A Disneyland veterans first trip to WDW! Dining Review with pics

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    Sep 7, 2009
    We just returned from our first visit to WDW. We are all Disneyland veterans having grown up in the OC but have never been to the World. We planned our trip to coincide with DD's 3rd birthday.
    We are pretty simple when it comes to eating and we eat out quite often, at least 2 times a week. We were on the basic dining plan.
    Here is who traveled.
    DH- a pretty adventerous eater. Likes seafood and will try most anything. Does not like chocolate and not a big dessert eater.

    Me- Fairly simple tastes, not a big seafood eater. Loves dessert

    Dmom- fairly picky eater, but usually will try most things once. Does not eat seafood and loves dessert

    DD3- Turned 3 while we were at Disney. Very adventerous eater for her age. Will eat almost anything.

    DS7mon- His diet consists of milk and baby food. He loves to eat.

    Here we are

    We stayed at OKW in a 2 bedroom villa and oh was it great! We were at WDW from Feb 27-Mar 6.

    I will be reviewing
    Whispering Canyon Cafe
    Sunshine Seasons
    Le Cellier
    Main Street Bakery
    Cosmic Rays
    Main Street Bakery
    Chef Mickeys
    ABC Commissary
    50's Primetime
    Goods To Go
    Flame Tree BBQ
    The Lunching Pad
    Wolfgang Puck Express
    Goofy's Candy Co
    Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe
    Liberty Inn
    Captain Cooks
    Boulangerie Patisserie
    Electric Umbrella Restaurant
    The Plaza
    Wolfgang Puck Express
    Goofy's Candy Co

    We left home early Fri (26) morning and drove To Savannah, GA where we planned to stay the night and eat at The Lady and Sons, Paula Deens restaurant. No pictures from that night but we enjoyed it and the food was great.

    We left our hotel in Savannah a little late. We had a 5:30 ADR for Whispering Canyon Cafe. We had planned to visit DHS that day before dinner since DH wanted to go for ESPN the Weekend. About an hour from Disney when we got on the I-4 we knew the day would not go as planned. We encountered 4 accidents in just that 65 miles putting us way behind. I called Dining and was able to move our ADR to 6:35.

    We finally got to OKW at 3pm and checked in. That is another story but it took quite a while. I bought 2 refillable mugs since we were told our room was right next to the hospitality house. Turns out our rooms were on the other side of the resort so we did not use them much.

    We finally get the car unloaded (needed the stroller) and head off to the bus stop. By that time it was 5:00 and no time to go to DHS so we just headed to WCC.

    Next up WCC!
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    Apr 30, 2007
    Can't wait to read your review of WCC. We have an ADR for there in June. It will be our first time to WCC so I hope it's good! Thanks for the reviews.

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    Sep 7, 2009
    We head over to the Wilderness Lodge and check in about 6:20.

    We were given a pager so we took the time to look around and take a few pictures. It was so exciting to finally be in WDW. We had been planning the trip for over a year and we were finally there. WDW is huge compared to DL and we were all in awe.

    Our pager goes off and we were taken to our table.

    DS and I


    Our server comes and takes our drink order. DH and I order Cokes, DD water and Dmom a chocolate shake. (Sorry no pics)

    Dmom decides she wants some water and asks the waiter for a "little bit of water".

    We all ordered the "skillet". DD is still 2 yr so she eats free off of our plate.
    Sorry everyone dived in before I could take a picture. Here is my plate.

    Everything was wonderful. They first brought out the salad and it was amazing. It had some type of apple vinegrette on it. We all really enjoyed it. DD loved it as well.
    The skillet was so good. I loved the ribs and the corn. Dmom really enjoyed the beans and brisket, and DH loved the chicken. DD tasted a bite of everything but devoured the corn. She was in a bit of a mood after being in the car for so many hours. She however loved the games.

    DH and Dmom asked for seconds of chicken, brisket, and beans.

    DS was really fussy so our server pushed him in the infant seat around the restaurant. He loved it and almost fell asleep.

    Then came time for dessert.
    Dmom and I both ordered the chocolate cake.
    This cake was so good but after a few bites we were so full so we packed it up to go. It ended up being a late night snack a few days later.
    DH ordered the Smores cheesecake.
    Now DH is not a big dessert or chocolate fan but I recommended that he ordered this since it had so little chocolate. He really enjoyed it but also brought half of it back to the hotel.

    Somehow DD's birthday was noted on every one of our ADR's so they brought her a cupcake and sang to her. She got a real kick out of it.
    She ate just the icing and that was plenty. That cupcake was huge.

    We really enjoyed WCC and would return there again. The food was great, the atmosphere fun and our server did a great job.

    TS left 18
    CS left 21
    Snacks left 21
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    Feb 15, 2009
    Great review! Pics. are wonderful! You kids are cute!:goodvibes We plan on staying at the WL in Apr.! Also, eating at WC!!! Thanks for sharing!:thumbsup2
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    Aug 14, 2006
    Glad you enjoyed WCC. it gets mixed reviews. I think the server there makes the difference. Hope you had a magical trip. Did you like WDW as much as DLR?

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