A Ghostly, Incredible, Totally Wicked Couple of Runs(Plus DATW with DISsers) Marathon Weekend Report


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Sep 18, 2010

Hello, all and welcome to my newest Trip Report chronically our recent trip for the 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend. If you’ve not read any of my trip reports before, allow me to introduce the cast.

I’m Gisele. I’m a 54 year old runner who came to the sport rather late in life at the age of 48, and I have the best running buddy in the world, Chris, who is a great support to me and indulges my Disney obsessions plus slows down his running to keep me company. I mean, how much more can you ask?

The masks are a little hint (as is the title) to our costume reveal for the marathon. Hopefully you’ll recognize us later in our unmasked pictures!! :D

Last year, we opted to do the Dopey Challenge which consists of running a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon on consecutive days.


It was an amazing time last year, but this year we decided we didn’t want quite that many early morning wake-ups and instead opted to do what we liked to call, The Mouse Challenge. That is the 10K (Minnie Mouse themed) race and the full marathon (Mickey Mouse themed) race for our trip this year.

The trip called for a Wednesday, January 9 arrival and staying through January 16 at the very lovely Beach Club resort. We’ve stayed here before on the DVC side but this would be our first stay on the resort side. It’s a great choice for proximity to Epcot and we were hoping for some pool weather this year to enjoy Stormalong Bay. Because last year we were more often dressed like so…


Yeah, stocking caps and coats! It was cold, y’all. I just wanted to get a chance to enjoy some warmth and sunshine in Florida this year. Is that too much to ask??? Better too warm than too cold, right? Well maybe not always…

So there you have it for an introduction. I hope you settle in for the rest of the report and enjoy!!

  • ZellyB

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    Sep 18, 2010

    Super excited to read along, especially now since we’ve officially met!!!
    Glad you are here and that we got to meet!

    Yay! Trip report!
    Woohoo! Glad to have you here!

    Following along too!

    I need to have someone send me my pictures from my photo pass because my AP doesn't come with it, so I'm waiting on that for now. Haha.
    Well hurry it up!

    Looking forward to


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