8/4 Magic--Day 8--Saturday, Disembarkation

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    May 5, 2000
    Since we’re not big breakfast people and weren’t in any hurry to disembark, we took our time getting up and getting ready. I went to Parrot Cay, where we were scheduled to eat, and delivered our tips to Sandra, Aleksander and Antonia. We gave Sandra and Aleksander the recommended amounts, and a little more to Antonia in addition to what Michael had already given them. On my way back to the room, I passed the Roy Disney suite which was a few doors down the hall from us, and saw that it was open and in the process of being readied for its next occupants. I asked the attendant if I could have a look around, and he said sure :) Wow…our suite was grand but this was even more deluxe! Not only is it more spacious, but the furnishings and appointments are another notch above.
    We watched folks disembarking from our verandah, which was right above the gangway from deck 1 which was used at the island ports. We saw what I assume were lots of crew members boarding here, and we saw a van pull up with two animal crates in the back. I puzzled over this…at first I thought maybe they were service dogs, but then I figured that didn’t make sense—if they were service dogs surely they’d be with their owners. Then I thought maybe there was a new show featuring an animal act for the coming week. We saw a dog taken out of one of the crates and brought onboard, and then it occurred to me—they were drug sniffing dogs, probably going over the luggage of the incoming crew.
    Finally we got all our carry-off bags assembled and made the dreaded walk back through the Mickey ears and off the ship. Captain Henry was at the exit, I think that was the first time I saw him up close all week. A porter accompanied us right to our bags and amazingly loaded them all on his cart, despite Michael repeatedly telling him he’d need two carts…hehehe. The Customs agent barely glanced at our form and waved us through. In just a few minutes a shuttle van from Budget arrived, and the driver loaded up our luggage, we piled in and drove away, leaving the Magic behind…

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