9 days of Disney dining with one heck of a cranky 2y old~~

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    This trip was 18 months in the planning, but ofcourse nothing quite goes exactly as planned~
    We were on the DDP, and servcie was adequate everywhere we went

    Day 1~ thurs, May 31~ arival, and DAK~ We arrived at ASMO a bit before 10, pre-registered, and went over to the food court (which was more mobbed than I had seen it on any other day) DH got an omlet, and by the time he paid for it and sat down, (I was holding a table w dd2) I barely had the patience to grab a croissant from the self serve and eat it on the way to the bus:confused3

    Lunch, FT BBQ at DAK~ We shared an order of ribs, with cole slaw instead of beans, a corn muffin ((I didnt like it, but the birds sure did :lmao: )), a slice of key lime pie, and a lemonade. I paid OOP for a BBQ prk sandwich and a bottle of water to be sure to have enough for both of us. I guess the sandwich was good, as it was gone before I could even get a taste:confused3 The ribs were tasty, but cold .They were also dry, but I didnt take any extra sauce for them, which could have helped that. I am not big on putting sauces on my food) The cole slaw and pie were yummy. The seating was horrendous (IMO) it was all little nooks and crannies with a few tables in each corner. This was the place where we had the hardest time getting a table, and the longest walk to get the food to the table. This wasnt easy to navigate w/o a top on the drink:sad2: The seating was also outside, which is a bad idea alltogether, (IMO) I dont think I'll be back there, unless it the place is dead, and at least the table is near the counter:rolleyes1

    That nights dinner was supposed to be at Chef Mickey's, and we cancelled. Instead we got a cheese steak w fries at the ASMO food court. I saved the carrot cake I picked out for dessert to eat in the room later. . I paid OOP again for an extra drink, and a kids meal of ch nuggets w fries, grapes, and ch milk for dd2. The kids meals are a great deal at $4. Evereything was good except for the fries which were cold and VERY salty.

    Friday, June 1~ Epcot~~ This was our first full day, and the day my GF came to join us for a few days to celebrate her birthday. Being that she lives close to WDW, it was easy for her to drive up daily to visit. We had breakfast in the room from the ASMO food court, as we did every day. The choices were ample, and the only things we didnt like were the potatoes, and the grilled ham and cheese (dh said this was way too salty and couldnt eat it) , and the Mickey waffles which werent crispy, which is the only waffles I like. The bacon was cold every day except for 1 :confused3 DH favorites were the oatmeal, and the croissant sanwhich w sausage, egg and cheese. I had a variation of the same thing every day~ kids pancakes (w or w/out ch chips) w bacon (sometimes w a side of strawberry sauce) and a side of bacon w ch milk for Ariel to drink (we had mugs)

    Lunch was at Sunshine Seasons which was v good (twice) DH got a sandwich w a brownie, and I got the sweet and sour chicken with veg and noodles (noodles were soggy, only complaint) I got a strwaberry shortcake for dessert. I used 2 snack credits here, to get GF a bowl of soup and a bottle of water. She also shared my meal. With the exception of the noodles, it was delicious

    Dinner was at Le Cellier. Everything was perfect. Pretzel bread was our fave of the 3, and the salad and duck aps were enjoyed. DH devoured the boulliabase (sp), GF ordered salmon and enjoyed it, GFs sis and I ordered steaks, which were perfect. Desserts were chocolate mousse in a choc cup (b/day) a cherry cake, and a creme brule. All were wonderful. Bathroom here is SMALL

    Saturday, June 2nd (girlfriends birthday)MK/ 'Ohana
    Lunch was FANTASTIC at Cosmic Ray's. We shared 2 ch/ rib platters which came w mashed potatoes and carrots. Desserts were carrot and chocolate cakes. Drinks were iced cappuccinos (sp) Plenty of food for all 4 of us, only needed an extra bottled water

    Dinner was a HUGE dissapointment at 'Ohana. I asked not to be rushed, but we were anyway. The steak and pork were barely warm when they hit my plate, and I had to spit out the one bit I took of the sausage, and the bread pudding :scared: The salad, potatoes, wings, and chips were good (as was the Lapu Lapu) If I had been there for cocktails and snacks instead of a meal, I would have been happy here. Won't return

    Sunday, June3, park hopping and Liberty Tree Tavern
    Lunch was a DC burger from Backlot Express in MGM. It was puny (if a double cheeseburger could be) salty, and there were about 12 over - salted fries in the basket (those didnt even get eaten) GF ordered the cold chicken kids meal and enjoyed it. Frozen Coke and and cheesecake dessert were enjoyable. Wont likely return here, we had better later in the week:confused3

    LTT was wonderfull for dinner. Salad and rolls were perfect. Steak, potatoes, green beans, stuffing and gravy were all exceptional. Ham is not a fave of mine, turkey was a bit dry (I missed the usual cranberry accompaniment) and the mac and cheese was standard. Apple cobbler dessert was v good, but only had a taste, as I was stuffed:goodvibes

    Monday, June 4~ MGM Studios~
    Lunch was at Studio catering Co. Good food. Chilli dog, BBQ pork sub, chips, apple slices, choc cake and cheesecake, and a kids meal of baked chicken with grapes and a cookie. All good food. Hot, fresh, and fast

    Dinner at Mama Melrose~
    Was strange dining on italian w/out bread service, so I ordered it as my ap. Calamari and caesar salad were also enjoyed. Chicken parm, eggplant, and fradiavlo were all delish. Skipped dessert as 2y old was having one heck of a BF:headache: :sad1:

    Tuesday June5~~ Epcot and Rose and Crown Dining Room

    Lunch was an excellent CS at sunshine Seasons again. Shared same sandwhich DH had last time w choc cake. Got a kids meal of roast chicken w potatoes and carrots for DD. Delicious, and ample choices, as well as indoor seating

    Dinner was at Rose and Crown Dining Room. DH ordered soup, was excellent, as was the cheese plate. We both ordered the fish & steak, I subbed peas for the fish. The steaks (ordered medium well) were badly dried out. I should have sent mine back, allowing me a few mins to take Ariel outside while a new one was prepared for me, but I didnt think of it:confused3 The desserts were fantastic (berry scone and Baileys triffle)

    Wednesday June 6, MK, dinner cancelled~
    We had lunch at Pirata and Perico across from Pirates. Good food, as long as you want one ofthe 3 things offered, and dont mind eating dessert first (once I nibbled the choc off, dd2 devoured mine) She also enjoyed feeding some of my salad bowl (tortilla) to the birds

    We cancelled Crystal Palace this night, as DH wasnt up to the circusa that is trying to eat with dd2:upsidedow From the ASMO food court, DH got a burger which he enjoyed, and I got the london broil (dry but tasty w/ the red wine sauce), with mashed potatoes and steamed veg. We both got ch milk for drinks (to save for Ariel) and bananas to save for breakfasts.

    Thursday MGM, PT 50s

    Lunch was at the ABC Commissary DH enjoyed the chicken curry, the burger was salty ((WHY ARE WDW BURGERS SALTY:scared: )) as were the fries. DD2 picked at the kids fish meal, and the choc mousse, and berry parfait were good.

    Dinner was at PT 50s cafe. The onion rings and fried herb cheese were very good. The meatloaf and pot roast were also very tasty. Dessert was Smores for DH, berry angel food cake for me, and DD had enjoyed making a sundae while we ate dinner:goodvibes Very good food, and fast service (maybe I am imagining the small portions:confused: )

    Friday was our departure day, and we didnt eat any meals at the MK. We enjoyed our trip, but won't be back too soon, or likely do the dining plan again. We can get adequate accommodations for less than half the price we paid off site, and hated feeling obligated to go to dinner every night, so we didnt waste our credits (we did us 2 TS as CS:confused3 )

    The best snacks we got were some candied pecans, and warm muffins :cloud9: near Dumbo/ Ariels Grotto ((birds and ducks were eager to share any crumbs we had to offer)). I also found the frozen Cokes very refreshing. DH prefferred frozen bananas:banana:
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    :thumbsup2 Good to read something positive about Mama Melrose! I am sorry your toddler was fussy. :goodvibes Been there, done that! ;)
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