A Blast From The Past...A YOLO Staycation Updated 2/25


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Jul 23, 2010
A Blast From The Past...A YOLO Staycation

It’s the most SPOOKTACULAR season of them all!
Welcome to the long awaited Staycation…a blast from the past YOLO trip.

This trip was brought to you by Alish and Brittany who always complain that they miss the disney vacation feel after moving to Florida. We decided to take a trip for them to remember the good old YOLO days, with a party cabin at Fort Wilderness, a halloween party and the wonderful dining plan.

The YOLO gang added a few new people since the last YOLO trip back in spring of 2014.

from left to right we have…

Brittany - A girl living the dream in florida as a high school math teacher. (Her boyfriend Joe will make appearances here and there throughout the trip)
Sam - Me, a girl who takes too many trips to Disney to make her AP worthwhile
Erin - a girl who accepts Sam’s love for Disney and joins her on said “too many trips”
Alish - the girl who works for Disney, who hooks us up with those CM discounts and is my lovely older sister.

And last we have Kiss…Kenneth, KC, whatever you want to call him

The younger brother of Alish and I. The one behind the camera most of the time.

When: October 4-9
Where: Grand Destino Tower and Fort Wilderness​


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Jul 23, 2010
It's a Disney Day!!!

This trip was booked almost a year in advance which is not a normal thing when it comes to us. But when you find a cabin for super cheap you book it and hope everyone can make it work a year later.

Flash forward all those months later….

We were originally suppose to leave Saturday morning, get that early flight and be there by 9am. However $170 for that morning flight did not seem like the best option, so instead we flew down the night before for $90 and got a room in the new Destino Tower.

So I planned to work a half day, but they didn’t want me. That left me with literally all morning and afternoon to do nothing and wish I had an earlier flight.
We planned to have a party in the room tonight, so this morning I ran to the ever famous cider mill to get some donuts for Alish and Brittany since they have been deprived of them living in Florida. Erin was in charge of bringing the pizza down that she promised Brittany back in August. Then the rest of my day was face timing Erin, while we packed. Around 12:30ish we were bored of waiting and decided to go to Chili's for lunch before we had to head to the airport.

We headed to the airport around 2:30. Security was slow today and with a party sheet size pizza in Erin’s carry on it took us even longer. Her bag was taken to get checked. The group in front of her had a suitcase filled with meat…cute. Then the security guard opened up Erin’s with Tupperware filled with pizza. We love that.

This trip we were flying down jetblue, I was ready for the blue chips.
However the cabin was hot and the TVs weren’t working. Luckily they had free wifi and I was able to watch some Office.

We were finally in Orlando and making our way too Disney around 7.
My first steps into the Tower and I was already obsessed. Now I am one too say that Disney needs to cut back on the resorts if they aren’t giving us another park. But guys this resort is beautiful! And its so new and clean and up to date.

The elevators are just something to get use too, just make sure you don’t get into the wrong one because they have no buttons inside. Our room was 9214, so we headed up too the 9th floor. Wrong, unlike every other resort where the first number is the floor that was not the case we were all the way up on the 12th floor.

We found our room and we all agreed how much we loved the room

When we arrived I texted Brittany right away because the three of us were ready to chow down on some pizza. We tried to wait until Brittany and Joe got to the resort, but we may have had a small piece. As we waited for the rest of the gang to join us we enjoyed the new upgrades of this classy room and a watched the Shane Dawson Jeffree Star series on youtube.

Around 8:30 there was a knock at the door, and not even a hi from Brittany but a “WHERE DID ALL YOUR HAIR GO?” Because in the matter of a month I decided to chop it all off.

Finally it was time of the night we were all looking forward too….the food

The rest of the night was spent just relaxing and chatting.
First is was the plan for the week and the staycation. Brittany still had to manage work into the equation and brought up how her students chant “This school is trash”

At one point Erin got a FaceTime call and headed out of the room to take it.
We had a great view of MK from a far and could see space mountain lit up. So we were excited to see our view for the fake Hallowishes.
While we waited for firework time we spiraled down memory lane.
The famous story of how I knew Brittany would be my friend when we walked too one of our many math classes and brought up the Epcot singing bushes and started humming the tune.
She tried to tell a story about a time she was at my house, she didn’t really remember it but she said something about beluga whales and I died? Honestly don’t remember that and I am good at remembering things people randomly tell me. Joe said it must not have happened and that she was making up stories.

As I looked in the mirror I saw that the fireworks started. We stopped everything, I ran and turned off every light and Brittany was in charge of blasting Hallowishes.

Here’s the worst quality photo ever…but a big pro to the tower and the great view of the fireworks we had from my bed.

Joe made it known that he couldn’t wait too watch the fireworks when we go to the party….
Brittany and I have been non stop about our dislike to the fireworks but he wanted to have his own opinion. Fair enough.

After the fireworks we heard another knock on the door, thinking it was Erin, it was not it was our bags. Around 11 Erin came strolling back into the room. This is when Joe and Brittany decided to call it a night. Before they left Joe was kind enough to take our shot bottles with him so he could bring them with him when he met up with us at Jellyrolls tomorrow night.
We said our goodbyes, Brittany said she would pick us up tomorrow to go to Fort.
We put back on the episode we were watching before they arrived and called it a night.
It was really only a power nap because while we weren’t actually going to studios for Galaxy’s edge we were planning on getting there for the 6am opening because we are crazy.

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    Jul 23, 2010

    Nothing like a solid 4 hour nap before the alarm woke us up at 4:45. It was an early morning and we would see if the extra extra magic hours would be worth it. 5 minutes into the morning and it was seeming like a bust, my eyes were not about being up and by protesting the rejected my contact and I was trying to find a little clear plastic circle on the floor. I managed too find it and was blessed that I wouldn’t have to spend this trip half blind.

    In no way am I nor will I ever be a morning person, however there is one exception and that is Disney. How I managed to get Erin and Kiss to join me so early is beyond me, and I was praying it wasn’t going to turn into the time we tried to get to AK for EMHs at 7 and waited over an hour for a bus to come to AKL.

    We out the door by 5:15 and the resort was dead. I mean make sense, who else would be willing to wake up so early? There is something about walking a resort when no one else is around/ awake. Its peaceful and I’m obsessed with it.

    There was one other group as crazy as us and the bus to the park was quiet.
    We arrived to the park around 5:30 and made it through bag check super quick

    I was expecting more people, since Galaxy’s edge is the knew hot thing. But I will not complain…we were blocked off to the park and waited about 15 minutes with the rest of the crazies. The real MVPs are those who planned out this morning properly. A group behind us had one of the members of their group run and get the starbucks.

    At 5:45 they dropped the rope and everyone started to scramble. As we made it closer we were given the decision… Galaxy’s edge or Toy story land. It wasn’t a hard decision for us and we headed to the right while everyone headed left. We had no need to go into star wars, we were here to accomplish everything else since we weren’t even planning on coming to this park this trip.

    With everyone going to star wars we had become one of the first groups into TSL. I have never been early enough to be the one walking directly behind the CMs as they led the guests into their land. New experiences my friend.

    Like everyone else, we headed right for Slinky. As we got to the line the manager was trying to hype the crowd by starting the slinky chant. NONE of the guests were very enthusiastic and were all basically zombies. So there I was trying to join the hype up as I chanted “slinky…slinky”
    That lasted all of 10 seconds before returning to the zombie state

    After the walk on to slinky we decided to opt out to try and go on again and head over to TSM. That way we get everything done. Stick to the plan.
    We had that VIP walk on…but since half the queue was closed they made us walk outside. While disney is safe, the sketchy walkway felt more like death row….

    It was literally deserted

    TSM is normally a workout but this morning it had our blood pumping and I was thoroughly impressed with my score this early in the morning. Erin…well she will probably give up being my ride buddy on this ride.

    As we made it back to the unload zone, every CM we passed asked if we wanted to stay on and re-ride. Wow what a throwback to the good old days during night EMHs, specifically MK 3am nights and re-riding Splash over and over again. That’s something you don’t experience anymore. So we automatically said yes!

    We had no time to rest our arm, ready or not…KEEP SHOOTING BUCKAROO!
    We weren’t given the option of another re ride but if we did I knew I would have been able to finally break the 200,000. Next time.

    We love a good gift shop added to the exit…thanks for more walls to take photos in front of

    Disney also knows what adding a gift shop at the exit can do…but I was so good and didn’t purchase one of the toy story spirit jerseys I have been looking at for forever.

    As we headed back outside I randomly said “Guys it’s still dark out!” Like duh Sam its not like you were inside for hours…it was more like 15 minute tops. So while I got judged there was a little girl in front of me who said the same thing to her dad.

    A dead park, is the best type of park. And this view is what made waking up so worth while

    It was not even 6:30 and we were headed out of TSL and over to Sunset Boulevard to finish up our morning at studios.
    Just a toy story girl living in a toy story world

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    Jan 28, 2005
    I remember reading your YOLO trip report. So glad there's another.

    Isn't an empty park just the best! So how many trips to Disney did you make last year?


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    Jul 23, 2010
    We did the same thing for EEMH- went to an empty TSL. Definitely worth the early morning.
    So worth it! Like who needs sleep anyways?!

    I remember reading your YOLO trip report. So glad there's another.

    Isn't an empty park just the best! So how many trips to Disney did you make last year?
    It took some time but it was great to finally have Alish and Brittany back and not just meeting up with us at the parks.
    We love an empty park!
    With our AP that started in Dec 2018 we managed to get 4 trips in. So after this trip we did a quick weekend trip to do the wine and dine 10k


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    Jul 23, 2010
    A Ghost Town and Gondolas

    When we got to Sunset Boulevard it was completely a ghost town, with only a few other early birds to join us.

    First stop was RnR, since Erin does not do Tower.

    It was a shock to see no one else in line, and the CM probably hated coming into work this early when there was no one there. Because the lack of people there was no need to watch the preshow so we walked right on through.

    We almost got our own stretch limo but another group decided to join us.
    The photo pass seemed to be down this morning, but thats ok.
    As we exited the gift shop back to outside Erin used my famous stupid quote “Guys, it’s still dark outside….” It may be something I never live down. However she did add too it with “But it is getting warmer out” Soon that florida sun will come out to play and I wasn’t ready for it just yet.

    Since RnR was completely dead we decided to take one more round on it. While we got back in line the CM said “Welcome back!” and thats when you know its dead when a CM can recognize you. There was still no line, but a few more guests to fill up most of the limo this time.

    Next up was tower. So while Kiss and I headed for the twilight zone Erin left the group to browse the shops and grab some starbucks for our return.

    Because the crowds were so low they only had one side operating, but because such low crowds this didn’t effect us very much. Although I did wish both sides were open so I could have gotten my own elevator, because thats the real dream right there.

    It was your usual haunted elevator ride and when we made it back alive I had to mentally prepare myself for the dummy. Its the worst part of the ride and I normally refuse to sit on the side because of him. So while I was shielding my eyes Kiss asked if I was ok, because he thought I lost my contact again. Oh no just covering my eyes because I’m a child.

    The sun was finally coming up and it was actually bright out. Before we headed to find Erin, we laughed over Scoops. And if you watch Stranger Things you would understand.

    Who do you work for? Scoops, scoops ahoy

    More people started making there way to sunset boulevard but we decided to call it a morning, we came and we accomplished everything we wanted to do at studios.

    We headed over to Starbucks and found Erin outside waiting for us with our drinks, friendship goals right there.
    And like always before we leave a park we find the closest Photopass CM and get some photo. Today was not any different and the CM was GREAT!

    He stalled for a few seconds and told us “wait for the family to move, you don't want to take them home with you” And Sam thinking she is friends with every CM, told him that I did though. He laughed and then proceeded to give us different poses to do…and that is something I appreciate.

    Us pretending like we woke up early for Star Wars.

    And lastly he asked us if we wanted him to take pictures on our phone to post to Facebook and instagram. Did I mention how much I loved him?! We kindly declined because we would just grab the photos later from the app.

    At this point it was only 7:15am….so are the extra extra magic hours worth it?
    It would be pretty hard for me to say no. It was worth all the hours of sleep I lost and I HIGHLY recommend it. Its very hard to come across a time when you can walk around a peaceful park anymore.

    Originally I had no clue how the crowds would be and planned to be at the park till at least 8:30-9ish. That would give us enough time to get back to the resort and leave our room by 11. Since we were doing so well on time we decided to give the Skyliner a go (and his was before the crash/pile up)

    It was not even 7:30 so the line was nonexistent since most people were arriving to the park and not leaving for the day like us. We got into our own gondola and learned while the characters are cute, it effects the view looking out.

    We enjoyed the quick trip to Caribbean beach, it was breezy with the vents but the real test will be when summer comes around. We “enjoyed” the lady talking about the little streams that lead to the ocean. The take off and landing look crazy! however it looks more thrilling than it really is.

    We made it to the Caribbean beach stop and decided to take in the beautiful sight before heading back to Studios.
    Caribbean Beach you are a beautiful resort, I just dislike your layout very much

    We decided to get back in line for studios and saw that we were missing a plain gondola by one. So I asked the CM if we could wait for the next one, there was no one behind us so really it shouldn't be problem. He questioned it for a split second before agreeing and then finishing with “Just this time, if there was a line it would be a no” But if there was a line I wouldn’t have asked.

    Overall the Gondolas are a nice addition and wouldn’t mind using them again.
    We were officially done with studios and the skyliner so we made our way to the bus stop and got back to the resort around 8:30. On the bus ride back we tried to figure out what to do since it was still so early. I didn’t really want to go back to sleep since it wouldn’t be pretty trying to wake up. So once we got back to the room we tried to get most of our stuff together and then it was time to go explore the Tower.
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    Jul 23, 2010
    Exploring Coronado

    We jumped on the high tech elevator and headed upstairs to check out the lounge up on the tippy top. When we got up there it was blocked off for a private party and that was a complete buzz kill.

    Since we couldn’t enjoy the view looking over the resort grounds and beyond, we decide to take the elevator all the way back down to the bar area below the lobby/entrance.

    This is where the famous Walt and Mickey mural is

    Since we have seen what the tower had to offer we headed outside to walk around. We took this long walkway over to the old lobby and it had such a weird vibe to it now. Its not use for anything and just sits there. To me it feels like two resorts trying to be put together but it just doesn’t blend well in my opinion.

    The old main building feels more abandoned now…or maybe it was just because it was still on 8am. But one thing I will always appreciate is that Panchito gets recognized with his own gift shop.

    From there we took our little tour of the grounds outside and we crossed over the bridge.
    If we didn’t end up having a pizza party last night I would have found myself out at the bar in the middle of the pond…but this is just another reason for me too come back here.

    As we made it across the water we headed to the pool area. It wasn’t 9 yet so the pool was closed. So instead we headed to the back where their playground is. The scariest playground around and it was a must to show Erin the creepy head you can play in.

    Nothing says welcome to Coronado Springs like playing in to aztec head

    We waisted more time by playing a few “games” of ping pong.
    Then we watched as the lifeguards got ready to open the pool. 9 o'clock finally came and thats when we decided to head back to the room, change, and take a quick swim before we had to leave this beautiful resort. Kiss decided to stay back and sleep because apparently sleep is more important than Disney time.

    It isn’t an awful walk but it is a walk to the pool. However I fell like that goes for this whole resort, it is very spacious.
    It was a quiet morning at the pool and that’s what we enjoy.

    And if you didn’t take a picture on the stairs did you even stay at Coronado?!

    The pool was a bit chilly on this warm morning, so needless to say I had no intentions of actually swimming. Sitting on the steps and catching the florida rays was enough for me.
    We spent about a half hour ranting about life before we headed back up to the room to get ready to head over to Fort Wilderness.

    Goodbye view it was nice for the few hours we had you!

    We laid around the room till a little bit before 11. Brittany texted she was on the way and told us the estimated time to be outside waiting for her.
    With one last photo in front of the walls of the resort we were off into the humid florida air as we waited for Brittany to pull up

    Once she showed up we managed to squeeze all our suitcases into her tiny car and we headed over to my favorite resort.


    Lesley Wake

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    Mar 16, 2017
    My first steps into the Tower and I was already obsessed. Now I am one too say that Disney needs to cut back on the resorts if they aren’t giving us another park. But guys this resort is beautiful! And its so new and clean and up to date.

    I only spent a couple hours there but I loved it too! Toledo is also great food and atmosphere - next time you go up there, make sure to go into the restroom! There are huge windows in there to see the view - a bit weird at first!
    Here’s the worst quality photo ever…but a big pro to the tower and the great view of the fireworks we had from my bed.

    I loved the view from Gran Destino, actually moreso than the view from Topolino!


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    Jul 23, 2010
    I only spent a couple hours there but I loved it too! Toledo is also great food and atmosphere - next time you go up there, make sure to go into the restroom! There are huge windows in there to see the view - a bit weird at first!

    I loved the view from Gran Destino, actually moreso than the view from Topolino!
    I'm sad there was a private party because I wanted to see the view from the very top. The CM was kind enough though to let us sneak into Toledo to get a peak inside.


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    Jul 23, 2010
    Team Bonding: Golf Cart Decorating

    When we arrived to Fort our Cabin wasn’t quite ready but we weren’t really expecting it too be. We still headed to the front desk to see if we would be able to pick up our golf cart early, but they didn’t have any yet so we were at a stand still.

    Brittany was in the 15 min parking so we headed back out to find her a parking spot, this was a whole ordeal. We all split up to try to find a spot and when Kiss did she passed right by him and found another one.

    The only thing we could do was wait for Alish to arrive and start using up our dining credits. We waited for a bus and headed off to the meadows. Alish was off running errands because after this trip she had a solid 2 days to get everything ready for her move to Hong Kong.

    The bus we got on was headed to WL first so that wasted some time while we waited for Alish to get to Fort. The downfall of this was the bus ride was long because the internal road from Fort and WL is currently down thanks to the construction of Reflections.

    Once finally making it to the meadows we headed into the gift shop first to get our refillable mugs. It was a process of which mug everyone wanted. They had a lack of selection so while we all love not having the same one in order to tell them apart this wasn’t the case though. We all picked our mugs and we headed to the pool.

    Now while I LOVE fort their QS options suck. But at the current moment thats all we had. At this point Alish arrived to Fort but still had to make it to the meadows. I sent her the menu and ordered our food so we didn’t have to wait any longer. We were all getting hangry.

    As we waited for our order Brittany saw that they had halloween mugs and was disappointed that it wasn’t an option inside when we got our mugs. When Alish arrived both her and Brittany went up and asked if they would be able to switch mugs. The CM was feeling nice and allowed…”just this once”

    Finally our food was ready and I was ready too eat!
    Kiss and Alish went with a hot dog, Brittany and I split a pizza and nachos (which were nothing like the poly’s) and Erin got the pizza.

    While we were eating we got the “You’re room is ready” text and headed back to the front to get Brittany’s car and the golf cart. Alish and Kiss took care of the golf cart while Erin and I went with Brittany.

    After passing by our loop we back tracked and finally made it to our Home Sweet Home for the next 4 nights. It wasn’t long before we all started to make ourselves at home and unpack. Once we finished that we headed out into the hot sweaty florida sun and decorated our golf cart. A few weeks before Erin and I took a trip to the dollar store and had fun spending all our money on decorations.

    Alish put on the halloween jams and we worked together to get the golf cart completed.

    After a solid half hour of team work, our cart was done and we all got ready to head off to Epcot for dinner tonight.
    The plan was for all of us to jump onto the golf cart, take that to the front to catch a bus, Alish took her car because she had to work at studios tonight and would park in the CM lot behind epcot and meet us in the park.

    Not even 5 seconds in and all our hard work came undone and while we probably should have been more upset we all got a good laugh about it. Once we parked we made sure to take a picture of it because we knew by tomorrow the golf cart would not look as cute as it did now.

    When we finally arrived to Epcot our first stop was Soarin to use our Fp

    Even with a FP the line was still forever long so we decided to jump ship and head over to the showcase for dinner. Alish was already cutting it close with her in time for work so we wanted to be there early.

    I feel like I am always running from future world to the showcase to make it a reservation. But today was worse because it was a weekend…and it was food and wine. Those things don’t mix well.

    Tonight was Alish’s pick for dinner, and with that being said it was a no brainer San Angel Inn it was. The line to even check in was long, the crowds were just not a mood today. But apparently it was a lack of hostesses because basically all the tables were empty.

    We were finally taken to our seat and all of us were in need of water. Water and chips please.

    The meal of the night was the Pollo a las rajas, it has been a WHILE since I had this and it still as great as I remember. Except it use to be on rice and now it comes with potatoes but that made it even better.
    The nice thing about the dining plan is the drink that is now included and since Erin is not at all a fan of margaritas Brittany and I shared heres.

    As soon as Alish picked this restaurant I knew Erin would struggle because she is a plan eater kind of gal. So she ended up with plain chicken with some sides.

    Next up was dessert, we all went with the chocolate mousse. Alish got hers to go and ran off to work

    While we tried to make a dent in our very rich mousse we got back onto the topic of school. And once again it got on the topic of how mine and Brittany’s friendship was a big price to pay. Then her adding in how she is still mad I managed to pay off my students loans while she is still paying hers off. I pointed out how lucky she is that her parents helped/ helping her pay for her loans…I was just lucky to get scholarship for being a native, besides that I had to do it all on my own.

    Dinner was a 10 out of 10 and I told myself I wouldn’t wait so long to come back here.
    And with that we headed back out into the crazy F&W crowds.
    The line for a margarita was crazy! And because of all the crazy F&W goers they had a few police men patrolling the area. We just to fight our way through the crowd and as we made it to the top of the ramp all I could hear from Brittany was “I just watched that young police guy look you up and down 3 times. Your butt must be popping in those pants” Love that for me. Then add Erin’s comment of “Bad quality…you’re oblivious”

    And with that I ignored their comments and headed off to my favorite pavilion in search of the very new, very popular arendelle aqua ears.

    Grumpy's Wife

    Dollar Tree gal here
    Jan 28, 2005
    I love how you decorated the golf cart! I bet it made it easy to spot. I stayed at Wilderness Lodge once so long ago. You could easily spend a day there without having to go to the parks. So much to see and do.


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    Jul 23, 2010
    I love how you decorated the golf cart! I bet it made it easy to spot. I stayed at Wilderness Lodge once so long ago. You could easily spend a day there without having to go to the parks. So much to see and do.
    It is so much easier to spot when surrounded by so many plain ones.
    I love fort and the lodge so much, its the perfect little corner of Disney property


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    Jul 23, 2010
    The Night the Skyliner Crashed

    The Arendelle Aqua ears were a hot commodity, and I finally found out how everyone felt about the rose gold ears and not being able to find them. A couple weeks prior they had an AP pop up sale for them and to what it seemed, they were all sold out. Every other arendelle aqua colored thing you could buy…besides the ears. And I just will never understand why Disney doesn’t plan ahead and make more.

    So we headed into the frozen gift shop in Norway and nothing, no I don’t want crocs or a small sequence backpack. The only good thing Norway had to offer today was the great smelling Laila. However the Frozen inspired perfume is giving it a run for its money

    I also would like to point out that 5 years ago on this day I was riding the Maelstrom for the last time before they closed it forever, leaving us stuck with Elsa. And to this day I have only been on it once.

    With no ears in hand we decided to call it quits with Epcot and try to fight through the crowds to get out. We made a quick stop at America because if you weren’t aware they have the best bathrooms….your welcome.

    Brittany managed to drop something on her during dinner and tried washing it off…this did not help

    We left Epcot through the international gateway and decided to take a spin on the gondolas again. Brittany was upset we went without her this morning so we waited in the long line at the gateway.

    Was the wait worth it? Maybe for some of us, however Brittany was not a fan of it at all. Heights and confined spaces just aren’t her thing.

    We took our first ride to Caribbean beach, there we had to choose to head back to Epcot or Studios. We decided to go with Studios because the line was shorter. Plus it would be a quicker ride where we wouldn’t have to go through the Riviera again.

    Just more proof that Brittany absolutely hated everything about the gondolas. She insisted that the landing was to rushed and it looks like you're about to crash. Little did she know that in about 15-20 minutes that would actual happen over at the Riviera. Thankfully we were off before the crash and thankfully we were because I don’t know how I would feel being stuck in a gondola for that long.

    When we got to studios Brittany was glad to be back on land. From there we headed to the friendship boats and took that over to the Swan and Dolphin, then walked over to the boardwalk.

    Jellyrolls has definitely claimed its way to the top when it comes to things to do on a disney vacation. While I am the “planner” of the group everyone seemed to ask if Jellyrolls on the schedule. So I knew I had to work it one night we were here…why not make it the first?!

    First things first though, we headed to the parking lot to find Joe who brought our jellyrolls pregame shots. It became a game while Brittany was on the phone with him, we walked around the dark parking lot aimlessly looking for him. We just so happen to be looking in the wrong lot and found him.

    Cheersing in the parking lot, we heard a lot of sirens in the distance, and we would learn shortly after why that was.

    We arrived a little before 9 and it was PACKED! Standing room only so we made ourselves cozy in the corner while we scoped out tables.

    As we were singing along to Dancing Queen we got word about the Skyliner crash and Brittany refused to ever go on it again.

    We were still stuck in the corner, Alish was just getting out of work and her and Justin would be there soon.
    There was finally a table getting ready to be available, I jumped on it while someone else did too. Her friends were quicker than mine, so I easily gave in. She did say I could join them and said she would buy me a drink for stealing the table.

    A bridal party ended up leaving shortly after so we grabbed that stand at table in the back. It wasn’t ideal but at least we now have a table to put our drinks and popcorn on instead of holding them. They also left behind one of the new Jellyroll tumbler cups, so thanks? I’ll take that and wash it.

    Shortly after Alish and Justin arrived, Justin and I bonded over our love for piano rob.
    I was jamming out to Sugar, We’re Going Down when the girl from earlier found me in the crowd as she handed me a drink and said she wasn’t lying when she said she was buying me a drink.
    Then crocodile rock came on and next thing I know Alish is spilling half her drink because it has become her new favorite song and she got a little too excited about it.

    And then it was another bathroom trip for more mirror selfies. Unfortunately the best mirror is in the handicap stall and a lady gave us the strangest look when Brittany and I came walking out of the stall together.

    After mmmbop we decided to call it a night around 12:30.
    We may have left Jellyrolls but it took us some time before leaving the boardwalk (because when doesn’t it?)

    We had to do our usual striped pant with striped wall picture. Which didn’t turn out the way we had planned but became one of my favorite photos

    And when we find ourselves at the Boardwalk together its a must to get our sister picture

    Then it was your casual…how many people can we fit into the Photo Booth?

    And if we thought we were leaving after that we were sadly mistaken, the party was taken inside

    And then it was finally time to leave…or so we thought. Alish had planned to drive us all back to the cabin. At this point Joe had already left to head back home. But apparently Justin wasn’t in any state to drive, so we sat in the back of Alish’s car as we waited to see what her plan was. During this time we played good and bad qualities, which didn’t last long after Erin gave me the same bad quality as early today.

    Erin offered to drive Alish’s car back to the cabin if she wanted to drive Justin’s car. At this point we have been up since 5am and just wanted to go to sleep and not sit in the parking lot. So we popped in Taylor Swifts new CD and jammed back to the cabin.

    When we got back to Fort we ate the rest of the pizza and called it a night around 2am.


    DIS Veteran
    Jul 23, 2010
    My Patience Wearing Thin

    After a long night we had the luxury of sleeping in. Our main plan for the day was the halloween party later tonight. But to start our morning we had breakfast reservations at Boma, this was Brittany’s pick. And she is shocked that I have yet to be here….I just view it as a breakfast buffet so how different can it be? All I know is that both her and Joe rave about this place so I shall be the judge on that.

    When I woke up Erin was already awake and tackling her homework like a good student. Prior to the trip she asked if we would have any down time so she could hang out on do her homework and that was basically what today was for.

    We headed off to AKL around 9ish. At this point Justin crashed at the cabin over night and Alish asked if it was ok if he joined us for breakfast. None of us really cared because if he wanted to pay the Disney buffet cost let him.

    It was a rainy morning and we were all glad we weren’t running around the park.
    When we got to Boma the line was long and we couldn’t find Joe who met us there.

    It is one popular restaurant so the line for the buffet was long.
    We all got the POG juice because Brittany and Joe rave about it and got in line for the food.
    The whole beginning of the buffet is the more african inspired breakfast things an d then its followed by all your regular favorite breakfast items. Aka what Sam went for.

    Mickey waffles will forever be my go too

    Overall the food was good…I personally don’t know if I would choose a breakfast buffet. Because breakfast food is breakfast food.

    As I was cramming all the mickey waffles in my mouth Justin looks at me and asks if I have been working out because I was looking really good. Keep in mind, I have two plate full of food, ready to get another one. But if running daily to get ready for the 10k a few weeks away counts as working out….then yea.

    Everyone seemed to enjoy breakfast and we were all quickly hitting the Boma Coma.
    The joy of having a big party is the automatic gratuity and we got hit good.

    After Breakfast we all split ways. I knew ahead of time that I was going with Brittany and Joe to see their new home since I didn’t get a chance to make it there in August. Kiss decided to tag along and Erin decided to go back with Alish and Justin so she could get back to work on her homework.

    It was quite the drive to their home. But when we arrived we got the full tour before Brittany let her crazy pup out of her crate. Their puppy is a ball of energy! But she is super cute.
    Kiss instantly fell in love with their cat and told them that he was going to steal him.

    We didn’t hang out to long before we headed off to Publix. Even though we were on the dinning plan we still wanted to experience Fort for what it is. And with that its a must to have a cook out. We needed to get hotdogs and ended up getting a case of water before we made the drive back to disney property.

    The ride back was long and I tried my best to fight off the sleepy blood but both Brittany and I passed out in the backseat. Kiss and Joe then seemed to bond and became BFFs at that point.
    When I woke up I texted Erin that we were close, we currently had 3 cars parked at the cabin so Joe planned to park on the parking lot in the front. Erin said she would pick us up on the golf cart…when we got there I got a “Your sister and Justin took the golf cart”

    Love having to walk to the Cabin with a case of water in the Florida heat. Erin did the best she could but by the time we got to the loop she was telling me to get on the cart, my stubborn self did not because I was already in a mood and practically at the cabin.

    We didn’t spend much time in the cabin before taking the golf cart back and ran to get ketchup and some pop. When we came back Alish asked us if we wanted Justin to make the hot dogs. Kiss was planning too but he let Justin do it. Next thing I know Justin is starting a huge fire outside.

    After what felt like forever, the dogs were ready and we had a nice little family meal time

    We still had time to lay around before we had to get ready for the party.
    Alish and Justin went off joy riding again and next thing I know he is running into the cabin saying he dropped the keys into the cart. Erin luckily saved the day and my annoyance level was at an all time high to the point where I ended up face timing my mother.

    It was about 3:30 at this point. Brittany was streaming the Bills game and Erin was finished taking a quiz online. I walked out into the living room area and asked what everyones plan was, brittany made a comment that I was not expecting at all and ended up dying.

    It was time….time to change the mood, and get ready for a night of trick or treating!

    Lesley Wake

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 16, 2017
    Just more proof that Brittany absolutely hated everything about the gondolas. She insisted that the landing was to rushed and it looks like you're about to crash. Little did she know that in about 15-20 minutes that would actual happen over at the Riviera. Thankfully we were off before the crash and thankfully we were because I don’t know how I would feel being stuck in a gondola for that long.
    Oh wow! Yeah, for someone already not liking that, it would have been horrible! I personally love the Skyliner, but know not everyone does.
    But to start our morning we had breakfast reservations at Boma, this was Brittany’s pick. And she is shocked that I have yet to be here….I just view it as a breakfast buffet so how different can it be? All I know is that both her and Joe rave about this place so I shall be the judge on that.
    I looove Boma! Just so yummy! I guess though not everyone does!
    After what felt like forever, the dogs were ready and we had a nice little family meal time

    Weirdly, I'm not craving hot dogs!


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