8/23-8/27 Last trip day 2

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by pigletproud, Jan 25, 2001.

  1. pigletproud

    pigletproud Earning My Ears

    Nov 20, 2000
    Me,35, 4th trip to WDW from NJ
    Sister,32 4th trip. From KY used to live in Fl
    Brother-in-law, 35, same as sister above
    Nephew,4 3rd trip (doesn't remember previous trips)
    Niece,2&1/2(thinks she is 4 too) 1st trip
    Mary,my cuz, AP member from Fl,(2 months pregnant)
    Lance, Mary's husband, AP member from Fl

    Friday 8/25

    My nephew was sent into my room with a screaming "Wake Up we missed Breakfast"! Actually it was 9am but we still wouldn't have enough time for 3 of us to shower and drive to MK before our 10am ressies at the Crystal Palace. My sister called and we were thankfully able to get lunch there at 12;15. We all decided to have a breakfast bar at the hotel along with some juice & coffee and we made the crystal palace a brunch. I have read alot on the boards about CP and I agree with those who love this place. I am so impressed with how well all the kids behaved.I really enjoyed watching all kids reactions. Some afraid, some just too happy to eat, and then my niece who just shivered with excitement! We had great service for refills etc. Sometimes when I go to a buffet style place I feel rushed. Not here. In fact I felt encouraged to absorb the atmosphere.
    After lunch we decided to go back toward the entrance. Mary needed something at the first place on the right. I think it is the camera store? My brother in law, myself, and nephew wait outside in the blazing heat. After my first aid experience I knew I had to keep drinking water and I started right after CP. While waiting we noticed the water bottles with the fans are being sold about 10 feet from where we are waiting. I buy one for my nephew for all of us to share. By the time my sister is back my nephew is practically soaked. LOL Who could blame him. We show his sister how to use it, and they are entertained for about 5 minutes before the crying started. "Its my turn" Its my turn". O.k. I am a bad aunt for just buying 1. We decide to head over to tomorrowland and get fast passes for Buzz. Mary hasn't done this yet. On the way over I am swayed over to the fan cart to buy another spray bottle. My sister is annoyed, but I didn't come to Disney to hear the kids argue and cry. Besides "I am the Aunt" and I choose not to use the word no when it comes to her kids. I only see them twice a year if I am lucky. So the fan is bought, I have two happy soaked kids!
    After we get FP's for buzz we head over to the COP. I know I keep hearing the rumors of this attraction closing and I feel kind of sad during the show thinking this will be the last time I see this. After the show we buy frozen cokes and wait for buzz. I ride with my niece who is too amazed by this ride to use the gun. My nephew rides with Mary and My sister & brother in law ride in the car seperating us. This is great. My sister uses the video camera and is able to get my niece and I in the front and she swung her car around and got Mary & nephew. The video isn't the best, but good enough to capture the magic in the kids eyes! We skipped AE as we feel this is too intense for the kids. We then waited a really long time to ride the speedway. The kids really wanted to do this. Personally I think Disney needs to beef up this attraction. Maybe buy new go-carts for it. Mine was very difficult to navigate and didn't really have any speed to it. It was nice for my niece & nephew as they enjoyed driving. Then we head over to the orbit ride. In all the years we have been there, we have never done this. It was really neat being high. This was another kid favorite. Afterward we stop for a little shopping. I buy my nephew the Blue sorcerer hat and my niece the red minnie hat with the yellow flower. She just so happened to be wearing a red t-shirt with a sun flower so it was cute.
    We head over to Fantasyland. My brother in law rides the tea cups with the kids and afterward we go to get burgers for dinner. We eat dinner in line for pooh. FP'S were gone for the day. I don't care what anybody says I think this is so adorable! Then it is Dumbo! Then toontown. By this time it is starting to get dark and the kids are losing steam! We decide to do one more thing and then grab a spot for fireworks. The kids want to see the haunted mansion so that is what we do. After that we make it over to the Sleepy Hollow and grab some cookies and got a super great spot for the MSEP. We got a table right by the bridge and had front row seats! The view of the castle is wonderful here, but not a spot to stay at for the fireworks. Too many trees blocking and Tinkerbell cannot be seen either. The funny thing is, that by the time that rolled around, we had 2 sleeping kids in a double stroller. So during the fireworks we make a mad dash for the exit!
    We were back at the Holiday Inn by 10pm. I think we were all asleep by 10;30.
    Next will be what I thought would be my last day!
  2. snuggles

    snuggles <font color=blue>A good day with short lines...wha

    Aug 18, 1999
    How was Crystal Palace? We had ps's for lunch but realized that we couldnt make it and had to cancel them. I'm hoping to eat there next time. Sounds like you had a good day except for sleeping too late. (I'm sure you needed that anyway)

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  3. pigletproud

    pigletproud Earning My Ears

    Nov 20, 2000
    Snuggles, it was great. I was really impressed with the selection of the buffet. It was the first time I ever had lunch ressies. The only other ressies in the past were at Liberty Tavern which I also think is great. Hope you can make Crystal Palace, you won't be disappointed!
  4. Marla Hellwig

    Marla Hellwig I'm not lost, it's called creative exploring

    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun day for all. Thanks for posting!

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