8 days on the dining plan (or I have never ate so much food before in my life)!

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    I will give a brief review of our sit down dining on our recent trip to Disney. It was myself, DH, and DD 8. It was our first time on the dining plan so it was a learning experience for us.

    Day One:

    6:00 p.m Whispering Canyon Cafe - On a scale of 1 -10 I would give it a 6. We ate there two years ago and loved it, but mostly for the atmosphere even though the food was good. However, this trip it was just okay and will not be on our must do for the next trip. We got the skillett which was good, but really just your average barbeque fair. Our waitress was not very attentive and we had a hard time getting drink refills. We had the smore cheese cake for desert and DD had the worms in dirt (which she really enjoyed). The cheese cake was good also. The food was okay, but the main reason we loved it two years ago was all the craziness which was really toned down the night we were there I don't know if it was just an off night or if they have changed, it was not really crowded so I know that was not the problem.

    Day Two:

    6: 45 p.m. Ohanas - We loved it on scale of 1 - 10 I would give it at least a 9. It may replace Whispering Canyon as our first night tradition. Our waiter was great, the food which they bring out on skewers was really, really good and the desert was delicious. On the skewers I believe they had steak, turkey, shrimp and pork. I was not going to try the desert because I am not big on desert and it just did not sound good to me, but DH talked me into it and wow it was amazing (I sure wish I had some right now) :) They had a man singing Hawian music and he did a hula lesson and a couple of games with the kids.

    Day Three:

    Princess Breakfast at the Akershus at Epcot - On a scale of 1-10 I will give it a 5 1/2, DD loved getting to see the princesses especially Mulan whom she has never meet. Food was served at your table family style and it included sausage, bacon, hashbrown, biscuits and scrambled eggs. There was also a buffett with pastries and cheese. It is great if you want a princess meal but I personally would not go there for the food, it is just standard breakfast fair
    without alot of variety like the Buffet at Chef Mickey and Donald's Breakfastosarus have.

    Day Four:

    MGM Primtime Cafe - Scale of 1 -10 I will give it a 10 1/2. I loved it, it was my favorite of the week. I loved the atmosphere, we were sitting at a table with a tv playing black and white clips. It was fun having the waiters and waitresses getting on to you and making you mind your manners. Our waiter was not really into it (we never get the good ones), he got onto us for elbows on the table and made us say please and that was about it, but the table next to us had Cousin Elaine and she was so much fun to watch. She was giving her customers such a hard time. If she is there when we go back I will request her. The food was delicious. DH had a chicken sandwhich, I had the fried chicken and DD had the only thing she liked on the children's menu all week, she had macoroni in marinara sauce. For desert, DH and I had Strawberry Sundays we both agreed they were the best we had ever had and DD got to make her own Sunday. (for a person who claims not to be big on deserts I sure do go on about it).

    Wednesday - Crystal Palace 5:45 p.m. - On a scale of 1 -10 I will give it a three. We enjoyed getting to meet the Pooh Characters especially Piglet and the Character interaction was great. The food however to us was just not good and for a buffet we really did not find it to have alot of variety at least not of things we eat. I actually got chicken strips and macaroni off of the children's buffett, because the only meat I liked on the adult was the prime rib and it was too pink for my taste. We will not eat there again, no one in our group liked the food.

    Friday - Coral Reef - On a scale of 1- 10 I will give it a 7 1/2. Upon arriving I asked could we request a table by the tank and they told me it would make our wait alot longer, so I told her not to worrry about it. However, we got a touch of the Disney Magic and when we were seated 10 minutes later we were right by the tank. There were some divers going by and they waived at us. It was so neat seeing the fish especially the shark and the giant turtle. Even though we were lucky to get a seat right by the tank I think you could probably see good from most if not all the seats they way the resturaunt is set up. For an appetizer DD and DH both had the chilled shrimp, I let her have my shrimp as I did not like any of the appetizers. DD ordered the cheese pizza, I got the steak (which I shared with her) and DH had the talipa. The steak was good and there was plenty of it. DH said talipa was very good. For Desert I ordered the choclate wave for DD who was going to get the make you own Sunday again, but was told the cinamon apples with her cheese pizza was her desert. DD shared the choclat wave with DH and then DH and I shared the cheese cake. They gave the choclate wave a good rating. The cheese cake was good, it was cheese cake. I ate cheese cake with alot of my counter service meals so it was starting to get old. I am glad we went once, we may go again someday but it is not on our must do list. We were disapointed and surprised in the lack of seafood choices.

    Saturday - 2:45 lunch at CRT, I will give it an 8 - Surprisingly it was DH's favorite of the week. I am glad we experienced it once especially for DD who went there straight from the Bibidibobidi Botique. The appetizer was okay it was fruit and cheese. DD once again got the macaroni in Marinara Sauce, DH got the Focaccia Sanwich and he really enjoyed it, I orderd the tenderloin, but they brought me major domo's pie. It really was not a big deal to me though so I kept it and it was just okay to me, I really don't like my food all mixed together like that. DH tried it though and really liked it. They had some type of choclate desert which DH and DD shared and I got a raspberry sorbet that was pretty good, I was looking forward to the blueberry buckle but I guess they did not have it that day.

    That ended our week of dining. We really enjoyed the dining plan and thought it was a great value. We ate at more places and more variety than we would have ever been able to afford paying out of pocket. We were not really happy with the children's menu at most places and will more than likely go ahead and upgrade DD to an adult to that she can order off the adult menu if they allow that, even though she has one more year as a child. Also, we did not have fantastic service anywhere, even though tip was included we went prepared to tip extra if we got really good service, however we never did. Ohana's was probably the best service we had, everywhere else was just average or even poor when it came to getting drink refills and such. I don't know if we just had bad luck or if it is the guaranteed tip makes them not try as hard. I will gladly tip next year if they do take that out of the package if it improves service.
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    Thanks for the great reviews! I'm glad you were happy with PT 50s and Ohana, we love those! :goodvibes
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    Great reviewing, thanks!:thumbsup2
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    Great reviews, thanks for posting them.

    I haven't been to Prime Time Cafe in a long time and think I will be adding it to my ADR's for the next trip.
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    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    Great reviews - 50s Prime Time sounds good :)
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    May 14, 2007
    You're reviews are great!! My family is going to alot of the restaurants you reviewed. Thanks alot!!:thanks:
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    Thanks for the reviews.
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    Thanks for taking the time to review.
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    Thanks for the reviews!
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    Oh my..This sounds like us. I don't think I ate for a week after each of our trips as we have used the premium plan. We don't believe in a lot of snacks from the parks for ourselves or our kids which is why we eat (3) larger meals a day.

    We have enjoyed numerous resteraunts which have included:

    GF Cafe
    GF Park Fare
    GF Victoria and Alberts (not on dining plan)
    Poly Hawaiian Dinner
    Crystal Palace Character Breakfast
    Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner
    Liberty Tavern
    Prime Time Cafe
    JoJo and Little Einsteins Breakfast
    Beach Club Restaraunt
    Sci-Fi Theatre
    Japanese Grill in Epcot (Tappan?)
    Artist Point
    Whispering Canyon
    Planet Hollywood (DTD not on plan)
    Toy Story Pizza Place
    Italian Rest in MGM (in think this is under new mgmt)
    French Resteraunt in Epcot
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    Enjoyed your reviews, thanks for sharing.
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    great review :)
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    Thanks for the reviews. :)
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    Thanks for the reviews!:thumbsup2
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