A Birthday Trip without a Birthday - 2/16: Conclusion and Bonus Birthday Tea

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Flossbolna, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Flossbolna

    Flossbolna Sea days are just so relaxing!

    Sep 8, 2006
    Hi and :welcome: to our trip report!

    This thread was started as our pre-trip report, but I have decided to just keep it going as the trip report. You can jump directly to the beginning of the trip report by using this link.

    All updates for the TR can also be found via the table of contents which is in the next post.

    But you can also start with reading the introduction to the pre-trip report which follows now and which will tell you who is writing this trip report!! :goodvibes

    We are two sisters from Germany who are planning a trip to WDW together for October 2011. Let's start with some introductions and the story of the trip (and hence the title of this PTR).



    Flossbolna: Magdalene in real life, 39 years old, the bigger Disney fan of the two of us. I am the one with the blue t-shirt in the pictures. I have been to WDW for the first time in 2004 and then annually since 2007. Last fall I realized that I really like those annual trips and that it would make sense for me to actually become a member of the Disney Vacation Club. Since November 2010 I am now the proud owner of DVC points at the Boardwalk Villas.

    nodnol: Katharina in real life, 36 years old, and the one who is very happy to be taken along. I have been to WDW only once in 2010. This was a trip where I didn’t really know what to expect and therefore didn’t always know what I wanted. I’m looking forward to some visit my favorite places again as well as experiencing new things.

    Katharina and I share quite a lot of „Disney history“. Our first visit to a Disney park was in 1992: two days at Disneyland when we visited our aunt in California. Since then we have been to Disneyland Paris a few times together. And I was very excited when I could take Katharina along to WDW for her first trip there in January 2010. The trip was so great that we really hoped to get the opportunity for another sisters' trip! And here we are planning it...

    As you can see above, we will both be contributing to this PTR, Magdalene writes in Royal Blue and
    Katharina in Dark Red.

    In case your are interested to read about our previous trip, the pre-trip report can be found here and the trip-report is here.

    The Story of the Trip:

    A few years ago I realized that the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 just a few weeks before I was born. I really liked that bit of trivia. And I had the idea that it would be a lot of fun to celebrate my 40th birthday together with the Magic Kingdom. What other place could make you feel so young when you are starting to belong to the „old people“? So for a few years I have been telling everyone that I will spend November 6, 2011 at Walt Disney World.

    Then, after our trip in January 2010, Katharina and I thought it would be wonderful if she could be there to celebrate with me and we thought that Katharina might join me for part of the trip (not spending all her vacation days on me, but keeping enough for a nice vacation with her DH, we call him Remy on the Disboards) in November 2011. And then it turned out that while Katharina would be able to afford to come along (with a little help from our parents), her work suddenly had two huge projects in the first two weeks of November which would make it very difficult to take time off around my birthday. But October would work for her.

    It really wasn't much of a question: Birthdays can be celebrated a month early and a trip with my sister is so many times better than a trip without her, that we changed our dates to October 11-22, 2011. It will still be my 40th birthday present to myself and I intend to celebrate my birthday, but there won't be any actual birthday during our trip... Oh, and we miss the real WDW birthday as well, which is October 1. But I am sure we will make up for that anyway!!

    What to expect from this TR?

    We had a lot of fun with our PTR for the last trip and are looking forward to share all kind of planning issues with you – from air travel, ADRs, bags and shoes to possible special excursions.

    But we will also add a few bonus updates into the mix... Those will most likely start with some reports about our trip to Disneyland Paris. We are leaving tomorrow! :banana: But we will also include some bits and pieces about life in Germany since those seemed to find some interest in the previous reports.
  2. Flossbolna

    Flossbolna Sea days are just so relaxing!

    Sep 8, 2006
    Table of Contents for the Trip Report:

    Trip Report Introduction
    Introduction to Thoughts on the Parks
    Thoughts on Animal Kingdom
    Thoughts on Epcot Part 1
    Thoughts on Epcot Part 2
    Thoughts on Epcot Food & Wine Festival
    Thoughts on the Magic Kingdom
    Thoughts on Disney Hollywood Studios
    Trip Special Feature #1: Water Parks
    Trip Special Feature #2: Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
    Trip Special Feature #3: Universal Studios:
    Thoughts on the Boardwalk
    Thoughts on Dining Signature Restaurants Part 1
    Thoughts on Dining Signature Restaurants Part 2
    Thoughts on Dining Table Service Restaurants Part 1
    Thoughts on Dining Table Service Restaurants Part 2
    Conclusions and Outlook

    Table of Contents for the Pre-Trip Report:

    Update 3/28: Where to Stay?
    Update 3/31: How to Get There?
    Update 4/9: Where to Eat?
    Update 4/14: Successful ADR Day!!!
    Update 4/27: Trip Special Feature #1
    Update 5/4: Trip Special Feature #2
    Update 5/24: Trip Special Feature #3
    Update 7/11: 3 Months!
    Update 7/27: Shoes and Books
    Update 8/7: New Things at WDW
    Update 8/26: All Kind of "Passports"
    Update 9/1: Plans for Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure
    Update 9/11: One Month!
    Update 9/22: Interim Update
    Update 10/2: Single Digit Dancing!
    Update 10/6: 5 Days!!
    Update 10/10: Everything is Packed

    Bonus Updates:

    Disneyland Paris Picture Trip Report:

    Part 1: Arriving at Disneyland Paris
    Part 2: Main Street I
    Part 3: Main Street II
    Part 4: DLP Frontierland
    Part 5: DLP Adventureland
    Part 6: DLP Fantasyland
    Part 7: DLP Discoveryland
    Part 7: Hotel Newport Bay Club

    History Field Trip
    Nuremberg's Blue Night
    Berlin Soap Box Derby
    An Evening in Paris
    Mini-TR: Paris
    Katharina's Birthday Tea
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  4. Flo's Mum

    Flo's Mum Mouseketeer

    Mar 11, 2011
    Hi, I turn 40 just before you and had played with the idea of having my birthday at WDW butcould not wait and went in Feb instead. I will have to satisfy myself by following you!Have a great time in Paris!!
  5. tiggrbaby

    tiggrbaby <font color=deeppink><marquee>We must work harder

    Jun 26, 2004
    Hooray! Another PTR!

    My first trip to Disney was in August 1972, so I am a bit older than you, but I can totally agree that the magic is fab!

    Sorry to hear that your trip was moved back to October as I just booked two nights postcruise in November, but it doesn't matter when you go, you'll be at Disney!

    Magical and safe travels to DLP; looking forward to the TR!
  6. jedijill

    jedijill Chiefs fan living in Bronco country

    Jan 17, 2005
    Guten Morgen!

    Can't wait for another trip report!

    Jill inCO
  7. Poolrat

    Poolrat I am alive, sometimes I wonder too.

    Jan 6, 2008
    Along for the ride.

    Safe travels to DLP and I will "see you" when you get back. :goodvibes
  8. jenjolt

    jenjolt Loves All Things Disney!

    Sep 16, 2008
    I'm in!!! WOOT WOOT...love October Trips!! I celebrate my bday on October 2nd and actually I am a day younger than EPCOT, so I'm hoping to celebrate my 30th bday with EPCOT in 2012 along with my 10th wedding anniversary!!

    I can't wait to hear all about your wonderful plans!!!
  9. glennbo123

    glennbo123 DIS Veteran

    May 10, 2008
    :cool1: Count me in!
  10. John's Mom

    John's Mom Jambo Wildbunch Gang

    Jun 20, 2004
    I'm joining in! Love all your trip reports--Disney and great history lessons. :goodvibes

  11. manntra

    manntra DIS Veteran

    Feb 19, 2007
    I'm here too!!! :goodvibes
    I can't wait to meet you in October!!! :hug: I almost forgot to tell you that I called Member Services and was able to change to Beach Club. :woohoo: It is for the first 5 days and I am waitlisted for the other two :thumbsup2
    I will be able to wave to you from across the lake!! :goodvibes

    I celebrated my 40th:faint: birthday last October and my birthday was in September...wonderful way to celebrate!! :yay:

    Have a fabulous time at DLP tomorrow!!! Can't wait to hear all about that trip too!!!! :)

  12. englishrose47

    englishrose47 DIS Veteran

    Jan 31, 2007
    Subbing wil go back and read
  13. englishrose47

    englishrose47 DIS Veteran

    Jan 31, 2007
    Magdalene !!If all goes as planned I will in Disney with consumers October 13th thru 19th!!!Do I smell a Meet!!!!!:confused3:banana::cloud9:
  14. eandesmom

    eandesmom I'm with Beast

    Jan 5, 2009
    I'm here!
  15. jenbear123

    jenbear123 Disney Fanatic

    Feb 21, 2009
  16. All7OfUs

    All7OfUs <font color=darkorchid>We too are so very NOT into

    Dec 12, 2007
    Wonderful introduction! I still reall like your balloon picture! :goodvibes
  17. swwake

    swwake RIP our sweet Magic (09/27/10)

    Jan 13, 2008
    Joining in!!
  18. Flossbolna

    Flossbolna Sea days are just so relaxing!

    Sep 8, 2006
    Hi and :welcome: I was so tempted to go in January/February again this year since I love that time of the year at WDW. But I did withstand temptation. :goodvibes I hope you had a wonderful trip!

    Great to have you along! :goodvibes Wow, I am sure the parks were pretty different in 1972! I love seeing old park pictures on other threads, it looks much more relaxed than today...

    Sorry that we will miss you... I hope you will have a wonderful cruise!

    Hi Jill! The trip report will have to wait for a while... I hope it won't take over a year again to write the next one... :scared1::goodvibes
  19. Flossbolna

    Flossbolna Sea days are just so relaxing!

    Sep 8, 2006
    Hi Pat! Great to see you over here! :thumbsup2

    Hi Jen! How fun that you nearly share your birthday with Epcot! And that sounds like quite some trip you have planned for 2012!! :goodvibes

  20. Flossbolna

    Flossbolna Sea days are just so relaxing!

    Sep 8, 2006
    Hi Kathy, great to have you along! I guess I won't be able to write a report without some history involved... ;)

    Hi Tracy!! I am glad that you can recommend celebrating a 40th birthday at WDW! :thumbsup2

    Great news about the Beach Club! I hope the waitlist will come through for you. Ours did work out quite well. We now have all nights in one room (more on that in a seperate update). :goodvibes

    Katharina and I are very much looking forward to meeting you!


    I can't believe it!! :banana: This is a wonderful side effect of moving our trip to October. Looks like there will be quite a few DISers at WDW at that time. We would love to meet you if this can be incorporated into your schedule with your guys. :goodvibes
  21. Flossbolna

    Flossbolna Sea days are just so relaxing!

    Sep 8, 2006
    Hi Cynthia!! I am glad you found us! :goodvibes

    Jen! Great to have you! :thumbsup2

    Thanks Liesa! We picked the picture because it was everyone's favourite on the TR. :goodvibes

    Great to have you along and you just made it on page 1! I am very happy that I waited with replies for a bit... ;)

    :welcome: and great to see you on the DIS again! I hope everything is ok?

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