8/23-8/27 Last trip Day 3

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by pigletproud, Jan 26, 2001.

  1. pigletproud

    pigletproud Earning My Ears

    Nov 20, 2000
    Me,35, 4th trip to WDW from NJ
    Sister,32 4th trip. From KY used to live in Fl
    Brother-in-law, 35, same as sister above
    Nephew,4 3rd trip (doesn't remember previous trips)
    Niece,2&1/2(thinks she is 4 too) 1st trip
    Mary,my cuz, AP member from Fl,(2 months pregnant)
    Lance, Mary's husband, AP member from Fl

    Saturday 8/26

    We decided our last day would be best spent at the Market Place. My sister & husband made ressies for a place they wanted to eat for dinner that evening at 10pm. That suited Mary and I just fine because it would give us time to spend with the kids even if it was just at the hotel.
    We ate breakfast at the hotel and at that time remembered that we never had the kids get their picture taken for the crystal paper weight we wanted for grandmom. So we left for Epcot. On the way there I called Mears to schedule my pick up for the next day, my flight was leaving at 10;30 and they wanted to pick me up by 7;30am. (what did we do without cell phones) We arrived at Epcot & rode Journey so my sister could see it this time and then had the pictures done. The paper weight was $50. for the 1st $30. for the 2nd and $20. for a third. They told us they could use the pictures for up to 3 and the quanity discount was a nice suprise. I haven't read any reports that mentioned these gifts and I have to say I thought they were great. Disney mailed them out and it took 2 months to get them. I will treasure mine forever and my mother loved hers as well. If you need a unique item I would suggest this!
    We then rode SE one more time before we left and then off to the market place. I love walking around there. Other than shopping, we ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Service was great and we enjoyed the food.
    We left Disney property at 5pm and went back to the Holiday Inn Maingate. Mary and I took my niece to the pool as it was getting dark and I didn't find it all that refreshing. It was so hot outside and the pool water reflected it. It was nice to swim after a long day if not for anything else, to soak my aching feet! At that time Mary decided to stay until I left the next morning.
    We went back to the room to find my nephew watching TV and sister & brother in law getting ready for their night out. We ordered Pizza and soda for delivery which worked out well for the kids. The kids were alseep by 9, and Mary and I struggled to watch the Miss America Pageant. I managed to be the last one asleep.
    My sister and brother in law woke us up at 5am, as they were packing the van. We decided to let the kids sleep and hopefully slip them into car seats. That of course didn't work well for my nephew. He did wake up. I have to admit I was glad he did so I could give him a proper goodbye. I know he would have bugged my sister all the way back to Kentucky about not seeing me before he left. I know that must sound funny, but we have a bond?
    After they left I jumped in the shower and by the time I was done Mary was packed. We went to the food court at the hotel. She offered to take me to the airport but I thought that was kind of silly since I already paid for the shuttle. Besides she could get a jump start back to Tampa. The shuttle arrived at 7;20 and I was off to the airport by myself. The ticket window for Spirit didn't open until 8;30 so I made myself comfortable on a bench outside. At 8;20 I went in and stood in line with the rest of the Atlantic City bound people.
    That is where it all started! We were told that there would be a delay in our flight and to report at the gate at 10;30. I thought o.k. this is not bad just a little delay. I pulled out a book that I started reading on the flight down, grabbed a cup of coffee, shopped a bit, and went to the gate. At 10;30 we were told our flight was no longer delayed...it was cancelled! Ouch! this has never happened to me before. We were told to claim our baggage and go to the window or Spirit office for further instructions. Well I was one of the first to check my bag in, so I was one of the last to get it back which put me at the back of the line. Some people were able to get the 5pm flight or the 10;30 flight the next day...not me! 5pm the next day is the best they could do.
    I wasn't really upset with this because Spirit gave us accommadations for the night and for those who didn't get out until the 5pm flight, 2 free tickets to use within a year.
    I met some really great people all in the same boat. Some of the individuals were really nasty about this, but I'd rather be on a safe flight and I felt they made did their best.
    Now for those of you who are addicted to Disney can understand that since I had nothing better to do, the wheels in my head were already making plans!
    Talked to my boyfriend while I was laid up in a King bed by myself and threw the idea of another trip for just the two of us.
    In September I made reservations for the two of us to go this February. He has never been to Disney, and although I have, I have never stayed on Disney property.
    I am so excited for both of us, and I have Spirit to thank for that! LOL.
    I will give my final thoughts on my whole "last trip" soon
  2. snuggles

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    Aug 18, 1999
    What a way to end a wonderful trip. I'm glad the airlines didnt take any chances. Thanks for taking the time to post.

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  3. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    I too would rather be delayed than maybe not getting there. Sounds like you all had a great time. Thanks for posting!

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