far from our thoughts and hearts.

    These three lovely ladies make up my tight circle of friends. We’ve been there for each other through just about every circumstance you can imagine, with love, laughter and advice. I talk to these girls on a daily basis…more than I talk to my own husband and in fact, I tell them more than I tell my husband, but shhhh…that’s just between us, mmmk?

    V’s adorable little boy Leo deserves an introduction as well as Leo has become a big part of our lives too. Michael declared he and Leo brothers on this most recent trip.
    Disney World is better with MissV and Leo in it. Truly. We have never had more fun than we’ve had when they’ve been with us.

    And bless V’s heart, she and Leo even make a special trip up to see us if she’s not already there, which means a great deal to me. Heck, she even spent a day with my family in November. Of course, if I get to write that TR, you’ll see why she deserves at least a medal of honor for joining that circus for a day…

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the rest of the gang that we hung around with – Andy, Tracy’s DH and Tony’s buddy. Disney World is better for Tony with Andy in it. And Waldo too. He, as do I, enjoy their company. Ahhh Waldo. The first year I called him Waldo…now it’s just “dad”. I absolutely adore him and plant a big fat kiss on his cheek the first time I see him each trip. TE, T’s mom, is adorable too. She’s the sweetest person and I really enjoy her company. She’s very easy to chat with and both she and Waldo are very young at heart and lots of fun to be around. Also on this trip were T’s brother Rick and his wife Debbie and their boys…well, young men, really…Max and Michael. We had a lot of fun with them and they were gracious to share their family vacation with people they’d only met briefly a couple of years ago. When we first met them they were really quiet…this year they, especially Rick, broke out of their shells and we had a blast with them all!!

    Next up – T’s kids, Evan and Maddie. Michael looks forward to these August trips for all the kids to play with and although some days he claims he doesn’t like holding hands, we find him holding hands with Maddie an awful lot during the week each year.
    We’ve been not-so-secretly hoping for a Disney wedding for our kids someday. Imagine the babies they’d have…caramel colored skin and blonde-ish hair…ahhh…stunning. Of course, some days Mads prefers Leo.
    Either way, I want a darn Disney wedding.

    Here's Michael pulling the old yawn-and-stretch on Maddie last year...

    And either way – Tracy and Andy are paying for it…heh heh…Love you guys!!

    With all of the kids within about 2 years of each other, they get along beautifully and each year now it’s as if no time has passed for them…although they look older, they get right back into their usual trip rhythm and it’s game on from there. They ride the rides together, sit and eat together, play in the pool together…it’s really heartwarming for me to be with the people I’ve come to love so much and see that our kids love each other too.

    I think of the 50-plus years of DVC ownership we have and the many future vacations and imagine the kids all getting together when they’re grown just as we do now…I just love the thought of it.:cloud9:

    And if Kate’s boys were here, they’d be right in the mix as well. They were great with the kids last year and we missed their presence in our lives this trip. But as I said, not far from our hearts…:grouphug:

    Hmmm…speaking of playing in the pool…I just realized I forgot two of the most important people on this trip…my husband and son! DOH!!

    My husband Tony, usually a not-so-willing-participant in these trips, was actually looking forward to this year. Andy and Waldo were coming and he’d have his boys’ night out at Fuego’s again this year. Not only that but our friends Jason and Margarita were coming and Tony had plans to play golf with Jason a couple of times. Plus, Tony’s been traveling for the better part of this year, coming home every 2 to 3 weeks...you know, for those conjugal visits whether he needs them or not. :rolleyes:It’s been tough on all of us and we were looking forward to spending a whole week together.

    Tony is NOT a huge Disney fan like the rest of us. According to him, he only comes on every trip because it’s the only way he gets a vacation. He despises my commando touring style and drill sergeant wake-ups in the morning (AIS and all, ya know…gotta keep to the Plan). Every year he says he won’t ride any rides because they kill his back. And what’s the one ride he breaks down and rides every year? Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Yep…and then his back hurts. Big dope.

    I think he’s becoming a closet fanatic, although he makes it very difficult to prove. He does pitch a fit if I even mention going to WDW without him, so that says something, right? Yet he doesn’t like being dragged around like a ragdoll and had more than a few incidents of neck-craning, arm flailing and, one night in particular, he even hisspered at me. Whoa. That’s new…:mad:

    And lets not forget the kids…Tony’s a big hit with the kids. An overgrown pool toy if you will.

    V's probably got better pictures than this from our pool time...really - the guy was like a giant water ride...:rolleyes1

    The kids adore him and flock around him like he’s Peter Pan or something.


    I knew Michael always preferred his dad to me, but now I see all the other kids do too…Hmmm…must be something to this guy…

    And last, but definitely not least…my little guy Michael. He’s 8 going on about 30. He’s sweet, sensitive, loving and a wise…well, you know.

    He’s become famous in our small circle for his Michael-isms and they come out fast and furious and are so freakin’ funny you just want to follow the kid around with a pad and pencil to write the stuff down.

    Michael was overflowing with his usual wit this particular week and in fact there were more Michael-ism’s than I could keep track of, but I remembered a few that are sure to make you giggle. Sadly, most of them are at my expense, but I blame his father for that…

    Also I should mention a couple of cameo appearances by some other very dear friends, Jason and Margarita and their girls all the way from North Carolina. We met them through another group of friends just about a year ago and love them dearly. They’re fun with a capital F and are very outgoing and funny. And Margie..she’s a lovey. She just loves people. We were out one night and somehow it came up that they were going to be at WDW the same week we were so it worked out great. I just wish we’d have been able to spend more time with them though.

    They joined up with us a couple of times on this trip and they really enjoyed themselves, as did we.

    Imagine their surprise, and the look on their faces, when one night over several drinks at their place we were talking about our upcoming trip and plans, etc. when it came out that we were vacationing with people we met on the internet…heh heh…Wish I had a camera.

    I did manage to find a couple of pictures...this is Jason and Margarita on the right with our friend Johnnie and Tony & I...

    And this is me with Margarita and our friend Martha on the left.
    Martha actually introduced us to J & M and the group of us have been inseparable since then.

    Well, until we moved. I had other pictures, but I don't have them here...

    Sadly most of my pictures are back home in my computer. With all the rest of my stuff.

    Home…big, heavy sigh…

    Ahem…sorry – got sidetracked…

    Game on…

    Well, this thing already went ahead and posted on me once and it's really getting late so I'll end this for now, but I was on a roll...the juices are flowing gang...

    More to come soon!!
  15. Lauralee131

    Lauralee131 DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2005
    Yeah - I debated about posting this part of the story...

    At least I could have given a waiver...or said the names had been changed...

  16. Disneyland_Mama

    Disneyland_Mama <marquee><font color=peach>His head instantly infl

    Aug 13, 2006
    I love it! Love all the back story, I always forget the darn backstory!:headache:

    Next year I'm bringing Tony a flute... I swear those kids just flock to him like he's the freakin' Pied Piper! :rotfl2:

    But now, I'm all verklempt... AGAIN! :sad:
  17. PrincessV

    PrincessV DIS Veteran

    Jul 6, 2006

    ::yes:: LY/MI! :hug::hug::hug:
    NOT true, but I happen to absolutely love this pic of us! :thumbsup2 And dude - look how curly my hair was! WTH happened?! :confused3


  18. cmp1111

    cmp1111 DIS Veteran

    Dec 17, 2006
    Hi, LL! See, I somehow missed a lot of your moving issues... You needed this break more than I even realized! :faint:

    Great start. ;)
  19. Lauralee131

    Lauralee131 DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2005
    Oh CE...you haven't even heard the half of it yet...:sad2:

    I deserve more stinkin' DVC points and not just one measly little vacation...just sayin'....:rolleyes1
  20. Lauralee131

    Lauralee131 DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2005
    Ok, when we last left off, it was April and Michael had already been in one daycare, which he hated because the local kids here were still in school so he was trapped like a rat all day with 4 year olds.

    We moved into a furnished apartment in LaGrange, about 2 or 3 miles from the job. The daycare was another 2 or 3 miles from the jobsite in the other direction so it was pretty convenient all around. I opened a PO box and had my mail forwarded to LaGrange so for a long-term temporary assignment, it was all ok I guess.

    Have any of you been to LaGrange? Well, it's uhhh...different. It's really close to the Alabama state line - you can be there in about 15 minutes...it's that close. Well, it's a relatively small town and has a bit of everything...a ghetto section (sadly just about where we were living) and then there's the plantation mansion section where LaGrange College is. OMG - some of the most beautiful Southern mansions you've ever seen are in LaGrange.

    The rest of LaGrange though is pretty scary. Someone from Alabama once told me that even Alabama won't claim LaGrange...Oh - and we had the state's first case of swine flu at the hospital we were working at. Lovely. Welcome to Georgia Lauralee...:rolleyes:

    Anyway, my company's bidding on a very large project further South in Georgia and I'm slated to go there if we get it so they told us not to buy anything. After the maternity leave girl comes back, I'd be going to a job in Atlanta.

    Since Tony would continue working on the job in LaGrange and I'd be working in Atlanta, we looked for an apartment in the middle...a city by the name of Newnan. It's actually a great place - 30 miles SW of ATL...there's lot of shopping, and traffic, but it's got a beautiful downtown that time has forgotten and the outskirts of town is gorgeous...horse country. We loved it.

    We found an apartment and it's in a great location. The elementary school is fairly new and is literally within walking distance and it's close to shopping, etc...they had a great top floor unit with arched ceilings and a huge soaking tub in the master bath and huge closets...it was cute and it was affordable. We'd have to rent furniture and buy all new kitchen stuff, etc as all of our stuff was home, but we took it and could move in on May 10th.

    Rather than pull Michael out of daycare, Tony would take him back and forth to the place in LaGrange since he'd be working down the street and the little guy wouldn't have to suffer the trauma of another change. We'd keep the mailbox in LaGrange too and Tony could just stop on his way home and get the mail. Easy peasy as my friends would say.

    So we found the place and had a plan. I took an afternoon off of work, signed the lease, picked out the furniture and we were good to go. We could move in as early as May 9th.:thumbsup2 Finally things would be smoothing out for us. The last month had been insane. It'd be nice having a nicer place for a temporary home.

    I had one more week to go and I'd start the next job in Atlanta and I could stay there until they found a permanent assignment for me. Smooth sailing from here...

    Until I got back to the apartment in LaGrange that night.

    Tony's boss had called. They needed him in Florida.

    For 2 to 3 weeks.

    He had to be there on Monday.:scared1:

    It was Thursday afternoon that they dropped this little nugget in his lap.




    Panic had officially set in.

    LaGrange was 40 minutes SW of Newnan. I had to work 35 miles NE of Newnan. What about Michael? What about daycare? What about the mail?

    Tony kindly took the next day off and searched high and low for a new daycare in Newnan for Michael and found THE ONE. It was awesome. The summer camp program was fabulous...they had a big inground pool and swam 3 days a week. They went to Six Flags once a week, the movies once a week, an ice cream truck came on Fridays...the place ROCKED.

    Even better...they had an opening. Tony signed him up and we forwarded the mail from LaGrange to the apartment in Newnan and got to packing.

    We literally dropped the boxes of our stuff on the floor of the new apartment that weekend and off he went.:guilty:

    And then there were two...

    Michael and I did the best we could to get ourselves settled in and prepared for what would be coming ahead of us...single parenting and the unknown of basically all the rest of life in general.

    So if you're counting, we are now in our 3rd temporary housing and 2nd daycare.

    Heard about Atlanta traffic by any chance? Yeah, it's awful. I have to be at work by 7 and luckily the daycare opened at 6 so I could drop M off and hit the road.

    This is how our typical days have been from early May until the first week of August...

    I get up between 3:30 and 4 and have coffee and get in the shower and get ready for work. I wake Michael up at 5 so he has time to wake up and have breakfast and get dressed and we're out the door by 20 minutes to 6. I race across town and drop him off and hop on the highway. On a good day I can make it to work in about 50 minutes. Yep - 35 miles in 50 minutes. Not bad considering the amount of traffic on the road at that time. Did I mention the construction? Good lord, the entire highway system in and around Atlanta is under construction. The speed limit is 50 and the traffic is bumper to bumper, but at 85 miles an hour. Literally...you need to 85 to keep up. It's crazy.

    And I work right downtown on the Georgia State University campus. I drive literally next to Turner Field to get to work...and by a quarter to 7, I-85 is a parking lot. Luckily I cut thru downtown so it's not so bad for me. In the morning.

    The ride home is another story. I leave at 4 and it takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to get home depending on traffic. It goes from bumper to bumper at 85 mph to a parking lot in the blink of an eye and then back again. It's nuts.

    I pick up M anywhere between 5:30 and 6 and we race home, fighting the Newnan traffic to get home in about 25 minutes from daycare. I immediately put dinner on the stove, put Michael in the tub, run back to the kitchen and check on dinner, unload the dishwasher and put the dishes away, stir dinner, run to the bathroom and check on Michael, run back to the kitchen and check dinner, throw a load of laundry in, get M out of the tub and in his jammies and then get dinner on the table.

    By then it's anywhere between 6 and 7. We eat, relax until 8 and then he goes to bed and I go about a half hour later so we can get up and do it all again the next day.

    Yep - that's been our life for the last 3 months.

    I'm worn out. Flat out exhausted. My butt's getting wider. My belly's getting bigger...I look haggard. And my poor little boy's not in much better shape...he's got little dark circles under his eyes and on more than one occasion has woken up in the morning and proclaimed, "I really don't like my life"...

    He and I lived for every other weekend for Tony to come home and our upcoming vacation...which we really needed.

    I registered Michael for school only to discover...

    The first day of school was Friday, August 7th.

    Yep. August freakin' 7th...

    Remember my vacation dates gang? The 2nd thru the 8th. Nice and early this year so we wouldn't have to rush back for school. :rolleyes: Oh crap.:headache:

    Obviously I needed to change my dates.

    And then I got that itch...

    You know the one...caused by too much stress and that little goody called "addonitis"?

    Well, sadly it's past my bedtime...3:30 comes way too early...YAWN...but at least we got the "backstory" out of the way...

    And if you're still counting...

    3 temporary housing places and 2 daycare places.

    In 3 months.

    Up next...what do you mean you don't transport? And I've got an itch that Cortizone just won't help...;)

    Finally! Bring on the trip report!!! More "life" changes and trip changes...lots and lots of changes...

    Could I be on that blacklist now?? Is my name right next to V or have I bumped her from the top of the list???
  21. Disneyland_Mama

    Disneyland_Mama <marquee><font color=peach>His head instantly infl

    Aug 13, 2006
    Oh honey! I knew your life was hectic, but when you put in it in black and white.... O.M.G. :faint: You needed this vacation... NO, you deserved this vacation... all of you!

    :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

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