A dress for...?


DIS Veteran
Sep 24, 2012
OK, I looked through things and I think this is OK? If there's any problem, please let me know!

I'm going as Agent Carter for the MNSSHP on Halloween itself. (My husband is wearing a Captain America shirt. :) ) I ordered the dress months ago....and because it was billed as running quite large, I really overestimated the size. (Hot Topic plus size 4.)

Whelp. It's too big. Of course, I kept it too long, thinking I could just take in a few stitches, but now I realize that really won't work. I was able to acquire a size 3 (which is still too big, just not as big) and will be going with that.

So, I have a plus size 4 Agent Carter dress, still with tags, very nice! I'm usually a size 18, so I'd put this at a 20-22 or larger? (OK, the Hot Topic web site reports it as a 24/26. You can see it here: http://www.hottopic.com/product/her-universe-women-of-marvel-agent-carter-shirt-dress-plus-size/10701906.html)

I will send it to someone free. All I ask is something Disney in return. :)