A Dream is a Wish...An At Home Disney Themed Wedding 9.1.18

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    Helloooo Humans!

    I am so excited to be starting this PJ. We are NOT having an At Disney wedding, but our wedding will have a Disney theme, and my bachelorette party and honeymoon phase 1 will be at Disney! The main reason for the at home wedding is we both have huge families, a good number of which will be traveling to come, and we have the type of family where if you leave anyone out it will cause mega drama. Yes I know a wedding is all about US, but I also don’t want to deal with the headaches that would come with it. Our estimated guest count is also about 250 (venue limit) with 268 invited. So I am sweating that out right now. So based on this alone a Disney wedding is just not financially possible.

    But I digress….who are we?

    Bride: Katie – The Disney World Fan! I love running, Disney and 9/10 times I cannot take a normal photo Exhibit A
    [​IMG]Me1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    OK here is a semi real one
    [​IMG]Marathon by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    Groom: Andrew – The Disney Movie fan! He enjoys video games, lifting weights, and watching tv.
    [​IMG]Andrew1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    How we met:

    We met back in 2015 at Alumni weekend at the college we both attended. We were both involved in Greek Life, but did not know each other as I graduated when he was a freshman. Yes I am older! Anyway, my friend Jen really wanted to go to Alumni weekend and I did not, but she promised me it would be fun and there would be day drinking. OK twist my arm. We went from the local pizza place to the local dive bar and that is where we met up with Chris. We were hanging with Chris for a while when Andrew showed up. I was about 6 beers deep at this point and my memory is a little hazy. I remember Jen getting all excited saying “ANDY! I know you!” He didn’t remember her. Then Jen wanted to dance so we moved from the “quiet room” to the “dance room”. I got another beer. We started talking and Andrew made a comment about the necklace I was wearing “Is that an Elsa Peretti?” “I don’t know it’s from Tiffany’s” “Yeah it is an Elsa Peretti” “How do you know that are you gay?” “No I work there” “Oh you should have opened with that”. Yes that is our shameful meeting. Anyway we hit it off and the rest is History!
    Here is me and Jen at the Pizza place!
    [​IMG]KatieJen1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    The Proposal:

    I knew it was coming. We picked out the ring together, but did not buy it that day. He said if he was spending that much on a ring he wanted me to like it. Smart man. We had two trips planned, one a weekend away over his birthday to Moody Beach Maine, and another to Universal, Disney Cruise and WDW. I was also running the Boston Marathon and the Finish at the 50 5K at Gillette Stadium (where the New England Patriots Play) on July 3rd. So there were a few big opportunities ahead of us where he could propose. My first choice would have been Disney, my second on the 50 yard line at Gillette on my favorite holiday (I am a sucker for the 4th of July). However it was neither of those. We were walking on the beach Friday night in Maine, he gave me a very sweet spiel about how it was his grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. His grandfather was not doing well, they were very close, and he said he told his grandpa he wanted to make that day special for years to come, so he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I think I said yes like 3 times! He did a great job, so great I forgot all about wanting to get engaged on the 4th of July (well 3rd) or in Disney!

    All Events leading up to the proposal:
    The Marathon:
    [​IMG]Marathon1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr
    The Finish at the 50:
    [​IMG]Finishat50 by Katie Worth, on Flickr
    Then Finally - The Proposal
    [​IMG]Engaged1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Ring1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    Have to get back to work but I hope to add more later! I just have so much I want to share and can't for various reasons in a public forum like facebook! Thanks for reading!
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    Nice to have an at home PJ. I was contemplating doing the same. Our planing is nearly done and I want to share! But we're Dutch, so a lot of things will be different
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    That would be a really cool PJ! I love seeing how other cultures have their weddings! I went to my cousins in England a couple years back and the traditional English wedding was so neat! I had no idea it was a full day affair!
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    The wedding:

    Our wedding date is September 1, 2018. We will be getting married at a local church (his idea), with a reception at a family owned place called the Canoe Club Ballroom. When I realized that Disney wasn’t even an option, we went hunting for locations. We walked into this place and it just took my breath away!

    [​IMG]Canoe Club1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Canoe Club2 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Canoe Club3 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Canoe Club4 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    Now how did we come up with the date of September 1st? Story time!

    Once upon a time in 2005 my friend and I were discussing our future weddings. We were both single, but we had a mutual friend getting married so we liked to play pretend. I randomly decided my wedding day was going to be June 7, 2008. Why? Because June is my favorite month, 7 my favorite number, and 2008 because it was the next time it would fall on a Saturday.

    Well June 7th came and went and I was still very much single. No worries, I can move my day to June 7, 2014. Well same old song and dance, June 7th came and went.

    Fast forward to June 5th 2015. I was at work and I get a phone call from my dad. Grandma is probably not going to make it through the day. I start texting with my friend Anne and say it is kinda weird because June 3rd, was Grandpa’s birthday, June 4th was my dad’s birthday and now June 5th could be the day she dies! Spoiler alert. She didn’t die on June 5th. My friend asks me is there any other special day coming up? I was like Father’s day, but I doubt she goes another two weeks. So June 6th rolls around, Grandma is still kicking. I get up on June 7th and go to work at my part time job teaching swimming lessons. I teach my lessons and check my phone at 10:47. No messages. Grandma is still hanging in there (if anyone wants to know where I get my stubbornness it is clearly from her). I get changed and start to head to my friend Brooke’s house. She, Anne and I are hanging out at the pool to give me something to keep my mind off my grandma. I get in the car and start the drive. Phone rings. It is my dad. Grandma has passed. She died at the EXACT minute I looked at my phone! She had suffered a 25 year battle with Alzheimer’s disease so we were all finally at peace with her death. As I am driving to my friend’s house it hits me. It is June 7th. The day I arbitrarily picked out for my wedding day 10 years prior! Well crap. Thanks Grandma!

    So fast forward to July 2017. We need to pick a venue. We fall in love with the Canoe Club. This is it, it is perfect. My dad says Grandma would love it. I had always said if I don’t get married on June 7th, I want to get married in September. Our first choice was Sept 15th, my parents wedding anniversary. I thought it would be kinda cool to have the same date. Booked. OK how about the 22nd? Booked. 29th is out because my friend is getting married that day. How about the 8th? Booked. All Saturdays are booked until the second week of November. Well now we are coming up on two problems, it is COLD and right before Thanksgiving. We have Fridays and Sundays available! Nope has to be a Saturday. OK August is open! Eh I really don’t want August. On a whim we said how about September 1st. We thought this was not possible due to it being a holiday weekend so we initially didn’t even ask. September 1st was wide open! No one had picked that day at all! The venue does two weddings per day, and is spaced out enough so you never see another bride! Done! Wrap it up, here is my deposit let’s go!

    So that is how September 1st became my wedding day. Process of elimination!
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    Following along! I hope you do a TR for your bachelorette party and disneymoon! Well, at least what you are able to remember from it!
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    Yes! I will be! I am going to add it to this thread to try and keep it all in one place! I have some fun stuff planned for the Bachelorette that I know about, and then a whole lot of mystery stuff the girls have planned!
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    The Wedding Party:

    My Side:

    Choosing my bridesmaids was rather strategic. I am one of those people who has quite a few groups of friends, and choosing one person from each group would be hard because someone may have their feelings hurt. My MOH is my sister, and the other four girls are people I absolutely want with me on my big day, and are people that no one would even bat an eye at me asking to be in the bridal party.

    MOH: My sister Stephanie. This is pretty self-explanatory. I have no good photos of the two of us together, so here is one from the Xmas eve Patriots game from 2016. It was 35 degrees and raining and I had worked until 3 am, slept until 9 am, then went tailgating!

    [​IMG]Steph1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    BM1: Sarah – Andrew’s sister. She and I are close and get along better than my own sister and I do. This is her and her husband John.

    [​IMG]Sarah1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    BM2: Brianne – My best friend from college. Everyone knows we are inseparable and her husband and my DF know that the other comes before either of them. They knew going in they were stuck with us when they asked to marry us. We both are obsessed with Disney and have made plans to go on future family vacations to Disney together. We can go on rides while Andrew watches the kids and bags.

    [​IMG]Brianne1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    However this is far more typical Katie/Brie behavior.

    [​IMG]Brianne2 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Brianne3 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    BM3: Kristin – Cousin. Kristin and I have had a special relationship ever since she was born. I was her mother’s flower girl when she got married, and I always knew I wanted Kristin in my wedding. She had cancer when she was 5 and I have run the Boston Marathon twice in her honor for the hospital that treated her. I cannot find a photo of just her and I so here is one of her and my dad!

    [​IMG]Kristin1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    BM4: Liz – Childhood friend. Liz was my first friend. Our mothers have been best friends since 2nd grade. Liz and I do not hang out, but have always been in each other’s lives and always will be. This was very important to me with my bridal party. I know most people have a bridesmaid they someday no longer speak with, but I know this won’t be the case with this group.

    [​IMG]Liz1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr

    His Side:

    Best Man: Reza – His best friend and fraternity brother. He is the big brother Andrew never had. Reza definitely takes care of him and took him under his wing in College. Reza and his wife Beth go to my gym so I see them all the time these days.

    [​IMG]Reza by Katie Worth

    GM1: Mike – My brother. This one really was at my request. I asked Andrew to ask him because it would mean a lot to me. They do get along great and my brother is always telling me Andrew is a great guy. The two of them constantly conspire against me to get Andrew a puppy.

    [​IMG]Mike1 by Katie Worth

    GM2: Chris – His Big from his Fraternity. Hartford, as we call him, introduced the two of us and Andrew was in his wedding almost 3 years ago. I have known Hartford for about 20 minutes longer than I have known Andrew.

    [​IMG]Hartford2 by Katie Worth

    GM3: Andrew aka Goose – Andrew’s Little from his fraternity (seeing a pattern here?). Goose is a crazy goof with a heart of gold. He recently broke up with his GF and is determined to get my sister to go out with him after the wedding. I have told him he has a 0% chance of this happening, but I am interested to watch it go down. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance, but at least I warned him. I first met Goose on New Years Eve. I had told Andrew if he wanted to go out he needed to make plans, so he made plans with Goose.

    [​IMG]Goose1 by Katie Worth

    GM4: Juan – I have met him once, he is Andrew’s other little from his frat, and that is really all I know. He is currently trying to get into Med school so he isn’t around much. Juan is in the Yellow shirt, and you get a bonus photo of Hartford and Andrew. I can’t remember the guy who is on the left so you get a mystery man too!

    [​IMG]Hartford1 by Katie Worth, on Flickr
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